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Wed 25 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Stepping up 1d8 in the Doom Pool for Mayhem's opportunity in Msg #418 (due to Carnage's SFX):

SFX: Spread Some Chaos. When Carnage has Team or Buddy Affiliation with other members of his “family”, all heroes’ actions or reactions against Carnage generate opportunities on a 1 or 2.

"What the-?"

Carnage arches an eyebrow as a new hero appears on the field, wearing a blue symbiote over her lean form. Before the villain has a chance to address her, she's formed a web slingshot to launch herself straight at the helicopter!

Carnage reacts to Mayhem's attempt to free Tigra from the helicopter.

Buddy d8
Sneaky d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
"Trapped Tigra" d10 Scene Complication
1d10 from the Doom Pool

01:55, Today: Carnage rolled 7,2,8,6,9 using 1d8,1d8,1d10,1d10,1d10 ((7,2,8,6,9)). Carnage reacting to Mayhem's attempt to free Tigra from the helicopter.

Total: 16
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 0

Carnage wins, though Mayhem whittles away a d10 from the Doom Pool.

Realizing the heroine means to snatch the unconscious Tigra out of his grasp, Carnage pivots away at the last moment. He blinks as the blackish-blue blur whooshes past him, landing at the other end of the aircraft near Shriek.

"I remember when Pops and I were the only symbiote-wearin' freaks in town," he growls. "Now it's like everyone and their grandma's wearin' one of these babies!"

His mask recedes into the nape of his neck to expose his wide-grinning face.

"... And I love it! HAHAHA! Bring it on, sister! Let's have a symbiote smackdown!"

He extends his hand, motioning with his curled fingers for Mayhem to "come and get it!"

See next post.
The Watcher
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Wed 25 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Down on the field, the remains of the shattered symbiote vat lie among the rubble. Having already smashed open as it fell from Carrion's truck, it now barely contains a trace of the alien goop. The labels that read "LIFE FOUNDATION" leave no doubt that this once contained living symbiotes: no doubt part of the same batch that gave rise to Kasady's symbiote monsters from earlier, and even bonded to several of Spider-Man's allies tonight. However, as Venom's alien senses probe the container, his suit detects another substance. Whatever it is, he can feel it calling to him, demanding to be devoured!

Venom may receive a "Symbiote Growth Hormone" d12 asset if he chooses.

Next Action: Venom

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Wed 25 Nov 2020
at 21:41
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Venom lands on the truck, "We must secure this before our spawn find it and makes things worse." He crawls into the truck and begins crushing containers inside to find the source of the pull he felt. "We must hurry, the heroes are almost as dangerous as the villains here." He lifts up a container that was still intact finding something inside and for a moment all of the symbiote slides inside.

Then with a shudder, the container explodes as the symbiote slams Eddie free of the truck as the two rolls before a nearly double-sized Venom takes form, "YES! Meddling humans have done well this time! "

And flips out a line of webbing onto the rocking helicopter as the symbiote begins to stab into the ground not too unlike roots as he begins to tug the craft towards him, "SPIDER! Get them out of there our senses are screaming at us!"

Team d6
Lethal Protector d4 +1 PP
Web slinging d6
Superhuman Reflexes 8 (Multipower -1PP & -1 ED)
Combat Expert d8
Symbiote Growth Hormone d12

Total: 17
ED: d8
Opps: 0
Creating Tethered Helicopter complication
22:13, Today: Venom rolled 3,3,5,3,6,11 using d6,d4,d6,d8,d8,d12 ((3,3,5,3,6,11)).

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The Watcher
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Thu 26 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Venom (msg # 421):

As Venom's symbiote-webs snag the Carnage-Copter in their grasp, the whole vehicle tilts to one side as it powers against the makeshift-tether. The strained engine, virtually noiseless as it is, begins to rev with a noticeable sound. Carnage applies more and more power, pitting all of the stolen Mooncopter's mechanical might against Venom's hormone-enhanced symbiotic strength! It's anyone's guess which will win out in the end...!

Carnage tries to fly the 'copter out of Venom's grip.

2d10 (Large Scale Threat)
Hijacked Helicopter d4 (Big target)
Subsonic Flight d8
Vehicle Rookie d6

13:56, Today: The Watcher rolled 10,7,1,3,5 using 1d10,1d10,1d4,d8,1d6 ((10,7,1,5)). Carnage trying to fly the 'copter out of Venom's grip.

Total: 17
Effect: d8
Opportunities: 1 (Available first to Venom)

(Anti-)heroes win ties. Venom wins and creates a "Tethered Helicopter" d8 complication on the Carnage-Copter available for anyone's use. Stepping up 1d8 in the Doom Pool for use of the "Hijacked Helicopter" distinction at d4.

Doom Pool: 1d8, 4d10

"Hey, let go! I stole this thing fair and square! No one takes my toys away... not even you, 'Dad!'"

Despite Kasady's protests, any nearby heroes have a clear shot at the helicopter, at least for the moment. Or if they choose to try and attack the villains through the open rear bay, they need only be careful of the captive Tigra in Kasady's grasp!

Follow-up posts for DD and Spidey coming next.
Ben Urich
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Fri 27 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"I did some digging," replies Ben to Daredevil as he is helped to his feet. "Whole story's more insane than anything we'd imagined." If Daredevil could see the look in Urich's eyes, that alone would tell him. But the unease in his friend's voice alerts him all the same.

"After Kasady lost his symbiote the last time the Avengers took him down, he got hauled off to Ravencroft where he had a cellmate. This was before he met that psycho calling herself 'Shriek' during his breakout. Before they... well, you know. Killed everyone." He gestures limply to the chaos unfolding on the baseball field, with the helicopter and heroes facing off.

"Or so we thought. Because it turns out Kasady's old cellmate-- Loony Larry, they all called him-- made it out. Poor guy was crazier than a sack of rabid weasels when I got to him. Wonder how much of that was before or after Carnage." He sighs for a moment, shaking his head.

"Listen, you know as well as I do that in that type of a maximum-security facility, the inmates don't get TV, no news about the outside world, no nothing. The white coats in charge think all the news about superheroes is upsetting to the patients. Can't blame 'em, right? Er... no offense."

He pats DD on the shoulder, making it clear he's grateful for the save earlier.

"Well, wouldn't you know it, when I tracked down Larry, he says someone just up and magicked his way into the cell with a vial of symbiote and handed it to Kasady. Just like that." He snaps his fingers.

"And then," the reporter goes on. "This Houdini character says he's working for one Mayor Osborn. You know, the one that only announced his campaign years after poor Larry was admitted. So tell me, how does a guy with no idea what's going on in the world outside his cell know that information? Surrounded by staff who know full well they'll be fired-- hell, sued, maybe even thrown in jail themselves if they slip up?"

Daredevil knows what Ben is going to say before he says it:

"Unless he's telling the truth."

Action Available: Daredevil

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The Watcher
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Fri 27 Nov 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
As Spider-Man cradles the injured Doppelganger and cries out to his allies, few seem to be in a position to respond. Venom, Moon Knight, and the symbiote-clad woman are tussling with the Carnage-Copter, into which Tigra has disappeared. Spider-Woman has been ejected from the aircraft, gliding to safety not far from Domino and the others. Of Daredevil, there has been no sign for some time, although there had been sounds of a struggle up near the press box. As Parker prays the horned vigilante wasn't caught in the missile explosion, he hears a voice from nearby:

"Hey, the man-spider's hurt! Cover me, Luke!" says Iron Fist as the helicopter's bullets continue to rain down. "If I can just get over there, I can use my Chi to--!"

"You wanna risk your life to heal that thing?" Cage replies shortly. "No way, Danny. You weren't there when that monster attacked me and Jess in our home. I say one less Carnage-freak is a good thing."

As the two begin to argue, Spidey gets a sinking feeling in his gut. Doppel may have been misguided earlier, but he doesn't deserve to bleed out like this. Isn't there anyone who can help save his friend? Never mind Parker's own severe wounds that are beginning to make his vision go white.

... Or is that-?

Spidey turns suddenly to feel a hand on his shoulder. Standing next to him is a bright-glowing Dagger, flanked by a solemn Cloak. Tandy gives the web-head a warm smile.

"Hey, Pete. You wouldn't believe what me and Ty have been through tonight. Need a hand?"

She kneels next to her ally, palms glowing white as she tends to the Doppelganger's wounds. As her healing powers knit the creature's flesh back together, Parker can swear the monster is smiling in its own alien way.

"Th... Thhhhaaaan-" Doppel rasps, but the heroine shushes him.

"Try not to talk or move for a while, okay? " she says gently before turning to Parker. "I'll stay with him. You focus on Carnage."

Action Available: Spider-Man
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Tue 1 Dec 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage

Spider-Man eeks out the words. Even through the layer of Symbiote skin, the warmth of Dagger's hand on his shoulder spreads throughout his body and comforts him.

"Doppel. Hang on. They're going to help. I'll be right back. Promise."

He can barely feel his legs as they move under him. Peter leans forward and slowly rises to his feet, his whole body buzzing and shaking. It doesn't matter anymore. Nothing else matters right now, except that there are people in danger. People need him.

Familiar words from a familiar voice echo in his brain.


One step.


Next step. Don't fall down.

"With great power..."

Peter is moving now. He couldn't feel his feet touching the ground, but his goal is getting closer into view. It feels as if he is flying in a dream, powered only by adrenaline. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion.

He moves to the hulking Venom and his anchor of webs and tendrils latched onto the helicopter. Using his famous wall-crawling ability, Spider-Man never breaks his stride as he runs across Venom's back and onto his webs.

Parker attempts to leap, but his superhuman agility has not yet returned, despite his determination. Without missing a beat, Spider-Man fires a webline that attaches to the underbelly of the helicopter. Pulling as hard as he can, he makes a wide swing, building momentum. His arc is aiming directly for the open side of the flying machine.

Spider-Man sees Carnage holding the unconscious Tigra. Releasing the web on his upward swing, Symbiotic tentacles stretch out and grasp onto the frame of the open door. With a sudden force like a snapping rubber band, the Wall-Crawler is propelled forward with incredible speed and power at the murderous Cletus Kasady.

"Carnage! Let her go, you Pollock reject! Your fight is with me!"

Spider-Man attempts to knock Tigra out of Carnage's grasp and out of the Carnage-Copter.

Attack on Scene Complication: Trapped Tigra d10

3 PP

Solo d8
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility d8
Superhuman Strength d12 (d10 +1 per SFX)
SFX: Second Wind. Before you make an action including a Spider-Powers power, you may move your physical stress die to the doom pool and step up the Spider-Powers power by +1 for this action.
Stretching d6
Tentacles d6
SFX: Multipower. Use two or more Symbiote powers in your dice pool, at -1 step for each additional power.
Combat Expert d8

09:30, Today: Spider-Man rolled 6,5,12,1,5,8 using d8,d8,d12,d6,d6,d8.

Total: 17 (6+5+6)
Effect: d12
Opportunities: 1

-1 PP to keep additional total die
+1 PP for d4 distinction
3 PP remaining

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 Jessica Drew
Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 19:10
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Down below, Spider-Woman saw an unknown hero charge the copter. Before she could attempt to identify the woman, Spider-Man leaped—or webbed—into the fray. Was that Moon Knight who’d lobbed the explosives at Carnage?

Spider-Woman flitted toward the Nocturnal Avenger. “Hey, you’re Moon Knight, right? Carnage is holding Tigra prisoner up there. I know you two had a thing years ago, and if Greer ever meant anything to you, she needs your help now!”

Then, Spider-Woman glided back to the helicopter on wings of gossamer. Jessica watched the aircraft and the struggle within. She peered through the hole made by Shriek for the perfect shot. When Spidey attacked Carnage, Spider-Woman took advantage of the moment by playing “sniper” with a venom blast, attempting to help Peter & Mayhem hit him from two sides so he’d release Tigra...


Team 1d10 (Spidey, Mayhem, guilting Moon Knight into helping) + S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 1d8 + Venom Blast 1d8 + Superhuman Reflexes 1d10 + Covert Master 1d10

14:02, Today: Spider-Woman rolled 6,1,4,9,10 using 1d10,1d8,1d8,1d10,1d10.  Venom Blast: Sniper shot on Carnage.

Total: 19
Effect: 2d8 (Spending the PP from last round to step up Effect dice)
Opportunity: 1

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Thu 3 Dec 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Spider-Man (msg # 425):

Spotting Spider-Man approaching the doorframe at the last moment, Kasady lets out a growl. He tightens his grip on Tigra, knees bent as he prepares to lunge in any direction.

"Well, look who's swooping in to save the day! My very own arch-nemesis, SPIDER-MAN! Or do you prefer Puny Parker? HAHA! Bring it on, wimp!"

Kasady attempts to evade Spidey's effort to free Tigra.

Buddy d8
Murderous d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Combat Master d8
"Trapped Tigra" Scene Complication d10
1d10 added from the Doom Pool

21:19, Today: Carnage rolled 3,7,5,3,3,7 using 1d8,1d8,1d10,1d8,1d10,1d10 ((3,7,5,3,3,7)). Carnage attempting to keep a tight hold on Tigra despite Spidey's attack.

Total: 19
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 0

Carnage wins, but Spidey whittles away some of the doom pool. Spent 1d10 doom to add it to Carnage's dice pool. Spent 1d8 to add a 3rd die to the total (d8 that rolled 7).

Doom Pool: 3d10

Sidestepping the hero's attack, Kasady lets out a laugh.

"Ooh, nice one! You've gotten a little more serious since that pathetic performance in the big game! No wonder Doppel's taken a liking to you... After all, he was made in your sorry image!"

However, before the cretin can gloat for long, Spider-Woman moves in to launch an attack of her own...!

Follow-up post next.
Moon Knight
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Thu 3 Dec 2020
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Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Spider-Woman flitted toward the Nocturnal Avenger. “Hey, you’re Moon Knight, right? Carnage is holding Tigra prisoner up there. I know you two had a thing years ago, and if Greer ever meant anything to you, she needs your help now!”

Beneath his cowl, Moon Knight sighed. Of course there would be a complication.

"Can't she teleport?" he growled.
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
at 11:03
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Daredevil looks out over the stadium while Ben speaks. Then he sighs. "It's never easy," the vigilante says. "Even when it's easy."

When Ben is done, DD finally picks up what he was searching for: the commotion of the fight having moved on. Somewhere near. Somewhere he could get to. Somewhere he needs to get to. Luckily his fellow heroes don't keep quiet.

"I have to go," Daredevil says, retracting the line into his billy club and leaning forward to take off.

"Wait," Ben says. "Let me ask you something."

DD pauses, anticipating the one question his friend would ask.

"I know you were under some kind of mind-hoodoo or whatever," he says. "But when you threw me over that railing, you had to have known I wasn't going to go straight down. Right?"

From this angle, DD may not be able to conceal his smirk. "It's a crazy night, Ben. Get indoors as soon as you can," he says. "And please stop getting into trouble."

Then he throws out his swing-line and just before it catches he's already vaulted off the ledge and making a bee-line to the danger he picked up.
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Sat 5 Dec 2020
at 06:21
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Spider-Woman (msg # 426):

Stepping up 1d10 in the Doom Pool from Spider-Man's opportunity in Msg #425. Stepping up 1d10 in the Doom Pool for Spider-Woman's opportunity in Msg #426.

Doom Pool: 1d10, 2d12

Carnage whirls at the sound of crackling electricity as Spider-Woman's venom blast zaps through the air. The symbiote he wears stands on end as the arcing electricity races right towards him!

Carnage attempts another last-second dodge while keeping ahold of Tigra.

Buddy d8
Sneaky d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Combat Expert d8
"Trapped Tigra" d10 Scene Complication

21:53, Today: Carnage rolled 7,6,4,2,4 using 1d8,1d8,1d10,1d8,1d10 ((7,6,4,2,4)). Carnage attempting to evade Spider-Woman's bio-electric attack.

Total: 17
Effect: d10
Opportunities: 0

Spider-Woman wins. Carnage takes d10 of Physical Stress. Spent 1d10 doom to add a 3rd die to the total (d10 that rolled 4).

Doom Pool: 2d12

Too late to avoid it, Carnage is hit dead-on by Jessica's bio-electric attack. The focused energy strikes the villain in the temple, causing the symbiote to lash out in all directions as the electricity courses through his nervous system.

"Heh... hehe... HAHAHA!"

But despite the shock and the pain, the heroes coming to Tigra's aid soon recognize a chilling sound reverberating off of the metal walls of the chopper: Kasady is laughing.

"You think this is my first round of shock therapy, sister? HAHA! You're gonna need to dial it to eleven for that to work on me... and that was about a three!"

Kasady turns to face the crimson-clad heroine, still keeping the feline sorceress in his clutches. Even with all the commotion, the unconscious Tigra does not stir.

"And here I was worried S.H.I.E.L.D.'s number one lapdog wasn't coming back! As I was saying, I've got a few demands for you and your boss Fury if you want ol' Dr. Stray here to keep her nine lives."

His evil grin stretches a little wider.

"Tell him I want a sky-cycle like Hawkeye's got! But in red!"

"Babe, you've got to think bigger!" chimes in Shriek from the pilot's seat.

"Hmm, OK, yeah... What's that big flying thing called? A 'helicarrier?' Ooh, ooh, yeah! I want one o' those! A 'CARNAGE-CARRIER!' HAHA!"

He calls out to Shriek, who's doing her best to keep the 'copter in the air amidst the ongoing combat:

"You hear that, doll? After we're done here in New York, the sky's the limit! We're gonna take our little slaughter circuit GLOBAL, baby!"

"Sounds lovely, dear!" the villainess cackles, firing more bullets at the heroes down below. "Just as soon as we're done with our warm-up!"

Can anyone hope to put a stop to this madness before it escalates even further? Whoever that hero is, they'd do well to remember that wild animals are at their most dangerous when cornered!

Actions Available: Daredevil, Domino, Moon Knight, Tigra
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Sat 5 Dec 2020
at 13:47
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Well, look who's swooping in to save the day! My very own arch-nemesis, SPIDER-MAN! Or do you prefer Puny Parker? HAHA! Bring it on, wimp!"

Mayhem stopped. Her blood froze in her veins and she forgot that she had blood and she forgot she had veins. Maybe the exhausted, bloodied man in her father's old costume wasn't an impostor, maybe this world she'd woken up to after her long, long voyage to save her own made an inkling of sense for once.

Mayhem's alien form grew harder and sharper as she thought about her own flesh and blood at Carnage's mercy... again. But Auntie M whispered in her mind, reminding her that Benji had a symbiote of his own, Benji could take care of himself... and Yankee Stadium was full of innocents for which neither statement was true.

When April resumed her human form, she looked as old and tired as she felt.

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Tue 8 Dec 2020
at 04:51
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
In reply to Mayhem (msg # 431):

Seeing the stress lines on Mayhem's face, Kasady lets out a chuckle.

"Aw, why the long face? Is Spider-Man really that much of a downer?"

He nods toward the unconscious Tigra, still in his grasp.

"Look, you sad sacks are boring her! What say we make things a little more exciting, hmm?"

He draws back a hand, sharpened fingers preparing to stab into Tigra! But at the last instant, his eyes light upon something stowed away in the pocket of the sorceress' cloak. The Wand of Watoomb pokes out ever so slightly, its shiny metal attracting the killer's attention.

"Say, what is this?" he grins, reaching for it.
Moon Knight
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Tue 8 Dec 2020
at 14:50
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Looking up at the "Carnage"-copter, Moon Knight knew that he couldn't just leave an unconscious ally to explode when the Destruct went off. There were conscious allies in there too, of course... but they went in on their own, and the rest of this rag-tag team could come out on their own as well. But he probably owed Tigra this one last gesture, and he'd have to do something about this before the worst happened.

He turned and ran away. But only briefly.

"Teleport!" he shouted at Cloak, who was still nearby. The helicopter was about to get a bit more crowded. Moon Knight, Fist of Khonshu, dove at the swirling darkforce tendrils that made up the teen vigilante's body and vanished from the field.

[Paying 1PP for 'Teleportation' stunt.]

He emerged from a sudden swirl of darkness on the helicopter, still in motion. In his head, he'd already played out his attack a dozen times. It was different each time, but came down to three things: Stab, Grab, and Go.

STAB: With a flick of his wrist the demonic dagger given by the Predator appeared in his hand. Another flick of his superhuman reflexes would bury it in Carnage's heart.

GRAB: Scoop up the unconscious Tigra and

GO: Web-swing, leap, or even just plain fall out of the copter before the countdown hit zero.

Team: d6
Fist of Khonshu: d8
Teleportation (Stunt): d8
Superhuman Reflexes: d10
Demonic Dagger (Asset): d12
Web-Slinging: d8
Combat Master: d10

Moon Knight rolled 6,8,3,8,10,6,6 using d6,d8,d8,d10,d12,d8,d10 ((6,8,3,8,10,6,6)).

Paying 1PP to keep third die (d10 that rolled an 8) in Total.

Total: 26
Effect: d10
0 Opportunities

 NPC, 33 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 23:00
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Kasady yelps as the Wand of Watoomb releases a small charge of electricity, zapping his hand as he tries to grab it from Tigra's pocket. He lets out a frustrated growl.

"Fine, keep your little toy... I've already got the best ones anyway!"

With his free hand, he gestures to the cannons on either side of the ship.

"Shrieky, darling... Put these twenty-millimeter bad boys to work and paint that field red!"

He looks to Spider-Man and his friends, sneering as he awaits their reaction.

"Say bye-bye to your friends, Spider!"

However, so intent is Kasady on seeing the destruction, he doesn't seem to notice as Moon Knight disappears from the field...

Carnage's action is to add his Menace Master d10 to the Doom Pool.

Doom Pool: 1d10, 2d12

 NPC, 13 posts
Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 23:10
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
As the commotion inside the Carnage-Copter continues, Shriek takes aim at the heroes in her sights and opens fire!

"Thought you'd never ask, Cupcake! HAHAHA!"

Attack on Daredevil, Domino, Spider-Woman, and Venom.

2d10 (Large Scale Threat)
Hijacked Helicopter d8
Weapon Systems d8
Combat Expert d8
Area Attack 3d6

14:53, Today: Shriek rolled 5,1,8,2,2,5,6,2 using 1d10,1d10,1d8,1d8,1d8,1d6,1d6,1d6 ((5,1,8,2,2,5,6,2)). Shriek opening fire on Daredevil, Domino, Spider-Woman and Venom.

Total: 19
- 1d10 to Domino (She's still mad about that kiss earlier)
- 1d8 to Spider-Woman and Venom (Near the chopper)
- 1d6 to Daredevil (As he's the farthest away)
Opportunities: 1 (Available to first acting hero)

Spent 1d10 doom to add a 3rd die to the total (d6 that rolled 5).

Doom Pool: 2d12

Reactions Needed: Daredevil, Domino, Spider-Woman, Venom

Actions Available: Daredevil, Domino, Tigra

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Fri 11 Dec 2020
at 00:28
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Domino, single-minded on her Primary Target as she was, wasn't listening to the trio nearby.

Tossing aside the Rocket Launcher, now no longer any use to her, she pulled a strange little device from one of her many utility pockets, and began thumbing code into it with her left hand, as she drew one of her trusty Guns with her right hand.

When Deadpool's Teleporter was synched with the Tracking Device that she'd place on Carnage, an evil little smile came across the Femme Fatale's face.

With one simple push of a Teleporter button, she moved herself back into the helicopter ... and was in the process of teleporting just as that bitch, Shriek, let loose with the helicopter’s guns.    Pure Luck, came to bear in an attempt to protect the Mercenary from Shriek's latest attack.

REACTION to Shriek's (Total: 19) Physical attack
d6   Team
d8   Femme Fatale
d6   Luck
d10 Combat Mastery
d8   Deadpool's Teleporter.

- rolled 2,7,6,6,7 using d6,d8,d6,d10,d8.
Total: 14
Effect: d10

The Hardened Merc already had her Gun out and ready in front of her, when she appeared right beside the Tracking Device that she'd planted earlier.
On pure instinct, she allowed her Combat skills and her Superhuman Reflexes to find her target in the literal blink of an eye ... and she pulled the trigger.

ACTION:  Shoot Carnage dead ... again.  And hope that it counts this time.
d6   Team (dammit, why are all these 'heroes' hanging around and getting in my way)
d8   Femme Fatale
d8   Guns
d10 Superhuman Reflexes
d10 Combat Mastery
d10 "Bugged Symbiote" asset

- rolled 4,6,4,10,3,7 using d6,d8,d8,d10,d10,d10.
Spend 1PP to keep a 3th Die.
Total:  23
Effect: d10

PP: 0

Next Action: any hero

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Fri 11 Dec 2020
at 11:49
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Just like luck: After hurrying from the other side of the stadium, Daredevil shows up on the scene to run fully into an ambush by the Carnage-Copter.

Reaction to Shriek's physical attack (?) (msg #435), Total: 19, Effect: d6:
Team (close enough to be included in the group, apparently)    d6
Pumpkin Bombs (deafening sound, even worse for him)   d4
(+1 PP)
Hypersenses/Radar Sense/Superhuman Senses    d10
Acrobatic Master    d10
Tethered Helicopter Complication    d8

DD rolls 1,4,5,10,1 using d6,d4,d10,d10,d8 ((1,4,5,10,1))

Total: 14; Effect: d10
2 Opportunities

The pumpkin bombs are loud enough to be an assault on his senses, but the sound of the attack itself -- even without being fully struck by them -- threatens to eradicate him. Luckily, the vehicle being tethered limits its range, and the hero knows he's fortunate to be this far out and not getting the brunt of it, yet encountering the sounds of battle without warning is enough to wrack him with a piercing pain through his ears into his head and reverberating through his body. But there are others suffering the attack worse and he knows he needs to get to them as soon as possible. Back in mix -- he can never stay away.

After a few vaults just enough to get him where he's going despite the searing pain in his head throwing off his senses, he lands near the other heroes, coming out of the shadows to let his presence be known. He perches atop the roof of a concession stand, closest to the helicopter overhead but out of its cross-hairs, if tracking its aimed weapon systems is any indication, and for however long that lasts. From this vantage point he can get a better sense of the behemoth. He doesn't have the firepower to take it on himself but if he could just get a minute to search it with his radar it could be enough find a weak-point. He can feel the heat of the roving spotlights swishing around, being blinded by them a circumstance that he was glad he didn't have to subject sight to, but it charges the air with static that douses his radar sense with noise, another disadvantage added to his unstable equilibrium after catching the copter's attack. Finally a point on his side, he realizes his knowledge about Carnage could give him an edge, as well as an idea about how these criminals operate, and with such an enormous machine as an opponent, every little bit could help. "What do we know about this thing?" he asks, if anyone can hear him speaking, since he can barely hear himself.

Create Carnage-Copter Weak-Point Asset:
Team    d6
Roving Spotlist (distracting)    d4
(+1 PP)
Hypersenses/Radar Sense/Superhuman Senses    d10
Crime Master    3d6
Tethered Helicopter Complication    d8
Family Secrets: Carnage Resource    d12

DD rolls 1,2,4,3,6,5,4,7 using d6,d4,d10,d6,d6,d6,d8,d12 ((1,2,4,3,6,5,4,7)).

Total: 13; Effect: d10
1 Opportunity

PPs: 0 (starting; from msg #391) +1 (negative Distinction; reaction) +1 (rolled Opportunities) +1 (negative Distinction; action) +1 (rolled Opportunity) = 4

Next Action: Tigra

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 player, 18 posts
 PP: 0
 XP: 1
Fri 11 Dec 2020
at 16:02
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Venom tries to use his connection and newfound strength to keep the helicopter's attack from hitting the others. In the doing, he manages to get himself hit more.

Total: 12
Ed: d12

Tether d8,
team d6
lethal protector d8
superhuman str d10
Combat Expert d8
Venom enhancement d12

11:00, Today: Venom rolled 5,6,6,5,4,4 using d8,d6,d8,d10,d8,d12.  reaction vs msg #435.

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 player, 11 posts
 Jessica Drew
Tue 15 Dec 2020
at 00:21
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
When Shriek opened fire, Spider-Woman attempted to dodge, but the wind may have shifted at the wrong moment for her glider wings...


1d10 Team + 1d4 SHIELD Agent + 1d10 Superhuman Stamina + 1d10 Superhuman Reflexes + 1d8 Combat Expert.

19:07, Today: Spider-Woman rolled 2,4,2,6,5 using d10,d4,d10,d10,d8.  Reaction roll.

I earned a PP that I’ll hold for now.

Total: 11.


 NPC, 34 posts
Sat 19 Dec 2020
at 05:30
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Domino takes d12 of Physical Stress from Shriek's extraordinary success in Msg #435.

Up in the helicopter, Carnage's eyes dart between the symbiote-clad Spider-Man and Mayhem, as though a sudden realization has come over him.

"Say, you look familiar..." he says to the new arrival. "Ain't I seen you somewhere before?"

But no sooner have the words left his mouth than yet another familiar face reappears inside the chopper. In a crackle of light, a bleeding, bullet-scarred Domino body-slides into the aircraft, aims her guns at Kasady's face and fires!

Reaction to Domino's attack on Carnage (Total 23, Effect d10).

Buddy d8
Sneaky d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Combat Expert d8
2d12 from the Doom Pool
"Trapped Tigra" d10 Scene Complication

19:35, Today: Carnage rolled 3,5,3,1,2,4,6 using 1d8,1d8,1d10,1d8,1d12,1d12,1d10 ((3,5,3,1,2,4,6)). Carnage's reaction to Domino's attempt to shoot him.

Total: 11
Effect: d12
Opportunities: 1 (Available first to Domino)

Domino wins with 2 extraordinary successes stepping up her d10 effect die. Carnage is stressed out and takes d6 of Physical Trauma. Paying Domino 2 PP's to keep the rolled 2d12 in the Doom Pool.

(*I added in the "Trapped Tigra" complication after I realized I forgot to, and Carnage still takes the same damage. Nice work, Domino.)


Light flashes from the barrels of Neena's handguns. Kasady drops to the floor instantly, and a stunned silence hangs in the air. The captive Tigra, freed from the villain's grasp, catches herself against a wall as she opens her eyes.

"C-Cupcake!" gasps Shriek. She leaps from the pilot's seat and rushes toward the rear of the chopper, her voice rising to a fever pitch. "NOOO!!"

A wave of sound from her palms rocks the chamber, hurling her enemies away. As they are flung about the cabin, the villainess cradles the fallen Kasady in her arms. It takes some time before there is a soft croak from the lump of flesh and symbiote, almost unrecognizable. Kasady raises his head to look first at Shriek- then at his would-be killer- through the symbiote mask he wears, a bit of smoke rising from the site of the bullet-holes.

"Away, fool!" he screeches in a distorted, alien voice. Before everyone's stunned eyes, Carnage backhands Shriek, knocking her aside.

Kasady staggers to his feet, wobbling for a moment. While the red symbiote shifts and ripples over the killer's face, it can be strangely seen that his own eyes are closed. As he steps under an overhead light, purple bruises mark both his eyes and there's a bit of blood oozing from the corner of his mouth. Is he dead? Somehow, flailing tentacles and blades sprout from his limbs as he cracks his neck and begins to advance on the fallen group.

"Kasady had his chance," snarls the voice coming from his form. "Now it is mine!"

The tips of the symbiote-blades sharpen and elongate into razors, prepared to strip the heroes' flesh from their bones at the twitch of a finger!

But it's not over yet...

Next, the conclusion of the current scene.

The Watcher
 GM, 233 posts
Sat 19 Dec 2020
at 07:00
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Moments ago...

As Venom hurls more innocent bystanders to safety, still maintaining his tethered grip on the Carnage-Copter, he's repeatedly struck by the bullets from the chopper overhead. Brock grits his teeth and bears it, only focusing on getting the civilians around him out of harm's way. The awesome power of the symbiote growth-hormone makes him hardly notice the stream of bullets hitting him in the back. If that light spring rain is the best thing Kasady can throw at him, snapping his neck is going to be even simpler than Venom realized!

From his Total 11 / Effect d12 reaction (Msg #438), Venom takes d12 of Physical Stress from Shriek's extraordinary success.

Overhead, Spider-Woman finds herself in Shriek's crosshairs as she glides around the chopper. The cannons rotate in her direction, firing a volley of bullets that she spins and dives to evade. A few rounds tear through her gossamer wings, sending her to the ground far more suddenly and uncomfortably than she would like. She rolls to minimize the impact, and though she won't be taking to the skies again any time soon, the important thing is she's unharmed.

From her 11 Total / Effect d10 reaction (Msg #439), Spider-Woman takes d12 Physical (or Emotional for 1 PP, as discussed) Stress from Shriek's extraordinary success. She gains 1 PP for shutting down her Flight d6 power trait.


"Teleport!" Moon Knight shouted at Cloak, who was still nearby. The helicopter was about to get a bit more crowded. Moon Knight, Fist of Khonshu, dove at the swirling darkforce tendrils that made up the teen vigilante's body and vanished from the field.

"Wait!" cries Dagger as the recovered Doppelganger gets to his feet and rejoins the battle against the helicopter. "I'm going in with you!"

The heroine springs after Moon Knight, disappearing into Cloak's portal along with the both of them...

Not far away...

"What do we know about this thing?" Daredevil asks, if anyone can hear him speaking, since he can barely hear himself.

"It's Moon Knight's ride!" shouts Luke Cage from nearby. Then, looking around, he adds: "Hey, speakin' o' him, where'd he go?" Though he cranes his head around, he's too busy shielding others from gunfire to go and look for him.

Perched on the helicopter, Daredevil's senses work in unison as he probes along the metal panels and into the underlying machinery for any sign of a weak point...

Doom Pool reaction to Daredevil's attempt to create "Carnage-Copter Weak-Point" Asset (13 Total, d10 Effect).

2d12 from the Doom Pool

22:07, Today: The Watcher rolled 12,4 using 1d12,1d12 ((12,4)). Doom Pool reaction to Daredevil attempting to create Carnage-Copter Weak-Point Asset.

Total: 16
Effect d4
Opportunities: 0

The Doom Pool wins this time.

Although Daredevil finds the flaw he's seeking, it's much more than he even bargained for. He can count six people on board the chopper: Carnage, Shriek, Spider-Man, Tigra, and two other women. The newcomers' identities aren't what concerns him now, though. What concerns him is the repetitive tick-tick-ticking thrumming in his ears and in the tips of his fingers, telling him everything he needs to know by the time his ally Luke sees what he's doing and thinks to ask:

"Yo, DD! Find a way to take that thing out?"

What he and none of the others down on the field presently seem to realize is that this helicopter is maybe seconds from exploding...!

Next: the reaction to Moon Knight's attack on Carnage.
 player, 7 posts
Sun 20 Dec 2020
at 00:45
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
"Kasady had his chance," snarls the voice coming from his form. "Now it is mine!"

The tips of the symbiote-blades sharpen and elongate into razors, prepared to strip the heroes' flesh from their bones at the twitch of a finger!

Mayhem slowly shifts herself between the murderous symbiote and Spider-Man, splaying her own razor-taloned arms wide. Not again, Benji... she silently vowed.

"Silly symbiote, this isn't your chance. Without their human hosts, I've consumed your children by the hundreds. Come, let Auntie M introduce you."
The Watcher
 GM, 235 posts
Mon 21 Dec 2020
at 22:54
Re: Current Mission: Maximum Carnage
Carnage reacts to Moon Knight's attempt to stab him and save Tigra (Total 26 / Effect d10).

Buddy d8
Murderous d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Combat Expert d8
"Trapped Tigra" d10 Scene Complication
2d12 from the Doom Pool

19:45, Fri 18 Dec: Carnage rolled 2,3,7,5,5,10,8 using 1d8,1d8,1d10,1d8,1d12,1d12,1d10.  Carnage reacting to Moon Knight's attempt to stab him (and rescue Tigra).

Total: 18
Effect: d12
Opportunities: 0

Moon Knight wins, with his extraordinary success stepping up his effect die to d12. Carnage takes d12 of Physical Trauma.

The Timer created by Moon Knight's activation of the "Self-Destruct Codes" Limit in Msg #407 also steps up past d12, adding 2d12 to the Doom Pool and ending the current scene.

As Shriek sobs in a corner, clutching the side of her face that "Carnage" struck, the symbiote in control of Kasady's body regards both her and Mayhem with cold indifference. April can feel its telepathic "feelers" brushing up against the edge of her own consciousness, attempting to size her up.

"You are not of this universe," it says to Parker's daughter with a touch of curiosity. "And you don't belong here. You shall be removed."

Before the alien creature can make good on its threat, the flashing red monitors at the pilot's end of the craft buzz louder than ever.

"FINAL COUNTDOWN INITIATED!" speaks a monotone, computerized voice. "FIVE..."

Then there is a burst of darkforce energy from behind Kasady. In a blur of motion, Moon Knight, Cloak, and Dagger teleport inside the cabin. Marc takes one look at the situation before him, raises a strange-looking knife, and sinks it right into the monster's chest.


"Carnage" screeches in pain, the symbiote smoldering from where the blade pierced Kasady. The villain drops to his knees as Marc wraps a symbiote-covered arm around Tigra and prepares to leap from the chopper!

"Oh no you don't," snarls Shriek, taking aim at both symbiote-clad heroes with a sonic blast. She knows she only needs to stun them for an instant, long enough for them to get caught in the deadly explosion!


"NO!" cries Dagger. She leaps in between her friends and the attack, struck dead-on by the sonic bolt. A violent, crackling energy consumes the heroine's small form as she drops to the floor, unmoving.


"Tandy!" shouts Ty, moving to grab her. "I've got the rest of them," he nods to Moon Knight. "GO!"


As Moon Knight and Tigra make their way safely to the ground, rippling darkforce consumes the remaining heroes in the aircraft. They fall into a cold, endless void as Tyrone's power shifts them through inter-dimensional space. When Spider-Man, Mayhem, and Domino re-emerge, they step out onto the field of Yankee Stadium. Across the field, the Carnage-Copter is engulfed in a massive fireball of an explosion as Moon Knight's self-destruct codes do their work.

When the last of the burning wreckage hits the ground, they can see other heroes like Daredevil, Venom, and Spider-Woman protecting the nearby innocents. Thankfully, no one seems to have been hurt. There is no sign of their enemies, or of Cloak and Dagger, anywhere.

More coming.

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