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04:09, 13th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Chapter 1: East Blue.

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Will of D.
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Thu 9 Jul 2020
at 02:09
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Chapter 1: East Blue

Location: Kurau City
Mokomo Dukedom, Zou
The New World, The Grand Line

A sprawling city of stonework houses sat amidst a thick forest, several massive, ancient buildings embedded in the stonework ringing the forest just inside the Dukedom wall. A massive tree stretched upward, in the shape of a breaching whale, at the side opposite the gate, nestled deeper in the forested part of the island, but still within the walls.

A distant rumble shook the ground, and everyone instinctively took cover, though no one seemed even the slightest bit concerned. What looked like the open mouth of a volcano, grey and narrow, rose on the horizon beyond the great whale tree. It erupted violently, a massive spout of water bursting from the mouth, spewing a clearish liquid, enough to cover the entire island.

The liquid fell like an instant monsoon—“eruption rain”—a wave cleansing the surface of anything that failed to take cover, though nothing failed to do so today. Clusters of fish and other sea creatures were left in the wake of the liquid—it was sea water—and various fury humanoids, anthropomorphic mammals of every sort, casually grabbed buckets to toss the fish in, and continued about their business.

The Mink Tribe were the only intelligent inhabitants of Zou, and Tony Hart was one such Mink—a white tiger Mink. Tony was at work, preparing the bar of the famous gourmet restaurant, The Red Plate. They were about to open when Tony’s brother Leon D. Hart, a lion Mink, burst through the double doors of the kitchen!
Leon D. Hart
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Thu 9 Jul 2020
at 22:59
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Chapter 1: East Blue

The doors fly open from the force of Leon's kick and he storms into the restaurant, dripping water everywhere from the eruption rain, "BROTHER!"

The Lion Mink is wearing black pants and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he has a katana and a bokken hanging from his belt. He grabs his neatly dressed brother and lifts him in a big hug that would suggest a reunion after a long time apart, which is odd because they still share a room in their parents house and had breakfast together that morning.

"The merchant ships are here! Do you realize what that means!?" The Lion doesn't wait for an answer, "We can hitch a ride and go be Pirates just like Jean Pierre! Come on, let's go!"
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