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Sun 5 Apr 2020
at 18:19
Character Creation thread is up.

Equipment thread has weapons and armour. Still need to note ammo, gadgets, and general equipment. These posts are not 100%, but representative of what would be more likely available. The complete lists are are on the SRD.

The purchase DCs may vary from listed to adjust for technology level and relative availability.

D20 Modern & Future SRD here

Modern Equipment

Future Equipment

Progress Levels

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The GM
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Fri 17 Apr 2020
at 22:55
The Wealth mechanic was removed and replaced with a Requisition check. It is a modified version of what is described in the book. Printed Wealth is a 2d4 roll, plus occupation modifier, any miscellaneous modifiers, and bonuses granted by the GM. I feel to make it a little more linear and reflective of the setting a Requisition is more appropriate.

Requisition check = Character Level + Reputation bonus + situational modifiers.

In addition, the Perse can synthesize many simple objects on demand. If the computer has the schematics, it can produce the object in a short matter of time (like 3D printing). It must have non-moving parts, and be of a consistent material. Polymers and non-rare metals.

*details and DCs will come later

The GM
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Fri 17 Apr 2020
at 23:04
Starting equipment
All crew are issued this basic gear
1x First Aid Kit
1x Tablet computer which can access your work station computer
4x Uniforms
1x Communicator, connects to individual Communicators or PA system
1x Portable Glow Lamp

Security officers will be issued the following gear
1x Rifle or Handgun of choice
1x Accessory or Gadget of choice, applied to weapon
1x Simple weapon (choose from: metal baton, club, stun gun)
1x Light Combat Armor
2x Hand Cuffs
1x Zip Ties (12)

Medical officers will be issued the following gear
1x Medical Kit, Basic

Science officers will be issued the following gear
1x Tool Kit, Basic (Relevant to MOS)

*Every lab/office will have higher grade kits and other relevant items available. The above is simply issued and on hand.

**Crew are permitted up to 1 cubic meter and 25 kg of personal items.

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