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Introduction to Wildemount
Wildemount is a continent the world of Exandria with four nations. The four nations are:

-The Dwendalian Empire is a young ambitious state at War with the Kryn Dynasty, a nation of surface dwelling drow.
-The Clovis Concord is a republic full of city-states focused on trade/commerce. A tropical region with free spirited and nautical adventures/pirates, swashbuckling.
-The Tribes of Shadycreek Run is a shattered coalition of Thieves, slavers, scoundrels attempting to become rich with crimes.
-The Kryn Dynasty is an empire made of dark elves (drow) and other humanoids (usually considered monsters by most).

Technology: Firearms, black powder weapons, are not common and are exclusively used by the Military only. Firearms are considered Emerging guns mechanic wise and can't be bought normally (military exclusive).

Pantheon of Exandria:

The Prime Deities

Most of the gods who fought the primordials and helped forge the races of Exandria.

Avandra, the Change Bringer (CG)
Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon (LG)
Corellon, the Arc Heart (CG)
Erathis, the Law Bearer (LN)
Ioun, the Knowing Mentor (N)
Kord, the Storm Lord (CN)
Melora, the Wild Mother (N)
Moradin, the All-Hammer (LG)
Pelor, the Dawn Father (NG)
Sarenrae, The Everlight (NG)
The Raven Queen, Matron of Death (LN)
Sehahine, The Moon Weaver (CG)

The Betrayer Gods are the ones who either allied with the chaos of the primordials or grew selfish for their own reason. They rarely work together, which allowed them to be defeated a long time go.

Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Hells
Bane, the Strife Emperor
Gruumsh, the Ruiner
Lolth, the Spider Queen
Tharizdun, the Chained Oblivion
Tiamat, the Scaled Tyrant
Torog, the Crawling King
Vecna, the Whispered One
Zehir, the Cloaked Serpent

There are other lesser idols.