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Questions and Clarifications
Who has what Security Level access?
  • Level 1: Public Access- All crew and compliment have access to these areas (eg, most above deck areas, most labs)
  • Level 2: Limited Access-  Crew and other staff may have access if it is required for their duty or have been granted special access by the Captain, Duty Masters, or relevant Departmental Chiefs (eg, shuttle bay, bridge)
  • Level 3: Restricted Access- Only crew and compliment that have duties that require them to access these areas are permitted (eg, engineering, many non-converted below deck areas)
  • Level 4: No Access- Only the Captain and other specifically designated individuals have access to these areas (no need for anyone to access these areas without explicit permission)

What is the Perse's command hierarchy?

The top command chain is the Captain, Commander, then First Lieutenant. The Duty Masters answer directly to the First Lieutenant, their job is mostly administrative and clerical. Under every Duty Master are the Chiefs of each separate department.

Ship Command:
  1. Captain- Sian Wolfe
  2. Commander- Richard Ortiz
  3. First Lieutenant- Mohammad Yancy-Steinen

 Duty Masters:
  • Master of  Navigation
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Medicine
  • Master Steward
  • Master of the Ward

What about time dilation and FTL making you go backwards in time?
That's outside of the scope of this game. Let's just deal with linear time...

I'm having a bit of a hard time visualizing the interior...
The Perse is a hollow cylinder, the gravity pulling you outward. When you look up, you see the floor that you could walk to. So, in theory, you could throw something hard enough to pull through your downward gravity and go into the gravity of the other side. Geographically, the bow is "North", the stern "South. The interior is split into a "Northern Plain" and "Southern Plain" with the "Cylindrical Sea" in between. In the Cylindrical Sea there is an island dubbed "Manhattan". The Norther Plain has several small clusters of buildings that were named London, Paris, Peking, Tokyo, Rome, and Moscow. (See: O'Neill Cylinder)

In lieu of the Wealth mechanic, how does requisitioning work?
Requisition DC vs. Reputation Bonus + Character Level + Modifiers. Modifiers can be based upon the details of the requisition. DCs are listed by the item on the Equipment thread.  If there is something you want that's not listed, just ask. If it is duty related or in your MOS, then +2 to +5 modifier. Other situational modifiers may apply.

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Questions and Clarifications
How many decks are there, and roughly what is the layout?

There are eight lower decks, plus the upper deck (sometimes labeled deck zero). They are roughly divided into North, Mid and South segments. Each lower deck is further divided into six parts A-F. So, if you were going to Deck 3-B, it would be the third lower deck, B-section. All corridors and rooms are also labeled with a number. It is not difficult to identify exactly on the ship where a person is with all the information.