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Silver Bhoddisatva
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Mon 10 Aug 2020
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Scene 1: Journeys and Finding
22 Descending Air, 768

If there was one thing to be said it was that Fulgar's house was warm and restful. The morning sun beams through the narrow windows lined with glass, a rare commodity among the barbarians. Its rays creep across the Lunar's sleeping faces and urges them to awaken. Already the scent of cooking and clatter of pots can be heard in the next chamber. Breakfast would be served soon.

As Willow and Seeks rouse themselves the serving woman enters with platters heaping with pork, eggs, and bread. Honey, thick and golden, slathers the bread. She bows and presents it to Fulgar's guests.

"My apologies but my master was called away in the night. I was instructed to make you comfortable and fed for your journey."
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Tue 11 Aug 2020
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Scene 1: Journeys and Finding
Seeks What Is Forgotten had slept like a cat, curled up within the nest he had made of his cowl along the wall of the dwelling.  His rush sleeping mat had been unrolled beneath him, and as he snapped awake he sat up upon it, metal charms and bone trinkets cascading in a soft waterfall of tinkling notes.  It was hard to see where the man truly was, beneath the heavy cloak, and he hunched low as he gathered up his meager belongings and began dutifully wrapping them up in the mat.  Slender Willow Swaying knew what he truly had hid beneath his cloak, and it had nothing to do with wanting to spare the mortals the sight of his withered flesh.  Even if he hid it beneath his cape, she knew that he would be bundling the Green Jade Daiklave known through the ages as Spring Razor up within the mat.  Always careful of his secrets, he was sure to never let eyes fall upon it.


He rasped inquiringly.

"A strange thing, to be called away in the night.  Was he called by Gods or mortals, I wonder?"

Binding the sleeping mat to his back, he hobbled over towards the tray, rubbing his dry hands together as he surveyed its contents.  He crouched down beside it, running a single narrow finger over each of the proffered items.  He dipped it in the honey, bringing it to his lips and letting out a little wheeze of satisfaction, before setting about preparing himself a formal breakfast.

"Don't answer that, I have a better question I'd want to use on you.  Does this village have any stories of cities in the clouds?  A strange question, true.  But if my arrow of inquiry has struck true I'd hear the tale off you."

He did not let her gaze upon his face, cowled in shadow as it was, but he watched her as she answered.
Slender Willow Swaying
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Thu 13 Aug 2020
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Scene 1: Journeys and Finding
Slender Willow Swaying slept... but in the fashion of beasts. A time of stillness, followed by moments of wakefulness and wariness before falling into sleep once more. Her unconscious form curling ever so slowly in upon itself and the blankets as to resemble, disconcertingly, the flickering and darting nature of her shadow that the particularly keen of eye might catch. The skittering of a thousand legs almost palpable even though one might rightly expect the harsh click of obsidian hoof. It was the intrusion of the servant in the early hours of the morning to begin preparing breakfast and excuse the absence of the Shaman that interrupted the cycle, her presence meant with a cold glance of one blue eye before the mind flooded fully into wakefulness.

The rasping voice of Seeks earning a cautious glance as he spun his question, her silence cautious and wary for an instant as she relaxed into the routines of the morning and accepted the offered bread from the woman. Her mind torn between the vindictive desire to maintain the contact a moment too long and simply to keep it as brief as possible. Ultimately, the kinder aspects of her personality as she offered polite and soft thanks and her hand did not touch the other woman's at all. Old wounds that were not drawn up from the deep wells of memory still pulsed as she recalled the warding gestures... and the monstrous desire within to do harm in kind lingering in the muddle of thoughts and recollections of her own and lives not quite her own. She'd pay a passing visit to her blood kin before they left... If only to remind the monster they cast out still drew breath and knew from whence it came.
Silver Bhoddisatva
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Sun 16 Aug 2020
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Scene 1: Journeys and Finding
The servant considers the questions as she busies herself with serving breakfast. Bangles in her dark hair clack as she finally shakes her head.

"I've heard my master say that the gods live in a grand city beyond the sky. I...don't really understand what that means -- how can something exist beyond the sky we see? I'm just a simple servant."

She frowns as a thought occurs to her. "They say the hero Ocina of the Half Foot once dealt with people from the clouds. That he went away with one of their maidens long ago. But I don't know if that means they are gods or men or something else."

She shrugs helplessly, unable to offer more. Perhaps the libraries of Azrego can offer more information?
Seeks What Is Forgotten
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Mon 17 Aug 2020
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Scene 1: Journeys and Finding

Seeks coughed in response, resuming the task of preparing breakfast.  When he had assembled a small mountain of food, he started devouring it with gusto.

"The time of legends is upon you once again then, it seems.  Look to the skies, or don't."

He mumbled around a mouthful of food.

"Some stories don't like to be told."

He turned towards Slender Willow Swaying, still hunched and crouched over his meal.

"Did you wish to take a direct path, like how we got here, or did you have something more meandering in mind?"

He was likely anxious to get going, despite his indulgence in the food.  The sooner they were away from the village and aloft upon the air, likely the happier he would be.  He got like that, when there was a secret to explore, doubly so when some relic or another was involved.