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Mechanical bits
What do levels represent?
Levels are, to put it in a single word, potential: just about every aspect of your character will be in some way capped by his or her level. On their own, however, levels will provide very little benefit to your character: increased attack bonus, better saves, skills and techniques are all things that must be earned instead of being granted from high as soon as that mythical *ding* happens.

Alright, fine, but how do I get moar of dem levels?
Chiefly by convincing me that you earned them. I'm not quite decided yet between using experience points for granular rewards of just handing out whole levels at key points in the plot (mechanics are mostly a work in progress, remember?). Completed missions will be the main metric, but impressive moments of character growth or cool duels (win or lose matters little) will be properly counted as well.

Do not, however, expect to drown in levels - or to use levels as the solution to every problem.

...and how do I get all that sweet stuff hidden behind levels?
Training, of course! Training and use in the field. Failures will actually lead to faster advancement than success, if you manage to survive them.

Level-Based Caps
SavesLevel +2*
HP(10+Con) x Level 
Chakra Pool(2+Stat) x Level +2 
Chakra Reserve2 x Level 

*Doesn't map perfectly, but should not be terrible

Bloodlines impact the table in the following way (honestly, you could probably guess it yourself.

-1 Cap
-2 Cap
-3 Cap

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Character Creation
Point Buy according to Pathfinder rules, 30pts
The assumption will be vanilla human: add 2 to the attribute of your choice, one Feat and one Skill Point. The human variants from Naruto D20 are available, but we'll have to discuss the actual modifiers.
Not gonna use it, but feel free to use your favourite synonym for ninja.

Use the skill list from Pathfinder, modified as follows:
  • Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering, Planes) and Use Magic Device are removed, at least until I find out I need them.
  • Chakra Control (wis), Genjutsu (Cha), Fuinjutsu (Int), Ninjutsu (Int), Taijutsu (Str) and Knowledge (Ninja Lore) are added.

Select your Class Skills as follows:
  • Craft
  • Profession
  • One of your choice between Chakra Control, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
  • One of your choice between Bluff, Disguise, Intimidate, Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand and Stealth
  • One of your choice between Acrobatics, Climb, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Ride, Survival and Swim
  • 12 more skills of your choice. This is super eyeballed and subject to change.

Finally, assign 6 + Int Modifier + 1 if Human skill points. Skills work as in Pathfinder, so max rank is = to level, and class skills with at least a rank get a +3 bonus.
Have an excuse ready if you don't have ranks in Knowledge (Ninja Lore), as well as in any one of Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, for I will ask questions.

BAB, Defense and Saves
  • Either BAB or Defense starts at +1 - select which.
  • You have 3 points to spread in your Saves, and none can be higher than +2 (In short, either +1/+1/+1 or +2/+1/+0 set as you wish)

  • Simple Weapon Proficiency
  • Light Armor Proficiency
  • Improved Unarmed Strike
  • Six Feats of your choice, +1 if Human

In general, you're 'free' to grab Feats from both Pathfinder and Naruto D20, although I'll probably have to take a moment to double-check that everything fits well enough together.
Since you'll be free to train up class features to your heart's content, Feats granting extra class features are all automatically out of the game.

Basic Class Talents
  • Any two for which you meet the prerequisits.

These are the techniques that I already ran through for a first compatibility pass - the document will grow, and you can find the rest in the Naruto D20 book.
5 Techniques of your choice between:
  • Bunshin No Jutsu
  • Chouyaku no Jutsu
  • Henge No Jutsu
  • Kakureimino no Jutsu
  • Nawanuke No Jutsu
  • Kawarimi No Jutsu
  • Kinobori
  • Saihou No Jutsu
  • Shou Rakumugai no Jutsu
  • Touton No Jutsu (...usually taught under a different name)

This is more or less the 'basic ninja' package, and in an ideal world every young Shinobi would get out of the academy with full knowledge of the listed techniques.
That is, of course, nearly impossible - there's always some sort of looming apocalypse that requires speeding up training. Furthermore, young ninjas hardly stick to learning what's boring and practical - as such, you can:

Replace one pick with a Rank 1 Elemental Technique if your character is already aware of his or her Chakra Nature and trained with it (uncommon, but definitely not impossible)

Replace one pick with a Rank 1 Technique requiring a specific bloodline if you fulfill the prerequisite (in practical terms, you'll have to either come up with something yourself or be a spider, there's only Kumochuu no Jutsu in the list so far)

Replace up to two picks with Genjutsu or Taijutsu E-Class, Rank 1 techniques if your character is particularly adept in them.

Replace two picks for one pick of higher class. Until I'm done re-listing everything, you'll have to ask.

Replace up to two Techniques for mastery levels in other Techniques.

Replace everything with Taijutsu techniques if you're pulling a Rock Lee (yes, there's a feat for that). You'll also have access to a couple of higher-ranked techniques, so like above we'll have to chat a bit about this.

Action Points
We won't be using Action Points (booo). Instead, we'll be using Hero Points. Muuuuch different. The Antihero version won't be in use, unless you REALLY want it to be - with the way we're doing advancement it will make you weaker, though. I'm open to ideas on how to adapt it. Also, add the following to the list of things Hero Points can do:
  • Immediately recover [Level] Chakra Points, use this ability only once per encounter.

Hit Points and Chakra
  • 7 Hit Points + Constitution Modifier
  • 4 + Constitution Modifier Chakra Pool
  • 2 Chakra Reserve

Starting Equipment
  • The weapon(s) you need for your combat style, normal quality
  • A Reinforced Suit armor, normal quality
  • Whatever tools you need to use skills you have ranks into, normal quality (this only applies to things necessary to use the skill, not things that give bonus to skills)
  • Whatever you want with purchase DC 5 or lower, but please keep it reasonable and don't ruin it for everyone else.
  • (Optionally), one COOL THING or MEMENTO you might need or that would be fun to give your character. In general, pick something you'd like to be plot-significant and be aware that if you go with a weapon or similar, while it might get plot-based powerups later on, it will start as a default piece of equipment.

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