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Fri 8 May 2020
at 11:22
Welcome to the NowhereLounge
Welcome! The NowhereLounge is a little social club for my friends here on RPoL. A place to socialize and advertise for games in a smaller community. There's not really much more to tell, but a little FAQ never hurt anyone:

How did all this start, anyway?

Well, admittedly, this idea came from the embarrassment I ran into when I dropped off the map for a while. I thought I'd notified every game I ran that I was gonna be away, but I missed one, and some people waited on me for way too long without knowing what was up. The NowhereLounge grew from the idea of a place where I could post once and all my players would see it. However, "NowhereMan's I'm-Not-Gonna-Be-Posting Alert System" seemed a little one-dimensional.

Can I post an ad here?

Yep. The Game Advertisements thread will be open to all of us. I want your stuff to be a part of this place just as much as I want mine to be.

Can anyone join?

Yes and no. I'm not going to be advertising this "game" publicly, but if you want to invite one of your friends, I'm happy to have them.

Are there any rules I need to know about?

The Lounge Chat and Game Advertisements threads both have a handful of rules, but nothing too outrageous. You can find those on their respective threads.

Did you just spend the majority of this post talking to yourself?

Maybe. Hey, it was better than bullet points.