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Wed 29 Apr 2020
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Some Important Information about me, your DM
You may have picked up on it yourself but just in case, I'm on the Autistic Spectrum so I don't always get social cues properly and I have a habit of blurting out things that typical people would just think of themselves. My wife lovingly says that I was probably born with my foot in my mouth LOL.  It also takes me much longer to write what I'm trying to say, which is why the majority of my posts in this game,rMail, and other categories maintained by RPOL itself can be quite long.  I'm positive you've already figured that out... especially this post is a prime example!  Because it often takes me longer to get my point across I'll often include a TLDR at the end of most of my longer posts, including this one right here!

I also have a medical condition that without getting into details can be thought of a lot like Migraine Headaches.  When I have an episode I can't look at my computer or my phone screen due to light sensitivity.  So if I ever just disappear it's not because I don't want to continue playing the game or anything like that it's just that I can't be using a computer for a while. Sometimes it's hours other times it's days. And on serious episodes I have to be hospitalized for the duration and aftermath in order to get my electrolytes back in balance. The condition is called "Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome" and it's as awful as it sounds.

Something triggers it (sometimes I know what the trigger was, other times I have no idea) and it results in uncontrollable nausea and vomiting. As I said above, these episodes can last from a few hours up to over a week. Once I was hospitalized for 8 weeks because the attack was so traumatic and my kidneys nearly shut down. My GI doc told me on that occasion if I had waited another day or two before going to the ER and being sent upstairs I probably would have died! It has many similar symptoms to Migraines and was even called "Abdominal Migraine" before research determined the root of the problem is neurological and not in the stomach or intestines.

If you're curious and want to know more I have problem sharing with you. I hope you can understand these ailments I have!