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Sat 30 May 2020
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Halcyon City has been through some... changes.

Near the end of 2020, after the Superhuman registration act has gone into effect, Heroes had a choice, either stick to the oldways of vigilatism where they can dictate how they can defend the innocenr... or follow the registration and in doing so, be on the right side of the law... at the cost of being held accountable by said government.

In this game you are a teen Hero/ine aged between 16-20. You are registered under the SRA and is currently a part the main government superhero team.

Background is determined by us as we play. I will be looking for 4-5 players with an app limit of 10.

RTJ requirements:
-Only base playbooks allowed

-Post three Playbooks you'd want to play in order of what you want to play the most at top. This is to help in preventing duplicate apps. Each playbook selection needs a concept as to who the character is and what their story is going to be.

-While this isn't adult themed. If Marvel/DC won't post it in their comics, then don't do it here.

-I reserve the right to add/edit rules based off any disagreements or any exploits that may arise.

An questions, then feel free to ask.