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Thu 21 May 2020
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Game Info and RTJ
What I am trying to pull here:
The base idea is probably hinted by the game name (and you DID read at least the game name before getting here, didn't you?). I want ninjas, I want an anime feel and I want for things to get entirely insane.

I'm aiming for a tongue-in-cheek setting loosely based on Naruto (some more details about that to come), with progressively more crossover weirdness deep plot layers being added as the story unfolds. Until it all crashes down on me like a pile of juggled chainsaws on fire.

That means that, even if the players ARE giggling at Mecha-Riding ninjas (I have IDEAS based on Summoner) fighting giant Hollows, I expect the character to take it seriously.

RTJ at the current state of things
Understand that the game won't start soon - I'm still doing some rather heavy fiddling on the mechanical side of things and haven't even firmly decided on a setting.
Even so it might be good to get in early to get your voice heard on matters of balance, world-building and cooperative character creation. I am, as such, going to open up applications. Take note of a few things.

Those willing to join a dedicated Discord server will get priority - that's not where roleplaying will happen, but it helps much in keeping tabs on who's alive and who poofed. It also helps a lot in dialogue-intensive scenes.

There are VERY HIGH CHANCES I will murder the actual lore of Naruto - it's nearly a necessity. If you're a super purist applying will probably be an exercise in frustration, while if you're simply highly knowledgeable and willing to help in setting the pieces in a way that makes some kind of sense you're going to be very welcome.

Now, the actual RTJ:
  • A name for yourself in the game. If I don't see anything specified I'll assume you're fine with using your rpol username. This is not going to be your actual character name (unless you want it to be), but I need a way to call you - and I hear some people disapprove being named SomeGuy01
  • What kind of experience do you have with roleplaying in general and with Pathfinder, Naruto D20 and Bleach D20 in particular - if you have any? Is it all play-by-post or you're a veteran of table tops?
  • Tell me something amusing about yourself! Or not necessarily amusing, anything that will help me understand you a little bit better.
  • I'm not planning for it to go that way unless there's a strong request to, but are you past the limit to take part in adult-rated games? (Full disclosure - I'd prefer to know your actual age, but it's up to you)
  • Are you willing to join this merry band (of only me, so far) on Discord?
  • Your top 3 character ideas, if you already have any.

Alternatively, and ideally, you're also free to drop by our Discord Server for any questions you might or might not have!

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Fri 5 Jun 2020
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Game Info and RTJ
Okay, we have a setting, and we have character creation rules that people seem to find mostly agreeable. And unexpectedly, I reached a pretty decent point in setting up the game introduction, so we're currently on schedule.

Here I'll be adding non-mechanical-related things I'm going to require. They don't have to go in the RTJ, but you're free to put them in there if you want - just be aware that I'll consider that a permission to shamelessly rip them off even if you don't get accepted.

Of every player, I'm going to require!

  • A decent paragraph telling me something about their character. This should go without saying, but I prefer to make sure everyone is aware of it.
  • One of the wounded your group had been caring for mattered at least a bit to your character (one way or another, not necessarily positive), and s/he just passed away. Who was it, and how did your character react?
  • A couple of lines about a ninja stuck with you all. Can be another student, can be a chūnin or can even be one of the noncombatants.
  • A couple of lines describing a cool landmark in your general vicinity, or an interesting rumor that spread among you.

If you want, you're of course free to give me more than that (more ninja ideas are always welcome).
Disclaimer: apart from your character background, anything that you give me here will have chances of being used, of not being used or of being used - but slightly modified as needed. So, don't share anything you expect to keep under your full creative control.

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