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Unseelie Freehold-Emotions Rippling Across Time: Scarwood
The Sagacious Six are Commoners who have survived the 1969 Accordance War. Although they were not all a motley when the sidhe returned, there formed themselves into a tightly knitted group after the death and defeat of their own motleys persisted.

While it is typically more difficult to perceive the legacy of Changeling, the legacies of the Sagacious Six are somewhat more known due to their fame within the area. In the Seelie Court, the stories of how these six dark kithain has drawn out the power of immortality and agelessness from the Dreaming are legendary.

Name: Ignacio Arevalo
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: Fatalist/Sage
Kith: Redcap
Seeming: Grump

Notable Traits: Resilient (Too-Mean-to-Die)

Known Background: Ignacio is the sole surviving Redcap from the Corby of Redcaps that terrorized Albuquerque before the return of the sidhe in 1969. He is said to have earned many titles of honor amongst his people due to his battle against the sidhe but all of those things were turned to ash after conceding and pushing the commoners to lay down their arms against the side.

Ignacio is known for his proficiency with Pyretics, Dragon's Ire, and Autumn.

Ignacio has taken the political fight to the sidhe who preached "Togetherness under the Dream" in the years which followed the Accordance War. The push for Togetherness under the Dream inspired the populace and lead Baron blah to attempt negotiations with the adhene. Whether by a trick, fate, or his poor skill at diplomacy the attempt at diplomacy cost the Baron his life and the Baroness holds him personally responsible for her husband's death to this day.

* * *

Name: Edna Lagaer
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: Riddler/Squire
Kith: Pooka (Peregrine)
Seeming: Grump

Notable Traits: Vigilant (Eagle-Eyed)

Known Background: Edna was young when the sidhe returned to the world and when she rushed to their side her eyes were clouded by the lies that the Kithain had kept concerning them. It wasn't long into the war that Edna understood just how wrong the stories about he sidhe were. Edna was forced to act as an agent of the sidhe for months before she won her freedom and although she died chimerically-she reportedly said she would do it all again to earn freedom (but who trusts the lies of the Pooka?).

Edna is known for her proficiency with Contracts, Chronos, and Naming.

Edna is the primary administrator of the Unseelie Freehold. She uses a vast network of Fae-Blooded and Enchanted to ensure the freehold functions properly. Edna uses a powerful dogma contained within a book called The Manuscript which details how Fae-Blooded and Enchanted should live and serve the Kithain but recently members have been freed from the dogma of the manuscript and now seek vengeance upon the Unseelie and specifically Edna.

Fae-blood and enchanted serve as heralds, bards, jesters, stewards, scribes, and even reeves. Hearing the concerns of others before bringing those concerns to the Sagacious Six. A particularly powerful Fae-Blooded is rumored to serve as the Seer for the Six.

For practical reasons, the Unseelie keep the identity of their Seer secret so as to discourage magical attacks.

Edna's faithful use lightning-crystals to activate runes and empower their forms with fae magic in the service of specific quests.

* * *

Name: Marie
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: /Wayfarer
Kith: Eshu
Seeming: Grump

Notable Traits: Perception (Insightfull)

Known Background:  Eva is a popular community organizer who specializes in representing majority interests in state and local politics. When the sidhe returned in '69 she was one of the few commoners her advocated for a swift and fatal attack and thus she was sought after (for defeat) by commoner sidhe sympathizers and the sidhe nobility both. Like any eshu Eva had a knack for being exactly where she needed to be, and that was (fortunately for her) always one step ahead of the sidhe and their commoner dogs.

Eva is known for her proficiency with Tale-Craft, Contracts and Soothsay.

Eva has always been a thorn in the side of the sidhe. They mobilize against her whenever possible.

* * *

Name: Horatio Winthrop Mockett
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: Outlaw/Crafter
Kith: Nocker
Seeming: Grump

Notable Traits: Perception (Insightfull)

Known Background: Horatio is an original member of the Sagacious Six and thus fought the sidhe during the Resurgence. The weapon master of the Local Changeling Brigade Horatio was responsible for a number of hideous crimes that used mortal flesh and fae instruments to create weapons of war that matched the chimera brought back by the sidhe. Although on the losing side, Horatio was able to secure clemency for his "atrocities of war" by promising under the full weight of the Dreaming on his True Name to never work his experiments on humanity again.

Horatio is known for his proficiency with Infusion, Contract and Naming

Horatio is known for his use of his monocle whose magical properties allow for him to channel the cantrip Autumn Eyes.

* * *

Name: Lada
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: ???/???
Kith: Satyr
Seeming: Wilder

Notable Traits: Charisma (Captivating)

Known Background: Lada isn't as well known as her fellow members of the Sagacious Six. She comes to Concordia from Marseilles, France. Possessed of dual citizenship (France and Russia) Lada reportedly works with the Six to "restore the mystic heritage of the fae" throughout North America.

While new to the Six Lada is known for her proficiency with the conflicting arts of Summer and Winter.

More important than her mastery of fae-arts is her understanding of human nature. Her intuitive understanding and her advanced education in psychology, society, and informatics purportedly allow her to shape the beliefs of the Autumn world.

* * *

Name: Melchiah
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: Riddler/Sage
Kith: Slaugh
Seeming: Childling

Notable Traits: Perception (Clairvoyant) and Intelligence (Logical)

Known Background: Melchiah was one of the first of the kithain to rush to the side of the sidhe when they returned in 1969. He did so not out of a confused idealism, but out of what he considered to be practicality. Melchiah understood the power of the sidhe and thought that it would be best if the commoners avoided as much death as possible by allowing the arrogant sidhe monster's their thrones.

Although he served the sidhe Melchiah regretted his choice for years as he was forced to commit horrible crimes at the behest of his lord over and over and over again. When he finally broke, Melchiah descended into his Unseelie nature and in that state he learned important knowledge from his once adamant will which was shattered by the banality of cruelty and the depths of kithain suffering.

Melchiah is known for his proficiency with the conflicting arts Autumn, Chicanery and Oneiromancy.

Melchiah is also known to be agoraphobic.

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Unseelie Freehold-Emotions Rippling Across Time: Scarwood

Freehold Stats

Balefire: Freehold only generates Glamour and/or dross equal to its balefire rating. For example, a three-dot balefire can generate three Glamour, three dross, or any combination thereof that does not exceed a total of three.

Size: A freehold’s Size rating represents the area the freehold encompasses. The size may be either the mundane or the chimerical area of the freehold, normally whichever is larger.

  • A mansion, warehouse, or church; five to eight average rooms.
  • A significant chunk of the countryside, or a town; Tara-Nar.

Sanctuary: A freehold naturally protects its freeholders, granting them a threshold against attacks as well as bonus dice for defense equal to its Sanctuary rating. Sanctuary also subtracts dice equal to its rating to any Reaving attempts against the balefire. Furthermore, Sanctuary subtracts dice equal to its rating to all unwanted attempts to find or break into the freehold.

I will describe in the Freehold description what form this defense takes, which should be in keeping with the Archetype, Aspect, and Appearance they chose.

Resources: A freehold may generate resources for the changelings, be they mundane or chimerical. This feature is vast in scope, encompassing mundane money, chimerical plants, stone, metal, or even chimerical creatures. As such, Storytellers and players should decide what rating is reasonable.
  • Scarwood generates a sizeable about of resources due to the tithe/membership dues required of his fae-blooded and enchanted. Those who follow the manuscript follow these financial duties faithfully.
  • A cactus that is naive to the area produces a particular flower which if cultivated may be mixed with certain alchemical mixtures to create the street drug called reverie. Reverie is an expensive designer drug if it could be mass-produced the motley may be able to size up its production and gain more money from its use.
  • Joyous Guard has industries that are involved in financial planning and border defense.
  • Joyous Guard defense industries influences allow the freehold to sell confidential personal data and surveillance stats for a profit to municipal law enforcement agencies.

Passages: A freehold is connected to both the Dreaming and the Autumn World. It has one free rath or trod, and the troupe may purchase additional ones at the cost of one feature point per path. Near or Far Dreaming? safe and well-traveled?

The freeholders are responsible for maintaining these passages.

Other Kithain may petition them for access, but they are not obligated to grant it.

Freehold Special Abilities:

  • Warning Call: The freehold’s Sanctuary doesn’t just protect its residents, it also alerts them. The freeholders are immediately aware of intruders trying to make their way into the freehold, or — if they are already within — where they currently are. If the intruders conceal themselves with Glamour, such as through the use of Chicanery cantrips or Treasures with similar abilities, the freehold rolls its Sanctuary rating at a difficulty of 6 to penetrate the obfuscating effect.
  • Resonant Dreams: Freeholders gain a +2 dice bonus either on all mundane checks, or one Art, that resonate with the freehold’s Aspect, while they remain within. At Joyous Guard this includes a +2 Defense Dice Pool bonus.


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