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Vertigo - Notable NPCs
Rory Goodfellow:
Rory, the owner of the Better Times Inn in Vertigo, is a little over 6ft. tall, with light brown hair and hazel eyes.  He is very laid back and easygoing. He seems to be one of the few people who doesn't seemed phased by the current state of the world.  Could be apathy, could still be in shock. (Human / Male)

Thorin Woodcrafter:
It's no question who is the strength and will behind Vertigo's success.  Stoic and strong, Thorin leads the people all with his heart.  He says what's on his mind, but has the compassion and wisdom to be careful how he says it.  He stands 5 feet tall, with red hair, and piercing blue eyes.  His beard has multiple braids that are intricately braided into one finely woven work of art.  He wears heavily worn studded leather armor. (Dwarf / Male)

Corsica, currently the only barmaid of the Better Times Inn in Vertigo, is in her mid twenties with fiery red hair and doe-like green eyes.  She is always extremely busy, rushing through the tavern, taking care of each and every table quickly and efficiently.  She is the only waitress, so she is responsible for all patrons, except those at the bar. From what you've gathered in your short time in Vertigo, Corsica is opinionated and sassy. (Human / Female)

Sebastian Manchester III:
Once a noble, always a noble, is your first thought of this character.  A half-elf, standing at about 5'6", with silky black hair and beady black eyes to match, seems to think very highly of himself and it shows. Even with his short stature, you get the feeling from him that he is always looking down at you.  He wears richly adorned clothes that are reminiscent of his position pre-cleansing. (Half-Elf / Douchebag)

Alaric has wavy jet black hair and pale eyes the color of a stormy night, a mix of gray and blue. He has a sharp nose, a strong jaw line and the round ears of a human. He appears rugged, but handsome. He carries a sword at his side and himself as that of a soldier. (Human / Male)

Alica's pallor was mixed with a slight gray undertone, her hair was fiery red, but stringy, and not in a dirty way. She wears a light brown overcoat, covering a laced shirt, the same color as her hair.  She has a belt with various pouches and instruments, though mostly hidden behind the belt and skirt she wears underneath that.  She has black rimmed circular glasses that teeter on the edge of her pig like nose, her nostrils seemingly larger up close.  She wears brown leggings that feed into eccentric boots, holding a host of chains, small lockets, bells, and various other trinkets.  She wears a necklace, which was orb like, dangling from an iron chain, and seems to swirl like a maelstrom, of green, purple, and blue colors. (Half Human, half ? / Female)

Jacob: (Human Male, Short, Stout, and Strong)

The Hunters:

Althidon Syllar, an Elven Male

Darcassan Virsys, an Elven Male

Aleena Miasalar, a Half-Elven Female

Elias and Elinaora Leafbrook, Brother and Sister, Human M and F

Gizmo Rowley, a Halfling Male

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Vertigo - Notable NPCs
Mera Lyone
Mera is an older human woman with silver hair and bluish green eyes.  She has a long woven braid, with a golden string that is intertwined into it, giving it a more regal look.  She wears a beautiful royal blue cloak with ornamental gold filigree woven into the lining, that sparkles even with the meager light of a nearby torch.

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Vertigo - Notable NPCs
Monath Swiftwatcher: Goliath Male

Urisha Katitar: Half-Orc Female

Rolland Eternis Human Male

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Vertigo - Notable NPCs
Victoria Blackweather