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Voice of the World
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 17:48
World Map discussion
Here's a link to a random world map I generated on Donjon for us to fill in:

Starting with some locations named in your backstories, use this thread&board to add in fantastic destinations and talk about the implications of them on the greater world!   I'll be giving my own feedback from time to time,  but I want you all to have the first go at this thing.

When crafting this world, try to respect everyone's input and think of ways to say "yes, but also _____" or "yes, and ____".  Add to each other,  and explore just how ridiculous we can make it.   Draw borders, change terrain, name locations, and just generally have fun with it!

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Jethrilon Dunespark
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 18:48
World Map discussion

I think that tiny island in the middle of the sea would be Jethrilon's home island. It is a volcanic jungle island that could erupt any day/year/decade. Basically Hawaii. His people call that body of water the Starry Ocean, but perhaps other societies call it different things.

The only other specific place I mentioned in my RtJ was the Prism Peaks. Anyone can feel free to place those somewhere mountainous.
Avon Brightie
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 20:28
World Map discussion
Some things I put in Avon's rumor-background:

There's a place called Craghaven, that suffered through some significant 'demon shenanigans'

Yellow Sands Coast has a sizable navy, and a problem with wreckers.

In Sunfolke there's an inn named after Avon

The Anag forest has several bandit groups in it.

I've put a circle on the map as to where I believe the 'Yellow Sands Coast' to be. (I hope the map edit is okay).

Do you guys think we need a big-bad land (like mordor or 'the empire') or is making such a thing geographically-centric a little too cliche?
Cranarth Urikson
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Thu 21 May 2020
at 00:52
World Map discussion
I have a few places I mentioned:

- Rotten Hill: A small pitted white rocky crag, under which lies the cave system that Cranarth's clan make their home. They export a very valuable alchemical reagent that has become a staple in many reactions, and one which they have a zealously guarded monopoly of. I also mentioned the Hill was situated in a featureless windswept plain.

- Vanar Uplands: A region considered unremarkable save for vast fields dedicated to agriculture, recently a sizable merchant army has begun to amass here under the patronage of some heretofore unknown sage.

- Niresse: A teeming metropolis run by aristocrats with little to do except devote themselves to ever greater decadences and curious spiritual practices; one such being the Recursive Mendicants, mirror-obsessed cultists who host a yet-undefeated maze filled with deadly contraptions every year.

Do you guys think we need a big-bad land (like mordor or 'the empire') or is making such a thing geographically-centric a little too cliche?

This was the first thing that came to my mind too, most maps usually have an area of peril at the outskirts or center.

Often the big-bad area is underground or in some wasteland type area, but I was thinking what if it exists in the sky/air? Like predatory parasitic spirits that live in a realm coterminous to ours, and which can overlap in anywhere, but there is one specific area which for whatever reason has lost all barrier between the two, and become totally uninhabitable.
Avon Brightie
 Dashing Rogue, 6 posts
Thu 21 May 2020
at 01:23
World Map discussion
I get a real vibe that Craghaven is somewhere close by to Niresse!
Jethrilon Dunespark
 Druid, 10 posts
Thu 21 May 2020
at 02:35
World Map discussion
I locked the map to the background so that we don't accidentally move it. Then I picked locations for Vanar Uplands, Prism Peaks, Niresse, Craghaven, and Yellow Sands Coast. I also added in a bunch of random locations I thought sounded cool. Feel free to move anything if you feel it should be somewhere else. The only one that I ask to be kept where it is is "Jethrilon's Home Island." Although you can feel free to name his home island if you would like.

The places mentioned that have yet to be marked include:
Rotten Hill
Anag Forest

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Cranarth Urikson
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Sat 23 May 2020
at 01:54
World Map discussion
Since we've placed most of what we already have, I was thinking we could just rustle up some random places of interest? I've got a trio here, but feel free to expand beyond the little snippets I've done for each or move them around.

Terra Incognita

A landmass of considerable size, first sighted by inhabitants of neighboring islands, the incredibly verdant Terra Incognita was never marked on any maps until the last decade. Reports disagree, for the seas around that area hold little and tend towards treacherous weather, but some aged sailors claim that the land sprung up out of the waters themselves. Whatever the case, several nations dispatched explorations sorties to chart the place once it was realized natural resources about, but none have lasted beyond a few months. Folk report that the island has a tendency towards alarming fecundity, plants that elsewhere take years to grow, bloom and wither in a matter of months. People that visit there must be vigilant, for even the most mild of wounds fester and grow hideous growths within the day.

Ygiir's Halls

The largest dwarven settlement in the world, Ygiir's Halls is so titled after their most venerated ancestor, who led a decisive victory against an orcish horde in the dim recesses of antiquity. Closed to all non-dwarves, unless they are proven a champion to the city or its people in some fashion, the few outsiders that have earned this honor speak of statuary of craftmanship beyond imagining. So too, do they speak of weapons forged of adamantium, a metal that requires incredible heat to fire and the technique of shaping known only to dwarvenkind. There have been rumors, however, that the dwarves have need of one not of their kind to accomplish some unspecified task. To this end there is an envoy at the trading post near the city's gates, where the authorized merchants usually make their deals with the city's traders. As yet, all applicants have been turned away with no mention of what manner of person is being sought.


A city-state of immense power and wealth, all of traded for the suffering of the fey in the Dunes of Dreams. Run by a tyrannical mage, Ducarach was established only a scant century ago, yet has risen to prominence through their willingness to engage in slavery and all sorts of depraved mercenary practices. Their chief accomplishment, however, was the designing of an iron shackling device that controls the magic of a fey creature, allowing it to be harnessed in arcane rituals and rendering the creature powerless. They make more raids into the Dunes with every passing year, but the fey have grown more vicious in return. Now no human can safely pass through that land, lest they be led to their doom through illusory paths to sheer cliffs or left wandering in circles till they perish of thirst.
Jethrilon Dunespark
 Druid, 11 posts
Sun 24 May 2020
at 18:10
World Map discussion
Those all sound cool to me! I have also been adding in some random areas that I thought sounded cool, but left them without any explanation.
 Dungeoneer, 9 posts
Thu 28 May 2020
at 05:02
World Map discussion
Excellent worldbuilding technique!

Resolve comes from a place called Prafluo, which is the former heart of a great empire.  Think of a Greco-Roman hodgepodge, full of crooked leaders, cool historical figures, and what.  Of course, that's all a memory, now.  Her legacy is now ruined buildings, a few places with Prafluian names (I'm so pretentious, I'm combining Esperanto and Latin!), and some crumbling roads.  And stories.
Everything now looks pretty "Generic Western European Fantasy" right about now, though.

The Vivanta River is what made Prafluo's location such a great place to settle down, too!  Shame about the people that used to live there, though.  'Course, who remembers them?

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