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Game Mechanics and Classes.

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The Seed
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Sun 26 Apr 2020
at 08:50
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[NOTICE] Game mechanics and classes

Dice mechanics:
This is a very simple 1d100 system. Stats can go up to 100. You roll 1d100 for checks. If you roll below your stat you succeed.

Stats, saves, skills:
All classes start with four stats:

- Strength is how able-bodied you are. Lifting, pushing, hitting things hard. Also, Strength x 2 is your HP!
- Speed is how quickly you can act and react under pressure. Sometimes used in conversation.
- Intellect is how knowledgeable and experienced you are. Sometimes used in conversation.
- Combat is how good you are at fighting.

You roll 6d10 for each stat. Regardless of class.

There are also four saves:

- Sanity is your ability to explain away logical inconsistencies in the universe, rationalize and make sense out of chaos, detect illusions and mimicry, and think quickly under pressure.
- Fear is how well you can cope with emotional trauma, and covers not only fear, but also loneliness, depression, or any other emotional surge.
- Body is your reflexes, and how well you can resist hunger, disease, or any other organism that might attempt to invade your insides.
- Armor is how resistant you are to damage sustained during combat, whether that be through bullets, claws, teeth, etc.

Each class starts with standard values for saves

There are also skills, like Zero-G, Piloting, etc.. which can add from 10 to 20 points to your stat check, if they are appropriate to the situation.


- Teamsters are the rough and tumble crew and workers out in space. If Ripley from Aliens is your hero, then you'll want to play a Teamster.
They get +5 to Strength and +5 to Speed.
They start with Sanity 30, Fear 35, Body 30, Armor 35
Stress/Panic behaviour: a Teamster may re-roll a roll on the Panic Effect Table (lets you avoid nasty Panic effects if you had a really bad roll).
They start with following skills: Zero G, Mechanical Repair, (Heavy Machinery OR Piloting), and 4 more points to spend.

- Scientists are doctors, researchers, or anyone who wants to cut open aliens (or infected crew members) with a scalpel.
They get +10 to Intelligence.
They start with Sanity 40, Fear 25, Body 25, Armor 30
Stress/Panic behaviour: Whenever a Scientist fails a Sanity save, every friendly player nearby gains 1 Stress.
They start with following skills: Two choices between Biology, Agriculture, Geology, Computers, Mathematics, Chemistry, and 3 more points to spend.

- Androids are a terrifying and exciting addition to any crew. They tend to unnerve other players with their cold inhumanity.
They get +5 to Speed and +5 to Intellect.
They start with Sanity 20, Fear 85, Body 40, Armor 25
Stress/Panic behaviour: Fear saves made in the presence of Androids have disadvantage.
They start with following skills: Computer, Mathematics, Linguistics, and 2 more points to spend.

- Marines are here to shoot bugs and chew bubblegum. They're handy in a fight, and good when grouped together, but whenever a Marine panics it may cause problems for the rest of the crew.
They get +5 to Combat IF another friendly Marine is nearby.
They start with Sanity 25, Fear 30, Body 35, Armor 40
Stress/Panic behaviour: Whenever a Marine Panics, every friendly player nearby must make a Fear save.
They start with following skills: Military Training, and 3 more points to spend.

The character sheets are available on the Mothership website:
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The Seed
GM, 9 posts
Sun 26 Apr 2020
at 18:07
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[NOTICE] Game mechanics and classes

You can download the Player's Survival Guide for your own price here:
The Seed
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Thu 14 May 2020
at 08:15
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[NOTICE] Game mechanics and classes

Levelling up

Levelling up consists of three stages. On each stage you have a choice of how to improve your character:

Stage 1: Major improvements
You can choose between either:
 - Improve 1 Stat (Strength, Speed, Intellect, or Combat) by 5 and another stat by 3
 - Improve 2 saves (Fear, Body, Sanity, Armor) by 4 each

Stage 2: Minor improvements
You can choose between:
 - Gain 1 Resolve
 - Remove one phobia or addiction (you don't have any yet)
 - Heal all stress

Stage 3: Skill points
 - You gain 2 skill points
(You can "bank" skill points for later)

Once you go through each stage, you have completed levelling up.
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