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Sat 9 May 2020
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RTJ/Character Creation
This game is going to be a lot of fun.  Things will get silly, but I still want everyone to feel like they had a hand in each stage.  We will draw maps, tell tales and get into all kinds of trouble.

In your RTJ:

  • Character Name, Class, and Race.
  • Description, 1 paragraph and/or an img link.
  • Background, 2-3 paragraphs.  Feel free to make up locations as you see fit, to be added to the World Map.
  • Estimated posting rate.
  • One Impending Doom or Dangerous Front that threatens the world in general, and one that affects your character specifically.

Characters start Level 1.  Standard playbooks are approved, but I will also accept Class Warfare and Numbers Appearing content.  If you have an idea in mind not represented elsewhere, tell me what 3 starting moves would represent your class and I'll set the mechanics to match it.

Feel free to declare ANY race you wish.  Give me a description of how YOU perceive that race interacting with your class, and I'll work with you to make an appropriate move if the existing ones don't feel right.

Bonds will be set after joining the game and meeting the other players.

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Voice of the World
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Sat 9 May 2020
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Expectations and Play-by-Post Guidelines...
Generally speaking, use plain text for most in-character posts,  and orange text at the bottom of your post for out-of-character notations (like dice rolls and totals,  move-related choices, or status effect bookkeeping) and questions.

The question of what to do, and when, is the biggest difficulty when transitioning Dungeon World off the table and onto a forum.   Depending on the timing,  it could be a few hours to a few days before the Game Master can resolve in-game questions or concerns.  To keep things flowing, if a standard Move or Class Move you possess would conceivably cover an action you intend to take, you can roll for it right away.  If it's unclear or you have questions, it's still okay to wait, but if you're confident in the narrative it is fine to keep going.   You can also take multiple moves in a single post, so long as their outcomes would not hinder the next. In most moves, the consequences of a Partial Success are pre-defined and you can reasonably assume the outcome.  If you roll a 6 or less (total), however, the Game Master gets to makes a move; mark XP, and wait to see what happens before triggering any more moves.  For example:
A character charging a ready phalanx of spearmen with just a dagger rolls an 8 for Defy Danger, so he manages to pass their spears but will be given a hard bargain by the GM later.   However, since he didn't fail he dives into melee with his enemy, Hack & slash-ing left and right with a lucky roll of an 11!  He rolls his damage, and seeing the enemies stagger takes a moment to Discern Realities so he doesn't miss something important in the excitement... and rolls a 4.  Time to mark XP and wait for the bad news of what he lost getting into the fight, and what new danger he will face...

The exception to this waiting rule is the Aid/Interfere move and similar effects.   Because you might not know what a character is attempting until they post,  it's okay to take an Aid action after the triggering ally has posted.   It will retroactively modify the roll, potentially changing the outcome.  If you want allies to help you try to incorporate that into the description of your action, giving opportunities and openings for others to fill.

Keep in mind the scope and scale of your actions.  A successful Defy Danger to get past an army of undead, putting you in reach of the dread Lich commanding them can reasonably get you through the shambling zombies, but you will still have to contend with his Skeleton Archers, Wraith Mages and Death Knights.  If the GM thinks your reach exceeds your grasp, the GM will make one move for each magnitude of challenge that was overlooked.  I will try to respect the inherent intent of what you posted, to minimize backtracking or ret-con of posts,  but pushing your luck can be a quick route to the Bleak Gates...

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