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General Premise and RTJ
The drama and adventures this game will focus on are drawn from several conflicts presented in Changeling: The Dreaming. Namely the tension inherent in balancing your Mortal and Fae lives and obligations. The game will also draw on the following conflicts: Kithain vs Other ( Nightmares vs Dreams), Nobles vs Commoners, and Banality vs Bedlam.

The tone of the game will vary. We will draw from the original, sometimes nightmare-like Grimm's Fairy Tales and from the sillier side of children's daydreams. This is part of the Nightmares vs Dreams conflict mentioned above. We will tend toward a balanced approach that dips into both silliness and horror from time to time.

And since these always seem to come up: Science can inspire. Age only makes it a bit harder to resist Banality. Unseelie embody Nightmare and Ravaging; Seelie embody Dreams and Musing. Glamour is inspiration. Banality can be the absence of inspiration or the Nothing that consumes it.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Fall 2016

We will be using Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition with heavy inclusion of older Changeling the Dreaming books for their story and outlining of political systems (but not their Merits and Flaws).

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General Premise and RTJ
All of the rules and decisions made by the GM are in the interest of having fun. We're all here to have fun.

Bad things will happen to your character, if you can't accept that, don't play.

Conflict is the heart of drama and storytelling. If there's no conflict, there's no drama and no engaging story. This game will try to emulate the ebb and flow of modern fairy tales.

0. Don't Be A Dick. Wheaton's Law is always in effect.

1. Narrative first, rules second. We're all here to tell interesting and engaging stories. That's infinitely more important than the rules. The rules are important, but they are just a guideline to facilitate telling interesting stories. Don't worry about optimizing the mechanics, focus on telling an interesting story-that is why I enjoy White Wolf's storytelling system.

2. Respect. If you haven't been told, please remember to use "please" and "thank you". Always be respectful.  IC, play your character's personality, but be respectful to our fellow 'lings OOC. Characters can be disrespectful - that's roleplaying (and is sure to have consequences) but nothing gets me boiling more than players making demands and questioning my judgments after I have slaved on creating this game.

3. Problems. If you have problems with another player, remember we're all adults and bring it up with that player privately. If you can't resolve the issue, bring it to me privately.

4. Rating. This game is mature, not general or adult. Keep gore to a minimum and any sex will fade to black.

1. Frequency. In-character posting frequency of at least once every few days (48 hours). If you haven't posted by the 48 hours mark, I will skip you. Two skips in a row and I will remove you from the in-character group. If I don’t hear from you and you haven’t logged in for a week, I will write your character out in a genre-appropriately nasty fashion. ;)

Most games slow down on the weekends so those are a gimme.

2. Real Life First, Always. Real life will get in the way. In this crazy COVID-19 world people are dealing with a great amount of stuff but all I ask is that you drop me a message to let me know something's up.

3. Description. Always use standard prose formatting for in-character posts. Keep your posts interesting and entertaining. Please use present tense (ie “shoot” “run” “kick”) rather than past tense (i.e. “shot” “ran” “kicked”). It feels more immediate.

Push for evocative descriptions as they add to the tone, drama, and everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Pick a color for your character's dialogue. It helps avoid confusion when writing out conversations.

4. IC vs OOC Text. Unless you have to invoke game mechanics your post should be free of OOC text. Any OOC conversation should be in the OOC thread, not the IC threads.

Please write any out-of-character text at the bottom of your post, and in orange.

5. Rolls. When posting an action or reaction, please list what you are rolling as OOC text in orange at the bottom of your posts. For example:

OOC: Sammie Satyr gives Tod the Troll a cloven-hoof-flavored curb stomp. Sammie rolled 1 using 4 dice ((1, -1, 1, 0)).

6. Presumptive Rolls. Describe what your character's goal is and how they're trying to achieve it. Assume I'll ask for a roll and include it at the bottom of your post. I ask players to do this just in case it's needed and to cut down the handling time of the system. If I think the roll is unnecessary or the action was impossible, I'll ignore the roll.

In the case of a presumptive roll that would fail, I will let you know and we can go from there.

7. Rounds. To speed up combat and dramatic scenes with rolls, do not wait to post, just go for it. But only post once. After everyone's posted once I will make a single group response. After I've posted, everyone's free to post again.

There is no initiative order for posting. Just post. I will adjudicate the round using initiative and make my best guess for resolving any issues that might arise. If I think you're intentionally waiting to post for some kind of advantage, I will point this out.

If you're just role-playing without engaging the mechanics or moving around the room, feel free to role-play. Once you start using the mechanics or wandering around, be sure to fall back to the round structure.

Note: This only applies to in-game / in-character posts. Post your brains out in the OOC thread.

8. Investigation & Searching. This game will include some investigation. I want you to be specific rather than general with what you're searching for and what area you are searching because where you are searching and what you are searching for will effect your search time.

Be as specific as you can for the thing or type of thing you're searching for. Also be as specific as you can about the space you're searching for it. "I search the room." Not specific at all, that's bad. "I search the top of the desk for anything with a name or address that's already come up in the investigation so far." Specific about both item and area, that's good.

I'm more lenient with places than things. If you're looking for X on or in a desk, and there's something else worth finding, you'll still likely find it. If you're looking for X near where it actually is, you'll still likely find it. If you're looking for X on the wrong side of the room, you'll not find it. Better rolls get you more leeway.

If you're planning on searching for 2-3 specific things, in 2-3 specific places, post them. Stick with things that are covered by one skill and make one roll for the lot. We might negotiate how long it'll take or how much noise you'll make, etc. The more things you're searching for and places you're searching the longer it'll take.

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General Premise and RTJ
This is not a first come, first served game. I'll leave RTJs open until I feel that I can't manage more changelings. Please do not feel like you have to rush to create a fast, unfleshed out character.

I would much rather you take the time to flesh out a character concept and background and submit it in a few days, than dash off something that's incomplete or half-assed. Do not worry about numbers or a character sheet until you're accepted to the game.

A complete RTJ includes parts one, two, and three.

Part One: Character concept. I want your character's name, kith, and seeming. Preference is given to kithain from the Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. Custom kith are fine as long as they conform to the general themes of Changeling: The Dreaming. Childlings are fine, but no characters under the age of 16.

Part Two: Backstory. I want 100-300 words detailing your character's history. I should be able to understand from your backstory what type of person your character was as a mortal before your fae-soul asserted itself.

Please think about if your character is new to the area. We can chat and discuss how your character has arrived if new. If you are from the area, perhaps fresh from your Dream Dance we can discuss this as well.

Part Three: Chrysalis Questions. In addition to your backstory, I want you to answer the following questions for your character.

• When did you have your Chrysalis? What triggered it?
• Who provided your Fosterage?
• How did you first meet your Guardian?
• When and why did your Guardian choose to Foster you?
• Who thinks the worst of you due to your missed mortal Obligations?
• Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your Glamour?

These questions are your chance to detail your character and create interesting NPCs for us to use. If you try to dodge answering these you're missing the point.

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General Premise and RTJ - So You Wanna Play a Noble?
So I heard you want to play nobility? I would like to inform you that there are (of course) certain benefits and disadvantages of playing a noble.

Noble Kithains are beings of privilege and duty.  There will be expectations from other nobles and the "Traditionalists" which form the backbone of Concordia. You should expect to be groomed by your House and other nobles through tasks, political engagements, and tests of mental acuity, but you can also expect to get trinkets and rewards that the commoners may not get.

All noble going to be groomed into becoming part of a house as they start in the bottom of the food chain. I as a Storyteller I love the concept of noble Houses but I also want to underline that the Houses do restrict character creation.

For example; Unseelie Gwydion will receive a hard time in his/her/their noble house. The houses will test the noble kithain for them to fit themselves as being a squire is about learning how to become a knight of the land. Etiquette and actions of noble kithain will be closely watched by nobility and their house.

Politics is a dangerous game. Bad things happen to the good people and the road to power sometimes paid with hypocrisy and casualties.

Most nobles (Traditionalist) believe themselves to be defenders of old traditions and the right of nobles (read sidhe) to rule. It will be hard to find a noble who defends democracy.

Within the Noble sphere there is a strong theme of Arcadian Sidhe vs Autumn sidhe. Additionally please consider the below before you determine if your character is an Arcadian Sidhe or an Autumn sidhe:
  • Autumn side has incorporated the banality of the grey world into their stories. They are ability to deal with the effects of the world with a great sense of ease. Please understand who your mortal soul is in the event your character ever suffers a banal death.
  • Arcadian sidhe tossed the souls of their mortal bodies back through the trods and into the Dreaming (perhaps Arcadia?). Your character is frailer to Banality's touch (ie Banality Curse kith flaw). Additionally, your character has no soul to operate independently of your fae soul when you experience chimerical death, this means that your character will be unconscious (comatos) the entire time. Your standing in your House allows for its social mechanisms to protect you when in this state.

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General Premise and RTJ - So You Wanna Play a Noble?

Setting Details: Land of Enchantment: New Mexico
  • State Population: Mortals: 2,096,829
  • State Population: Enchanted: 20,968
  • State Population: Fae-Blooded: 2,096
  • State Poplation: Kithain: 209

City Population

  • Mortals: 560,600
  • Enchanted: 5,606
  • Fae-Blooded(Kinain): 560
  • Kithain: 56