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Mon 27 Apr 2020
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Requesting to Join this Game
It appears that most, if not all of the games here on RPOL have a "Request to Join" topic that lays out what information I'd like to receive in order to see if you're a good fit for the game, if you and I will get along, and if you're going to be a team player and work with the others who have also been granted access.  So here's what I'd like to know before I can add you as a player.

I'm going to also apologize in advance because I've been warned that games tend to get a lot of interest and I won't be able to add everyone.  I wish I could add everyone to asks to join, but I don't think DMing for 67 people in my first Play-By-Post game ever is a good idea!

So, with that in mind, I'd like to have 4-6 players in this game.  That means that I'll probably just go ahead and say that the group will consist of 6 players since I'm expecting quite a few people to request access.

Here's what I'd like to know...

1) In a short paragraph, tell me why you want to play in this game.  You should have already read my other posts in which I've laid out the initial information about the game, the setting, and character creation, so share with me what appeals to you and why.

2) Please share with me who you would like to play as.  Don't build your character completely, I'd like us to do it together so that everybody in the group knows each other's race, class, backstories, backgrounds, and other fun stuff like that.

3) This is my very first PBP game as well as my very first DND5e campaign.  By requesting to join you must be aware that there will be some "growing pains".  I've DMed Pathfinder for years and decided it was time to make the change to DND5e because it emphasizes Role-Playing rather than Roll-Playing.  I've become quite fed up with people creating characters that are min-maxed and completely mapped out from 1st level to 20th.  I'd rather have each character grow organically during the course of the adventure!

4) Since this is my very first PBP game, I have a feeling that it'll be a little clunky at first.  If you've DMed here on RPOL yourself and want to lend me a hand here and there, I would greatly appreciate it.  Let me know if you are willing and able to help out if/when needed.

5) Please share with me how frequently you will be able to participate.  It is probably obvious that I'm quite excited about this game, and I'd like it to move along pretty quickly.  Being able to post throughout the day will be very much appreciated by myself as the DM and probably by the other players as well.  If you think you can only post a few times per day, then I'm sorry to say that this probably isn't the game for you.  Maybe we can play in another more relaxed posting game in the future.

6) Finally, there's a post where I've explained a little bit about myself.  I'll do my best but sometimes my health can become a bit of an issue. Please make sure you've read it and tell me that you understand that there could be some challenges ahead.

I think that should just about cover it!  Remember, I'll be adding you as your character's general idea, but you'll be working with me and the other players to actually develop and build your character together!