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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Once upon a time, Los Angeles was known as the city of Angels... Then came Halcyon City, where people can actually fly.

And that's the least strangest thing that has happened in this city.

Yes, many a thing has happened to poor Halcyon. An underground warlord threatening to cover it in magma... Aliens threatening to build their new empire over it's ashes... or something mundane as a Gentleman who just now broke out of prison transport. Along with others. In the middle of downtown.

It was hard to miss, the explosion was enough to cause all of mainstreet to shudder. And from the shrapnel that used to be a powered convoy of heavily armered ATV's, seven powered criminals emerged. Each of them well known:

A woman named Charlotte Webster gets bitten by a experimental spider and grows four super strong, spider like tenticles, gains the ability to shoot webbing, and has the speed and proportional strength of a spider.

...what are the odds!?

A woman who can control her momentum. Once she gets going, she is tough to stop.

A man who developed the power to disorient people's sense of balance

A man who has the ability to outweigh Ethiopia once his feet is set to the ground.

Can form electric, whiplike tentacles from his forearms.

An ordinary man. Times 10. Or 20. Or more. Depends on his mood. Holds the record for robbing the most banks at the same time.

And the seventh.

A man who needs no introduction... The Gentleman... who, apparently wasn't freed... but abducted?

Okay, information is sketchy. Downtown is a mess and heroes are needed.

You're up heroes! Time to round these jailbirds up before they fly the coop!

Alright. Need a brief setup on what your character is doing prior to coming here, and how they got here. How did they find out about this desaster? Also, feel free to add to the scenic downtown district.
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Diana put down her lunch tray and sat with her school friends. As she bit into an apple, she barely listened to Nicole telling them about the date she was going on that evening. Instead Diana's mind wandered, remembering the thrill of crime fighting. She wouldn't be repeating that tonight, unfortunately, and she had no fun planned to match Nicole's date. Instead, she would be sparring with her mentor, Mr Hart, ensuring that she kept herself on top form.

"Where did you say Mitchell is taking you? Not the Roxy?" Aaliyah asked Nicole. "He'll need to take you somewhere else. Didn't you hear? Some bunch of superpowered weirdos just got into a fight outside there. They smashed the place up pretty bad. Apparently it won't reopen for months."

"Months? No, that's impossible," said Nicole as she pulled out her iPhone and brought up a news report. "No, no, no, this can't be happening. Why would anybody want to smash up the Roxy? Terantula, Cyclone, Mystifier, Monolith, Whipersnaper, Multiplier. Because of their anger management problems, Mitchell is going to have to take me somewhere else instead. Why is my life so difficult?"

Diana listened to the names, trying to remember what she knew of them. But she still had half a school day to get through. For her, crime fighting was a strictly evening and weekend deal. No doubt some other caped hero could pick this problem up.

"Ah, here we go," said Nicole, "It says that they weren't attacking the Roxy. It got damaged while they were abducting some prisoner: the Gentleman."

Diana felt her heart pounding when she heard that name, remembering how hard the fight to take him down had been. She also remembered Vigil, lying battered and broken afterwards. And now the Gentleman was out of custody? No, he belonged behind bars.

She pushed her tray away. "Does either of you want to finish this?" she asked, not waiting for an answer as she stood. "I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going to see the nurse."

As she left, she made her way out of school to where she had left her motorcycle in an alley. Apparently too decrepit to be worth vandalizing, in truth it was extremely powerful and reliable. Stashing her bag in one pannier, she took her costume out of the other in an innocuous-looking canvas sack. After a quick glance around, she ran behind a dumpster and got changed into her black hero outfit. With her mask on, she fired up the bike and sped off towards the scene of the crime, flicking a switch to change the number plate and appearance of the bike. It was important that the bike that Kick rode couldn't be identified as the same bike that Diana Pitts rode.

As she weaved between traffic, she flicked on her communicator, which was strapped to her wrist like a watch. "Have you guys seen the news?" she asked. "Our old friend the Gentleman is involved."

But even as she spoke, she saw the scene of the crime coming into view. Cars were scattered and police sirens screamed in the background. She searched her mind for any information on the costumed villains that she saw before her as she took a deep breath and dismounted.
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Sat 6 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
"Almost done, Ms Cleary," Irina called out cheerily.

Vanguard had volunteered to help clean the lab after chemistry. It wasn't that she didn't like lunch, but the class had made such a mess she felt obligated.

"That's fine, you should go get some lunch and catch up with your friends."
"I don't mind helping, and anyway I was going to..."

The quiet buzz of the wrist comm stopped her in mid-sentence. She listened.
Irina cleared her throat. Did her best to sound confident and professional.

"Thanks, Kick I'm on my way."

"Ah, Ms Cleary, can I change in there? It's Ummm kind of official business."
"Oh... your hero thing?"

Irina gulped and nodded.

"I guess you'd better then."
"Thank you"

In seconds Vanguard was airborne and headed for the rendezvous. The cool air above Halcyon city hits her like a blast of cold water. Her breath comes short and excited.

She chants to herself as she rockets towards the crime scene.

You're ready for this. It's a good team. This what you've trained for. You're Vanguard.

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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
This day was like any other for Dex. Sure there were slight variations such as him not having to stay behind to clean up the chem lab. He really needed to thank Irina for jumping on that grenade but then again it was basically in her DNA to be the one to make the sacrifice for the greater good even if the greater good in this case was the other students who were too lazy to help. He included himself in that category but he spent enough time cleaning up labs thanks to his internship that he was positive that crazy doctor wanted a janitor without having to pay anyone.

Gripes about his internship aside this day was going well enough but then he ran into Bradley and his two cronies, Gary and Mitch. Bradley was known as one of the rich kids in school and made no attempts to conceal how well off his family was compared to the others. How he normally did this was by reminding those of lesser financial status of this through mockery whether physical, verbal or both. Since Dex was in a group home and obviously did not have much money meant he was one of Bradley’s preferred victims.

That was how Dex found himself, shoved against his locker moments after he opened it. Sure he saw it coming a mile away thanks to his powers but he had to play the part. So when Bradley grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and sneered he feigned fear.

“Hey Dex, fancy running into you here. Say you think you can help me out?” The grip tightened. “I promised to buy my friends lunch but I’m light on cash. Care to help us out?”

Really, you’re trying to take money from me? Regular Dennis Moore over here, he thought to himself but kept such commentary private.

“Sorry Bradley, I don’t have any money. I brought my lunch from home” he explained and showed the bagged lunch that he was in the process of retrieving from his locker before the bullies showed up. He did not expect this to halt the trio in their hostilities and they were likely hoping he refused just so this could escalate. If he was proven wrong he would not have been upset in the slightest. Unfortunately that was not the case.

One of the other boys grabbed Dex’s lunch from him then dropped it on the floor which was then stopped thrice in rapid succession. “If we don’t eat then the same goes for you, fair’s fair. And since you wasted our time…”

There was no need for Dex to ask what the bully meant because the next thing he knew the guy was trying to shove him inside his own locker. Now if this was Ripple being forced things would have played out entirely differently than they were about to but this was not the problem of a superhero. Instead it belonged to a kid who had to keep up appearances even if it made him look like a complete wuss. He grabbed onto Bradley who was in turn surprised by being unable to push the nerd into the locker. Bradley asked for help and eventually the three were successful in their scheme.

So there was Dex, locked inside his own locker in complete darkness. If anyone could have seen him they might have noticed the smirk on his face. I know I shouldn’t steal but those tools deserve it. During the brief scuffle he was able to pick not only Bradley’s pocket but one of the other teens as well. A heartbeat later he was outside of his locker and on the roof of the school where he could count his haul in peace.

“Light on cash my butt” he said aloud as he counted the cash inside the wallets. There was enough here to treat the kids back home to ice cream that evening and then some, which he was sure they would have no complaints about. He could even make a trip downtown and grab a slice of pizza from his favorite restaurant. His phone went off as he took in his spoils. It was an alert to a villain attack or in this case a breakout. This many criminals escaping would cause more than a headache for any hero, but when he read the Gentleman was one of those who trying to get away he froze. Of all the creeps to bust out this was one of the worst ones and now the villain had some major backup.

The cash was stowed away and the wallets would be disposed of during the transit to the crime scene. Before he could show up to fight he needed to be in uniform. The air in front of him began to ripple as if it was made of water and someone just dropped a stone into it. He reached inside and from it he pulled his costume out which he quickly donned then tossed his street clothes into the portal.  The portal vanished only for a new one to appear which he jumped into which had him on a clear course to stop the criminals.

Along the way he heard the beeping of his communicator, Kick’s voice came through followed by Vanguard. “I’m on my way,” he declared then corrected himself. “No wait, I’m here.”

His eyes widened at the sight of the destruction, being both afraid for the civilians, nervous for his own ability to help anyone and also angry that it appeared his favorite pizza place, Paolo’s was hit by something since the front of the restaurant was completely demolished. He would say this is karma but that meant Paolo had done a lot worse than he had to cause such a backlash. As hungry as he was the pains turned to anger and there was only one way to combat it, by giving each of these villains a knuckle sandwich.
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Sat 6 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Sarah was making people uncomfortable. She knew it. It wasn't intentional but she'd long since stopped letting it bother her. The only thing that kept most of the bullies off of her was her deadpan unflappable grace under bullying. She made it feel like you were trying to bully a brick wall. She wasn't without friend Jennifer was a shy nervous drama club member, absolute wizard with a staple gun and gaffer's tape. Lisa was the lead cello in the school band a position gained through the general unwillingness of most people to lug around a cello.

They were discussing the latest episode of Camp Pining Hearts, but Sarah was ignoring them allegedly because she'd missed it studying. This was one of her tried-and-true lies to avoid people freaking out about the hero thing.
Sarah didn't study she downloaded the memory of learning subjects from her teachers. She'd occasionally overstepped and learned more than she was entirely comfortable knowing, but overall it was just helping the teachers do their job better. What was teaching beyond transferring knowledge from one who knew something to many who did not? It was easier remembering learning chemistry from someone else than reading a chemistry book. She did the same for Camp Pining Hearts. She didn't have an hour to spend watching it herself while keeping fit and fighting supervillains. She didn't quite get all the layers of the show but as much as she thought Pierre was a trash uninteresting character he was quite attractive especially if you were on board with the one-if-by-land-two-if-by-sea ship with him and Percy who at least had the boat thing going for him. She was fairly sure the writers were aware of the foe/bro-mance there and playing it up but the censors weren't going to green-light that.

Sarah though was distracted watching people. She maintained that she just liked studying people. If anyone asked that was just something she did, she watched people, but the truth was she was hoping to see Dex. He had this awkward serenity under-fire, she imagined him a secret Aikido Master who let himself get bullied to avoid hurting the kids who hassled him. Clearly this was about as likely as seeing Percy and Pierre kiss, but he was different and most people seemed like blurry shades of the same.
He seemed to be a no show and the imagined dramas she "shipped" out in her mind about her other classmates entering and leaving the cafeteria was interrupted by the subtle buzz of her communicator.

"Excuse me." She got up and walked out without explanation. Jennifer and Lisa were used to this and accepted this sort of behavior. They had been discussing spoilers and Sarah was just like that sometimes. The teachers had taken more convincing, but what remained of the OSC program had made arrangements that they knew what they needed to know and knew they weren't allowed to ask questions or stop her.

Once out of sight the psychic energy within her welled and surrounded her like a great flock of starlings lifting her and carrying her within the concealing flurry of the feathered wings. The flock brought her costume and she changed midair. "This is Psychephage, Copy that. In bound. Couple miles out. What's our move? Fog out Multiplier? Over."

Fog-out was a bit of a euphemism, for violently disrupting someone's ability to access short and long term memory, leaving them temporarily unable to recall who they were, why they were in a fight and who their allies were. On the plus side it was a tactic that didn't care how many bodies one possessed, on the minus side there was no way of knowing where the other multipliers might be or who a confused self replicating super villain might endanger finding themselves suddenly unable to recall anything about the situation.

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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Aaron almost dropped the cinder block when his wrist comm went off.  Almost.

There would have been fresh hell if he had; the slave-driver was within hearing distance, that was a near certainty.  It wasn't that Aaron knew Gillian was nearby, he just knew that the old man had a habit of just being around the corner or walking into the room at the worst possible time; like a horror movie slasher who lives just off-screen at all times, ready for the jump scare.  "Give me a second," the young man muttered into his comm as he stepped outside of the work garage and glanced around.

Sure enough the old man was nearby, planing a two-by-four right on the other side of the door despite the fact there were better places to set up.  "I trust you're finished if your sticking your head out here," Gillian commented idly as he continued to work.  His voice never carried an overt bite to it, it didn't have to; Aaron's posture still improved every time he heard it.

"Yeah.  Blocks are back to where they were two weeks ago when you had me move them," Aaron snipped too quick to stop himself.  He wasn't wrong, the old man always had a heavy chore that needed doing he could assign Aaron, and the young man was sure 90% of them were just make-work.  Still, he didn't need to start a pissing contest with the old man right now and he quickly averted his gaze as Gilian's head turned slowly, feeling his guardian's gaze settle on him for a few long seconds.  The man seemed to take that as suitable surrender as he simply "hmmm'd" and went back to his work without another word allowing Aaron to quickly withdraw.

Running up to the house Aaron grabbed the bag he kept hidden in the looks floor board under his bed and made for his bike, an old KTM 450 that showed it's age.  "I'm on my way now," he quipped into his comm.  "Got to love Multiplier... just more of him to hit..."
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]

You're in a good spot to Assess the situation.

The shrapnel in front of you is all that is left of the transportation vehicle that housed the villians. Now it's a makeshaft barricade of the few guards who were now trounced during the breakout.

The gunfire is quite loud and it's evident they are pinned down. By one man.

Multiplier, by obvious means, has taken the weaponry of each of the fallen guards and is now his own one man army. But seriously... how did he get THAT many guns!?

Some of his clones even have hostages, so getting close to him won't be easy.

What do you do?

Driving on your KTM 450, it's quite hard to miss the bread crumbs of distruction... the strange part, is that it is leading 'from' downtown... oh.

Cyclone. She is obviouly makeing a break for it, spining around to create hurricane like winds, which is throwing sign posts, debris, parked cars... oh crap someone just got caught in the winds and is flung in your direction, what do you do!?

You're noticing the windpressure is changing and you don't remember any call for high winds.

Before you have a chance to think on it, you see cars getting flung skywards in the distance. You also notice that one of them is a minivan... With a family inside.

If you push yourself, you could just make it to save them. How do you?


Well, this is a mess. You notice the flames, smoke and destruction that five supervillians can cause. You see people trapped in burning cars, some are pinned by overturned debris, and you notice some getting pulled away from helping those people by a man you was hoping to find... Multiplier. Even worse, however, is that he has broken into a gun store and his clones are robbing it blind, tossing out rifles, hand guns, ammo... yeah this isn't good. What do you do!?
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Sat 6 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Kick's mind whirled into overdrive. She was encouraged to hear other team members say that they were on their way, and wondered what she'd have done if she were on her own. As she took in the scene of devastation before her, she considered rushing to join with the guards, but realized that she'd just be pinned down with them. No, she could only save them by stopping Multiplier, and that would need her to stay unnoticed by him.

See spotted a shattered neon sign forming the word Roxy. Bad luck Nicole, this place looks like it won't reopen in forever. But that memory of her normal life reminded her of her mentor, the hero known to most as the Exploding Fist. What would he do? Ducking down, she took a deep breath to calm her racing nerves and clear her mind, as she considered things. It wasn't a question of taking action immediately, but of knowing what to do. How do you fight someone who can create clones of himself?

She tried to remember what the Exploding Fist had told her about this kind of superhuman. Was there a weakness?

I'm like to try a Been reading the files move, assuming that's OK.
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Sat 6 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Ripple took in the chaos as best he could from his vantage point which so happened to be on top of a crane which until the villain breakout was being used to construct a new building. It was high enough for him to get a decent enough lay of the land and hopefully try to find something to be of use. Thanks to his senses it should make the matter easy enough so he could relay some sort of plan to the rest of the team. It was not as if he barked out orders at them at any given opportunity and aside from the whole thing with Karma he was happy to let one of the others do the leading. Some of them had actually been trained or came from a family of heroes instead of bumbling around like he had done. Still, he was confident enough in his ability to make this happen.

“Come on, come on” he muttered to himself while his head moved in small, sudden bursts as he continued to look.

OOC: Ripple rolled 8 using 2d6.  Assess the Situation (Superior).

how could we best end this quickly?

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Sun 7 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Vanguard directs her course towards the minivan. It starts to drop and it seems that she won't be able to get there in time, but a last minute surge sees her rocket towards the vehicle and catch it before it hits the ground.

She breathes and looks worried. The old Vanguard would know what to do here, but Irina is suddenly worried. Her teammates aren't invulnerable. They could get hurt. She yells a panicky warning into the comms.

"Kick, Ripple, Psychephage, I think you should keep out of this one. It's too dangerous, you could get hurt. I'll handle it. Maybe Karma can help."

"Please," she turns to the family inside the van, "It's not safe here. Get clear of this area as quick as you can."

She places herself as well as she can between the villains and the van that she's just put down.

Defend the minivan occupants
- 18:08, Today: Vanguard rolled 6 using 2d6+2. - 6
- Spending team selfishly to raise my Savior to three, lowering Mundane to 0
- Vanguard disrespects her teammates by telling 3 of them that it's too dangerous for them to handle.

Defend with Savior 3 becomes 7 (success). Vanguard will expose herself to danger.

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Sun 7 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Kick ground her teeth when Vanguard told them that she'd handle things herself. How typical of her family to want to hog the glory for themselves, even if it meant putting innocent civilians at risk.

"I think there's something wrong with your communicator, Vanguard. You're coming across garbled and I can't make out a word."

But at least Kick had remembered what the Exploding Fist had told her about Multiman, a similar villain that he'd fought several times.

"Psyche, I think that one of these goons is the real Multiplier. If we can knock him out, then the rest should disappear Do you think you can get to him?"

09:37, Today: Kick rolled 8 using 1d6+2.  Been hitting the books.

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Sun 7 Jun 2020
at 12:59
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Karma did his best to weave in an out of the flying debris as he tried to close with the villain.  In the instant he saw the civilian go flying he groan internally no fair as he swerved instantly towards the woman.  Pushing himself up to crouching he fought to keep the bike level as he attempted to stand on the seat.

He hit the breaks at the same time he pushed off, sending himself flying off as he attempted to catch and cradle the woman, intent on taking the force of their impact himself.

lol nope (2)
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Mon 8 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
@Karma and Vanguard

Karma, you manage to grapple the Civilian in midair, but at such an awkward angle that you awkwardly tumble in a rapid somersault, unable to properly brace yourself for the impact that is the incoming brick wall!

However, Vanguard,you are in a position to help him... but you are also in a position to cut off Cyclone and prevent more distruction...

What do you do? Help Karma or confront Cyclone? Note that Karma will take a condition if you don't help him. If you do help him, who knows how much more distance Cyclone can gain... and how much damage she can cause!


To end this, you need to understand it. These villians are not trying to fight, they are trying to escape! From the looks of things, they are not well coordinated and are doing their own thing. For now. Let's hope they don't figure out that their chances for escape will massively improve if they team up.

More direct answer? Take advantage of their selfishness and team up on them individually. But you have to act fast or risk some of them getting away! Infact, if you caught some of Kick's transmissions, you may want to suggest that it would be easier to find the real multiplier by looking for the one who isn't being confrontational.

Obviously, Multiplier would be finding the means to escape just like his peers.

You may also need to find the others. Cyclone is accounted for. Multiplier is accounted for. That leaves Monolith, Mystifier, Whippersnapper, and Tarantula.

What do you do? Help find the real Multiplier? You have the power to quickly move around and Psychphage and Kick could use the help...

You also have the mobility to look for the others as well... but that could potentially leave you out numbered.
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Mon 8 Jun 2020
at 19:44
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
“Acknowledged Vanguard, I advise you handle the villains by removing the stick from your ass and beating them with it,” Ripple said dryly then moved on to actually helping the team unlike the Legacy had done so far. “Kick, Phage, keep an eye peeled for the Multiplier not fighting and trying to get away. He’s the real one, the others are the pawns. And speaking of pawns…”

The Janus hopped off the crane, a portal opening below that he shot through only to reappear on top of a building to get a better vantage point. “I’ll play that role by looking for the other escapees and stall them long enough for the real heroes to show up.” Sure he could have just said he was going to do the dumb thing by trying to find the other villains and take them on by himself. What Vanguard said had touched a nerve especially when some of them on the team had been doing this gig for just as long.

Good thing there’s so many villains around here to punch because I have some anger to vent now.
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Mon 8 Jun 2020
at 22:08
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Vanguard looks to the escaping Cyclone and the tumbling Karma. For a moment, She's frozen by indecision, but then ignores the villain and shoots towards Karma trying to help him and the person that he's trying to help.

Vanguard rolled 6 using 2d6+3 with rolls of 2,1.  Defend Karma.
Oh man... these dice.

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Tue 9 Jun 2020
at 01:02
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
"Right, I'm not bulletproof, I'll try not to get shot." If Psychephage could weaponize deadpan sarcasm this fight would have been over before it started. "I know we've got this but can we move this dance somewhere more private, so we can really cut loose?" Cribbing notes from Terantula the river of psychic energy shaped into birds transporting the powerful young psychic coalesced into a massive freight-truck sized spider with her at the middle. She, it, hissed and clicked threateningly, lashing out with whips of incandescent energy at Multiplier clones. She needed to draw his attentions get him to think about her so she could erase all the civilians and all the rescue workers from his mind, and make sure the guns were aimed up away from any civilians Fight the giant spider. Forget about the people not in this fight. Focus on me if you want to survive.

20:46, Today: Psychephage rolled 11 using 2d6+2.  Defend NPC rescuers.

Add 1 to Team

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Tue 9 Jun 2020
at 08:38
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Kick watched spider-PschyePhage fighting the Multipliers, who turned their attention towards her.

"Nicely done, Psyche. Let me know if things get too hot and you need a hand."

Seeing the guards no longer under attack, Kick screamed at them to withdraw. But PschyePhage's distraction also gave her a chance to take a proper look about. Where was the real Multiplier?

09:34, Today: Kick rolled 10 using 2d6+2.  Assess the situation. - [roll=1591691670.65929.345025]
Kick also has "Be mindful of your surroundings: When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss."

So her questions are:
  How could we best end this quickly?
  What here is in the greatest danger?
  Who here is most vulnerable to me?

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Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 18:49
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
@Karma and Vanguard

With a loud crash, the three of you are sent through a solid wall. The civilian is fine, if not shaken up, thanks to Karma. Karma, you are concussed, but nothing your healing can't take care of in short order, thanks to Vanguard.

Vanguard... all I have to say is ouch.

Take a condition, Vanguard.


The group of Multipliers look up at you and suddenly they start to move like rats. While the group around the guards stay to keep them pinned down, the others fall back scurrying in a direction... 'towards' you!? Or rather, around you. Past you. You notice they are running towards a... parking garage.

The only way that makes sense is that the real one has got to in there! You do have a more pressing concern, however... as the ones that were holding hostages, has released them... so that they can aim their rifles at 'you'. What do you do?


Your attention is diverted by a stone thrown in your direction. It came from...

The guards?

One of them is waving you to come closer to them before he (or she, it's tough to tell in that armor) is forced to duck down from a sudden barrage of bullets.

Good news, though, is that the once large army of Multipliers are now a manageable group, as their attention is on Psyche. If you are tactical enough and fast enough, you might be able to nutralize this small patch and save the guards. You count 10 of them... with guns. It'll be tough, but you trained for this moment. Plus the guards will have you back. Probably.

What do you do?


You don't have to go far, as you notice a corner store is getting robbed. Apparently, Whippersnapper chooses NOW as a good time to get some quick cash. Not that you're complaining. Do you engage him? If so, how?

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Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 22:35
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Vanguard lies on the ground for a moment. She's covered in white mortar from the masonry she and Karma just tumbled through.

This isn't going at all how she imagined.

Stupid, slow, no control.

She wants to scream. Wants to punch the remaining bits of the wall into rubble, but instead she picks herself up.

"Where's Cyclone?" she yells into the communicator, "Did anyone see where she went? I haven't finished with her yet."

Vanguard is Angry
Vanguard rolled 10 using 2d6 with rolls of 4,6.  Assess (looking for Cyclone).

If the Assess seems appropriate. I'd like to ask:
* what here can I use to catch Cyclone?
* what here is the biggest threat?

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Thu 11 Jun 2020
at 01:40
Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Ripple knew not all supervillains were the crafty, masterplan types but he still expected more in this situation. Why Whippersnapper was taking the time to hold up convenient store was beyond him. Then again if he fully understood the man then they both would be certified crazy so probably for the best. That being said some might consider him wanting to pick a fight with a guy who could fry him like a fish fillet was the definition of crazy but who cares what those types think? He knew this was a problem he could handle and even if that turned out to be false he still had to try. A plan came to mind though he hoped it would not come to that.

“Found Whippersnapper at the corner store, I’m going after him” he said into his comm then jumped from his perch into a portal. He appeared inside the store in between the criminal and any civilians that might be inside. “Okay Whipper, come quietly and this won’t have to get ugly. Well not uglier than you are now.”

OOC:  Ripple rolled 5 using 2d6.  Engage threat (Danger).

That’s a miss so marking potential.

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Thu 11 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
Kick quickly considered her options. Being pinned down with the guards didn't sound like much fun, and besides, her mentor had always emphasized the importance of quick and decisive action. The window for that would disappear if she didn't back up Psychephage before they overwhelmed her.

Heart in her mouth, she charged towards the group of Multipliers, crossing the ground as quickly as she could to get to where she could fight them on more even terms, and more importantly draw their attention away from the beleaguered guards.

I assume that's directly engage a threat:
09:58, Today: Kick rolled 7 using 2d6-1.  Directly engage a threat. - [roll=1591865908.29121.345025]
I'll choose "Create an opportunity for your allies", which should hopefully make an opportunity for the guards to finish this group off.

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Fri 12 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
So the thing about flying around in a spider tank made out of your own mental energies it might look bullet proof, but it's only as good at stopping bullets as your own mental energies. Ever looked at a trig problem and though I think I know this one, but kept second guessing yourself. Imagine staring down that self doubt knowing it's not a bad grade but a gunshot wound you're trying to avoid.

Multiplier was a tough nut to crack. Sort of one mind sort of a couple dozen minds she choose this form not just for durability flexibility and style, she began her assault proper, a stone cold bluff conflating herself with Terantula. Mental proximity made splicing memories together on the fly easier.
Why was she Terantula, because when bitten by a spider she gained the power to summon a spirit spiders, this carapace was her favorite trick. Why was he pointing guns at her, she was a jerk that liked to push his buttons. He probably would shoot her if he didn't need her. "Come on, Mults we've got a mission here. We need to get back with the others. You know we can't trust them." It was a setup for a classic game of spot-the-imposter, a game she didn't even need to win she just needed to get Mutliplier and friends confused enough she could convince one of them to attack the others then step back and watch.

Best guess is memory editing a villains into seeing you as an ally is unleashing power.
01:56, Today: Psychephage rolled 9 using 2d6+1.  Unleashing Power.
Going with "let the GM tell you how your effect is unstable or temporary."

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Mon 15 Jun 2020
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Issue 1-Scene 1.1 [Everybody]
"Let me know if you see her," Karma mutters  as he brushes himself off.  "I have an idea..."