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The island of Arkada is separated by a river and a central mountain range. The island is ruled by Lord Fazar von Kada from the main city of Kada.  To the north of the Arkadian Sea are known Orcish settlements, while to the south and east are the lands of Duke Cazomir and Lord Sattara, respectively.  The human cities are all connected by a network of ports, between which trading and military ships sail regularly.

To the east of Duke Cazomir's land, human barbarians live in a massive desert dotted with two oases.  The barbarians have an uneasy truce with the feudal human towns, occasionally in the past providing barbarian warriors to guide human armies campaigning against the orcs.  The last campaigns were almost a generation ago and ended in disastrous defeat; few living humans remember fighting Orcs firsthand.


TK the Wolf has been hired by Lord Fazar von Kada to help explore the north end of Arkada.  No visitors or news have come from the villages on the north end of the island in recent weeks and merchants have complained about being robbed and attacked in the mountain pass.