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Chapter 1: North Blue.

Posted by Will of D.For group archive 1
Will of D.
GM, 11 posts
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Thu 21 May 2020
at 00:50
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Chapter 1: North Blue

Location: Goldfinch Village
Daybreak Island, North Blue

The sun was descending over the peaceful town just as Irezumi D. Nezha arrived by foot over the rolling hills. He had found the island easy enough with some help from fishermen, but his course was off a bit, and he landed the small sailboat he had procured on the other side of the island from the village. Locals were friendly and helpful, sending him on his way to the costal town of Goldfinch Village with a bundle of snacks and a new hat. He wasn’t sure if he needed the hat, but the villagers assured him that he would want it to shade him from the sun.

The town was quieting now, and Nezha appeared to be just in time....

A large ship was at the docks, marked with the unforgettable symbol of the Marines, below the balled cross of the World Government logo. Nezha had received word that Cypher Pol was being dispatched, but apparently they were trying to leave an impression. They were dressed as ordinary Marine soldiers.

The attack had not yet commenced, but the disguised CP4 agents were already harassing the local fishermen about something, seemingly related to unpaid taxes and out of date licenses—obvious hogwash. Nezha could see the cannons on their vessel, manned by agents and pointed toward the village. The town was small enough, and the guns big enough, that they could destroy all but the most outlying homes with ease.

Nezha had to think fast, or act without thinking. There was no time to delay. As he hurried toward the docks, he recognized a familiar face: Juan Sebastian “Seban” Monticello. His face was hard with the coldness of what he was being forced to do and the determination to do go through with it anyway.
Irezumi D. Nezha
Ink-man Captain, 1 post
Thu 21 May 2020
at 12:24
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Chapter 1: North Blue

The pirate wears only a lavalava tied around his waist and sandals, every inch of his skin, including his face, is covered in rippling tattoos that move about

"As I live and breathe, it's Juan Sebastian Monticello, my old friend!" Irezumi D. Nezha shouts at the top of his lungs wearing a broad smile, "Still working with CP4 and the Navy I see! Wreaking havoc on innocent villagers isn't what you signed up for is it? Or is Eufaw the Giant hiding in one of those little huts?"
Juan Sebastian Monticello
Ex-CP9 Navigator, 1 post
Thu 21 May 2020
at 19:15
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Chapter 1: North Blue

Juan Sebastian looked up from the ledger in mock curiosity, expecting either another villager to scare off, or one of the marine underlings pretending to be someone he wasn’t (Which Seban have to deal with later, as No One in the rank and file should know anything about his quarry with Eufaw). What he saw instead was the most unlikely figure this far out on the North Blue…

“Nezha-San? Well, I’ll be a whale in an oil barrel,” he muttered under his breath. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD...

“You there!” Seban motioned to one of his subordinates. As the man approached, he shoved the ledger into his hands.

“These figures need to be double-checked before we move any further. Take another count of the sacks of meal and grain. Then report back before the hour.” The marine saluted and scuffled away. That would give Seban some time. Quickly and quietly he stalked toward the lone figure on the hill, hoping he wouldn’t make more of a scene.
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Irezumi D. Nezha
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Thu 21 May 2020
at 21:23
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Chapter 1: North Blue

Irezumi D. Nezha stands with his arms folded across his chest with his feet planted firmly. It was not a fighting stance but it was clear that he wasn't going to back down either. His face however still bore a wide smile that reached up to his eyes, he was genuinely happy to see his friend from days gone by.

He waits until Seban approached him and then said much quietly, so that no one else would be able to hear, "T
What the Navy is here to do is wrong Seban. I know that helping people was my motivation for joining the Navy, while you were most concerned with getting revenge, but there is a common thread between the two."

"We are both very concerned with getting justice." Nezha says, his smile turning serious as he reasons with his friend, "You may be most concerned with balancing the scales in your personal life, but you know what is right and what is wrong. If CP4 does this today and you help them, you will be no better than Eufaw the Giant."
Juan Sebastian Monticello
Ex-CP9 Navigator, 2 posts
Thu 21 May 2020
at 22:31
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Chapter 1: North Blue

“You’ve got some barnacles on ya’ to come up here yellin’ like that- talkin’ about Justice and uttering the name of Eufaw... Nevermind the fact that you’re supposed to be six feet under” Seban retorts as quietly as possible.
“Surely you’re not about to do what I think you are-”

“CORPORAL!” a voice cuts him off from behind. Seban can already tell who it is who is fast approaching. LIEUTENANT Marcine appears from behind, using Soru, one of the Cipher Pol’s signature techniques. She is a brazen woman with rippling blond hair and a near-constant smug look on her face.

“You know this man or somethin’? Seems it’s not the best time for 'PLEASURE CALLS' she said in a half-demeaning, half-official tone.

“I’m just here, questioning the stranger, same as you,” Seban says Flatly. “Never met him before in my life. But he was just leaving, weren’t you?"

“Like heck he is,” Marcine Snorts. “Sounds to me like he’s got a problem with our operation here. You got a name, stranger? Papers? Speak up!”
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Irezumi D. Nezha
Ink-man Captain, 3 posts
Thu 21 May 2020
at 23:03
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Chapter 1: North Blue

"I most definitely am not about to leave. In fact I have specifically come here to stop you from from hurting these people." he says, his voice soft but resolute, then he raises his voice and shouts so everyone will hear him, "My name is Irezumi D. Nezha! These people are under my protection!"

Though his posture did not change the tattoos that cover every inch of his body shift into new images, simple tribal patterns and rolling ocean waves change to images of armor or shields while the tattoos on his face changes to make his face into that of a great cat like a jaguar or lion. His words and the emotions behind them were clearly reflected in the morphing tattoos.

The shifting tattoos would be new to Seban and anyone else. While the entire Irezumi family are heavily tattooed, the shifting tattoos are something he would've only heard about Nezha's grandfather and other ancestors who had possessed a particular Devilfruit for which the family takes their name. If they can put it together it would indicate to them that Nezha has aquired that same Devilfruit.
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