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Mon 27 Apr 2020
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This Game's Rules
Here are the rules for this game:

1) Please be kind and helpful to both me, the DM, and the other players.  If you're a rude asshole, I'll remove and block you from the game without any notice.  Basically, if you wouldn't do or say something to someone's face, you shouldn't do it here even with the internet's anonymity.

2) Be respectful of everyone else who is playing.  Because I don't know anyone here on RPOL, it's a crapshoot of whether everyone will get along.  If you are added to the game but feel as though you're not clicking with the rest of the group, tell me and we'll either try to work it out or remove you and find a replacement.  From my short membership on RPOL, I've experienced that everybody seems to be pretty down to earth, so I doubt this will be problematic.

3) Have fun!  We're all on RPOL because we love Tabletop RPGs.  Since the epidemic caused by Covid-19 has quarantined everybody everywhere, this is the only means that any of us can participate in a hobby we all enjoy.  Let's have a great game to show this virus that we're not letting it take away something precious from us!

4) I expect to have frequent posting in the game.  If you aren't able to post throughout the day on most days, then this probably isn't the game for you.  I've been going crazy with cabin-fever thanks to Covid-19 and this is finally a creative and intellectual outlet for me!  I've nearly exhausted my Netflix and Hulu 'watch-lists' and I'm so glad I found something that'll stimulate my mind more than watching "House" from season 1 through 8, attempting to watch every single episode of "Midsommer Murders" which is in its 21st season, or rewatching all of "Voltron: Legendary Defender", and so on!

5) These rules aren't set in stone.  I might decide to add a 6th rule.  Or, I might decide to change the 4th rule.  If it does, I'll make sure to point it out to everybody, so everyone knows that a new rule has been added, a rule has been modified, or a rule has been removed.

Thanks for taking the time to read these over before asking to join this game. :)

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