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Posted by Emma FrostFor group 0
Emma Frost
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Thu 16 Apr 2020
at 03:13
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1 - Players MUST comply with Rpol requirements at all times.
2 - Players are expected to treat their fellow players and the GM with a reasonable degree of courtesy.  We are here to have fun, so don't be jerks!
3 - No Godmoding.
4 - The GM reserves the right to remove troublemakers, but we will only do so if actions continue to be a problem/escalate.
5 - If players want to edit a post to change some spelling or a minor detail that is fine.  If you wish to remove or change an action or dialogue, make sure that no one has responded to your post or make sure that any changes you make do not affect any following posts. Posting should be third person, with dialogue in quotations and thoughts italicized.
6 - Post as much and as often as you can. Please let us know if you will be absent so we can keep the game moving and write your character back in at the best time.
7 - The GMs have the final authority in any given situation.  If you disagree with our rulings, please contact us in a PM and discuss your perspective in a calm, polite manner.  We will take all info into consideration but please remember that we have the final say.

8 If you don't post for a week and have not posted in the absence thread that you will be gone, one of us will PM you to see how things are going. If you do not post in the absence thread, and do not respond to PMs, you WILL be booted from the game after two weeks of inactivity/checking in but not posting. We need to keep things moving, and can't afford to let the game grind to a halt.

9: No Adult content.
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