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Wed 15 Apr 2020
at 05:10
The Sage's Hearth (DM Announcements)
Hi Everyone.  Welcome to the game!

I'll periodically use this space to post announcements and updates.
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Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 21:44
The Sage's Hearth (DM Announcements)
Thank you to everyone who has already submitted an RTJ for this game! There have been some fantastic character concepts, backgrounds and writing samples so far.

I will continue to accept new RTJs until tomorrow evening (4/17) at 5:00 p.m. central time.

I'll individually private message everyone who applied by Saturday evening to give you the results and I'll provide more details about character creation to those who are accepted.

I hope to begin the game by next weekend and I will be setting up the necessary forums behind the scenes.  You may see your new message indicator start lighting up but no one will have access to these forums until the game starts.

Please PM me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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Fri 17 Apr 2020
at 22:13
The Sage's Hearth (DM Announcements)
I just wanted to let everyone know that I've closed the window for new RTJ submissions and I will be reviewing all of the ones that I received this evening and tomorrow.

I will PM each of you individually by tomorrow evening.

The response was overwhelming.  There were a total of 34 applicants for the 4-6 member party!  The quality of the RTJs was outstanding with compelling characters and many incredible authors.

Unless there are any strenuous objections, I'm considering running two instances of the game (each with 6 characters).  I would like the first to begin a week from today and the second would follow a week or two later.

Character creation will take place at .  Once you're accepted to the game, you'll be able to view the character creation forum which will include the campaign link and instructions for completing your character sheet.  I've set up content sharing so each of the players will have digital access to my Player's Handbook, Adventurers Guide to the Sword Coast, and Xanathar's Guide to Everything.  All character options from these books will also be available in the Character Builder.

I'll be able to review your characters on the site and all of the actual gameplay will take place here.

PM me with any questions and I'll be in touch soon!