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Tue 7 Apr 2020
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Introduction, Traveling along the Road
This where the In Character game will begin. Getting to know the NPCs in the Caravan traveling and use to the system.
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Wed 3 Jun 2020
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Introduction, Traveling along the Road
Merchants and traders from Waterdeep originally traveling home from their long trading mission to the City of Westgate in the East region of the Dragon Coast. Their wagons loaded heavily with silks, shells, sand, glass, and other trade goods not found along the Sword Coast. It was while traveling through the grassy hills outside of Elversult and Priapurl that the caravan picked up a curiously tall Barbarian, Denox.

An old stout dwarf his beard and hair blue it was so white. Approached the tall figure first, behind him three well-armed bodyguards looked on defensively, though hands not on their weapons. "Hail stranger, a curious place to find a lone wonderer. Can't be too careful, just lost three of my men, not two days ago from a raid, lost one of our wagons and most of its content, but we got a few of them also." His voice was calm, conversational.

Bandits and raiders are frequent in this area, though odd they raided such a large procession. The caravan number 25 wagons triple that in men and four-horse a wagon and enough horse that every man could ride one if needed. This only counted what could be seen. Often these larger wagon trains hide guards within the carts, and there would be outriders about.


If there are any checks desired to be made roll the dice and add to post, it may or may not be needed.

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Thu 4 Jun 2020
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Introduction, Traveling along the Road
Denox comes from a stable tribe and knows a bit about traders and caravans, though he himself has never been to involved in there proceedings. He hasn't seen many races nor understands there customs, but believes to read faces well. What a small man... Must be one of them dwarves I have heard about...

Denox rolled 3 using 1d20+1.  Perception Check.

"Hail, Master Dwarf! I seem to have lost my way..."

"What great creatures you have pulling your caravan. Perhaps I can help tend to them if you'll allow me to travel with you?"

Denox reaches out to the nearest horse to try and soothe it to show his skill with animals:

Denox rolled 5 using 1d20+3.  Animal Handling.

"Or perhaps you could use another strong arm in your defense since it seems as though the bandits have mustered up a bit of courage lately? I am somewhat a local hero to my people!" He says proudly with a flexed bicep and a cheesy grin.

Denox rolled 9 using 1d20+6.  Strenth Check.
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Tue 9 Jun 2020
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Introduction, Traveling along the Road
"Bahaha," His face spreads into a wide toothy grin shaking his head his white hair waving side to side. "You have no need to prove anything to us. You look a strong capable man. We can afford to give you meals, a place to sleep, and an honest day's wage to join our ranks as a guard. We are headed to Greenest where we will set up our tents and do trade for a week. Come, I will show you around, the name is Kargon Snowbeard."

The Dwarf, a cheerful fellow introduces you to a handful of merchants, and other wagon owners. The items among the wagons vary from armor and weapons, cloth to dyes, gems to shells, and jewelry to trinkets. There is even a traveling smithy, arcanist, and jewelry maker,. One particular set of wagons is odd, wild uncommon animals are caged within, tigers, Elephants, Giant Snakes, Apes, and more. Around the wagon, aerial acrobats, joggers, and all different perform, all of which no not resemble the regions looks or manners, in fact they are from a far East Region that little is known about.

He finally brings you to the lead Wagon, his wagon. Standing by it is "Player 1".