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The GameMaster
Wed 25 Mar 2020
at 04:25
Info for Character creation and XP spending

I have a House-rule characteristic that fits in with the Figured Characteristics.  It is Mana. Mana has no base score and is figured by (Egox2) and costs 1 for 1.
Mana is the body's Supernatural Energy and is used to play around with the four Mortal Energies ( Magic, Psionics, Elemental, and Divine ).  For two of them ( Magic and Divine ), Mana acts as a buffer from the energies that pour through the body during creating supernatural effects with those two energies.  With the other two, Mana IS the energy being used to create supernatural effects.

Nobody will start the game with any sort of Energy Manipulation, but you still need to keep track of your Mana score and consider putting a point or two into it every so often.  As a Hopper, you WILL encounter supernatural energy users.  You MIGHT even consider learning how to manipulate one of the supernatural energies yourself.

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