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Character Creation
Good morning all!

The following information will be used to create your characters:

  • Rolling Stats:  4d6 drop the lowest.
  • Starting Level:  3
  • Playable Characters and Races:  All published materials are acceptable, including UA.  If you do choose from UA, please send me a copy of the .pdf so I can review it.  If for some reason your particular race/class does not fit the world in mind, I will let you know, though I don't foresee this happening.
  • Starting Money & Equipment:  All standard equipment, including kits, tools and consumables are acceptable. Additional starting money will be dependent on individual PCs background and profession, plus an additional 800 gp.

    NOTE:  Money will not be worth the same post cleansing.  While it may still be hoarded by some, it's value is at about 50%.

    If your character is pre-cleansing, then take the 800 gp and spend as you will on additional equipment/items.  Anything that is out of the ordinary or magical, please check with the DM prior to adding. You are allowed to purchase weaker uncommon magic items for a cost of 400 GP, which would give you 2, if you spend your initial 800 GP given.  If your character is post-cleansing, come up with some items of similar value that would be valuable in this dystopian world.  Please feel free to ask and we can brainstorm on what would work best for your character.
  • Please make sure that you are accurately tracking how much gold, magic items you possess. I will be tracking it, but consumables (ammunition, rations, etc...) I expect you to track.
  • Build a detailed background and reap the benefits!  Special abilities, items, powers will be given to those with a minimum of 2 pages.  (This is the standard for my campaign, but we'll play it by ear on the PBP, as there aren't pages, per se.)
  • Channel Divinity:  Any and all gods apply.  Please check with your DM prior to choosing any that are outside the normal pantheons provided by WOTC (Wizards of the Coast).

Current Characters:

Althaea Sylvaranth - Glamour Bard
Sand - Warforged Artificer
Andraste Giltris - Paladin
Thorn - Ranger
Erik Moor - Druid

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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