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Wed 7 Oct 2020
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Wonders Investigation
Hsang had been the first to examine the paintings, but he'd then been joined by Kurat and Tyrol, and then Ozrus.

Hsang Li Tsung:
"The answers the Oracle wished us to have are right here - if we have the wit to see them.  I saw directions, headings in which to travel but then I can fly for as long as I can stay awake.  The question is are the three of us enough to find the location and all the clues or not.  For the question of unity, I suspect that the different destinies may be deliberate, it may be that the items are to be found by the three of us while others attend to different destinies or that the paths travelled by others may find other things that help."

Ozrus Wither:
"I know quite a few languages," he said to the gnome. "Maybe I can help."

The druid then proceeded to shuffle around the room on the wall, looking at the writing on each image. He did his best to identify each one, and translate what he could. He cast Guidance upon himself before examining each image, just to give himself an extra little edge.

Using Linguistics, with Guidance. He knows 17 languages and is attempting to identify as many languages as he can.
14:29, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 36 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Identify languages.

It's rather difficult to identify the languages when they are so distorted, but by focusing on a small part and then another and another, Ozrus is able to isolate words that he recognizes. He is able to identify Goblinygook on the Ring painting, Gnomish on the Hat painting, Celestial on the Shield painting, Druidic on the Wand painting, Draconic on the Armor painting, and Aklor on the Staff painting. That leaves five still unidentified.

Kurat listened to Tyrol's observations and then added "I am fluent in sixteen languages. Giant is one of them. I also speak Damaran of course and languages normally found in that region. Orc, Dwarven, Draconic, Goblin, Undercommon, Uluik and in my travels I've learned a number of other languages Chondathan, Aglaraondan, Chessentan, Mulhorandi, Turmic, Elven and Gnoll. Is it possible for you to copy the writing you cannot decipher and perhaps I can translate it for you?"

Kurat can only identify one other: Gnolling on the Bracers painting. He can confirm the Draconic and the Goblinygook. In the case of the national languages, they use the same script even if they don't form the same words.

None of you can read them yet; you've merely identified the language in which the words have been written.
Ozrus Wither
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
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Wonders Investigation
Ozrus, back on the floor again instead of the walls or ceiling, shared his findings with the others. "I think I figured out the languages for the ring, hat, shield, armor, and staff," he reported, purposefully leaving out the wand. "Ring is Goblinygook, hat is Gnomish. The shield and armor are Celestial and Draconic respectively. And the staff is Aklor. I haven't figured out what they say yet, but I'll start trying to work out the script on this one first."

He moved to the wand image, which he had neglected to mention, and did his best to figure out what the writing translated to. If anyone offered to assist, he would politely insist on translating alone. Druidic was... kind of a touchy language. He was mildly offended that it was written in plain view in such a public place, and was half-tempted to deface the image to keep the writing from being copied. But he did not. The use of Druidic in the artwork was not his sin to bear. Even so, he opted to do all he could to keep its true nature obscured from non-druids.

I used Guidance with my roll. Woohoo! Maximized numerals! (nat 20)
21:59, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 39 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics - translate Druidic.

Hsang Li Tsung
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 06:39
Wonders Investigation
Hsang walks round to look at the sword painting.

"Well of the items the only one that makes sense for me that we haven't identified the language for is this one.  So I'd say this is probably the script of the Tengu people.  For the rest lets consider for a second."

He points to the images as he works through the identified languages.

"Lets assume there is a connection of some sort between language used the individual for whom the item is for, that is that the language shows us who the items is intended for.  The words may not actually mean anything in that situation.  So we have a gnome and one is gnomish.  No elven though I think you said?  Celestial and Draconic are relatively common heritages that many could possess but could also be paladin and sorcerer?  Goblinygook is odd - I didn't see a goblinoid and its not a common heritage.  I'm not sure who speaks Aklor, never heard of it."

"So if Kurat would be amenable could he try one of the simplest checks?  If he touches the picture of the hat that would be a useful test."

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Thu 8 Oct 2020
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Wonders Investigation
Kurat listened to his companions and then shook his head negatively, "What are we testing, I'm not a gnome so if it is keyed to the person then nothing would happen if I touched the hat. Let me touch the ring and see what we learn about it."

He moved over to the painting of the ring and touched it to see what might happen.
Tyrol Halverschlagen
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
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Wonders Investigation
He suddenly remember someone asking him if he was a cleric! In the excitement of his discovery of the script, he'd completely forgotten that.

"So, yeah, anyway, I'm a cleric. Kind of. Sort of. I mean, I'm really an Alchemist but then one day I woke up and suddenly I was a Cleric! I don't really know how that happened."

"I think it had something to do with Brother Kerwin."

"You really think the language indicates who it was intended for? But, it doesn't sound like Esmeralda knew who would be answering the Call, so how could she make something for them? Now, in the case of Goblinygook--that's what we Gnomes call it cause that's what it sounds like to us--is used by goblinkind... and fools like us! That covers goblins, hobgoblins and, I think, bugbears."

He makes a point of NOT looking at anyone when he says that.

"Well, let my try my illusion trick." He casts Silent Image.

"Okay, first let's see if I can copy the writing. It's not like I have to know what it says. Just have to be accurate."

He manages to get the image that appears in his hand to look like what's on the wall.

"So far, so good. I think I've got it pretty accurate. Now, separate the lines. Damn. That's not working. I guess I'm not sure where one line ends and the other begins. Oh, well. I don't suppose it'll matter if I can eliminate the distortion."

The words have been squashed along the top of the first line and the bottom of the second line. He manages to 'unsquash' them with no problem. It's almost as easy to reverse the letters.

"I can keep this illusion going as long as I concentrate, but once I lose concentration, it'll all go away. Someone want to write it down?" he says as the words become readable.

12:02, Today: Tyrol Halverschlagen rolled 19,16,30,27 using 1d20+15,1d20+15,1d20+15,1d20+15 ((4,1,15,12)). Spellcraft checks to manipulate the image.
GM StarMaster
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 17:00
Wonders Investigation
In spite of the distortion of the Druidic rune script, Ozrus still manages to decipher what the writing says, perhaps because he is not only familiar with the language but because the Druids have used similar techniques to keep their knowledge secret.

Once Tyrol manages to remove the distortion from the Gigantik script around the painting of the Boots with his illusion, anyone who also knows Gigantik can now read it, too.

The Dark Wizard Zama Kindu was paid 100,000 gold crowns to fashion magical boots. I do not know if it was worth it or if the boots which he named Stiefel are worth the cost. In either case, they are now Green Star boots fashioned from leather and leaves and feathers and orichalcum. I thought it appropriate that they be hidden for safe-keeping in his own Tomb where he could watch over them and glory in his own creation.

Kurat goes over and touches the painting of the Ring. Since the rink was painted to be life-size, the actual image of the ring is quite small, yet it stands out amid all the writing. When nothing happens as he touches the Ring, he touches a few more places on the painting, but still nothing happens.

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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 17:28
Wonders Investigation
"Okay touching it doesn't do anything," he concluded.

Seeing Tyrol's work he says, "Now that's very useful an actual location, well assuming there is some record in the library of where this tomb is. I'm glad we stayed to investigate this more, there may be enough clues here for them all."

"Can you work the same magic here on this one Tyrol with the ring and I can interpret it for you,"
he told them.
Ozrus Wither
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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 19:23
Wonders Investigation
As the others worked on deciphering the Gigantik, Ozrus continued to decipher the Druidic. He took notes on what he was reading, but did not copy it exactly, so as to avoid making a key that could be used to teach someone the secret language. About the same time as the Gigantik was decoded, however, Ozrus also shared what he had uncovered.

"The wand is called Winterchill, and is located in the "Field of Dreams." It is made of "Blue Ice" and was crafted by a wizard by the name of Thendara Winterhawk. With a bit of help from the unnamed wizard who wrote this script. The wand was that wizard's favorite. Apparently it was fun to create. It sounds like there were other wizards involved in creating the wonders too. A minimum of three, but likely more. And... it also sounds like they were somehow able to determine if their potential hiding spots would be discovered before the items were needed..." He was unsure about how they might have been able to accomplish such a feat. Perhaps with Esmerelda's help?

Regardless, he was pleased with what the text had said, and what they had learned. "This hidden writing is... informative. I wonder what we can glean from the others." Now that he had finished with the secret language, he was much more willing to assist the others with the remaining languages. Whether it by jotting down the unraveled illusory script, translating words, or helping to interpret the clues before them. Any other languages he was able to decipher, Ozrus was much more direct with his translations. And he made sure to share his translations with the others as he unraveled them. As well as any knowledge he could recall about the Winterchill wand, Blue Ice, the Field of Dreams, or Thendara Winterhawk the wizard.

Linguistics and Knowledge checks. Lots of them. All using Guidance.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Knowledge: Winterchill, Blue Ice, Field of Dreams, Thendara Winterhawk.
14:11, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 15 using 1d20+10.  Knowledge: Geography, with Guidance - Field of Dreams.
14:10, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 26 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Planes, with Guidance - Field of Dreams.
14:10, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 24 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Arcana, with Guidance - Field of Dreams.
14:09, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 15 using 1d20+10.  Knowledge: History, with Guidance - Thendara Winterhawk.
14:09, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 21 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Local, with Guidance - Thendara Winterhawk.
14:09, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 31 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Arcana, with Guidance - Thendara Winterhawk.
14:08, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 32 using 1d20+21.  Knowledge: Nature, with Guidance - Blue Ice.
14:07, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 33 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Arcana, with Guidance - Blue Ice.
14:06, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 36 using 1d20+19.  Knowledge: Arcana, with Guidance - Winterchill.

Linguistics rolls for translating/Aiding (unless he can take 20, in which case all rolls are 39).
14:20, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 23 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Goblinygook Ring.
14:19, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 37 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Gnomish Hat.
14:19, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 24 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Celestial Shield.
14:18, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 37 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Draconic Armor.
14:17, Today: Ozrus Wither rolled 33 using 1d20+19.  Linguistics, with Guidance - Aklor Staff.

Ki'nae Bashemath
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Fri 9 Oct 2020
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Wonders Investigation
From 1. Catastrophe Strikes

"Well wouldja look at that."

Bash was leaned forward now, hands on her hips, head cranking to one side like she was trying to break it off her neck. The corner brackets, embellished with elegance, looked like brackets. But something was off. 1, 2, 3, 4. Four of them.

Ah. Not four. More like three plus one.

Something got caught on the corner of her sharp eye. In an instance her hand dropped past her hip, brushing a pistol grip as she jerked her face to the door. Some bright-faced lad with a box of sweets. Relatively harmless. Where'd he come from.

The bright man waved.

Bash frowned.

"Yer late to the party," Ki'nae muttered. She could only presume the sweet-toothed scoundrel was another on the hunt for this alleged destiny.

"If yuns got a head fer words 'n high falutin', I reckon yew could catch up with..."

Ki'nae stalled, then looked toward the book room.

"...Chess and Vogh..."

Nailed it.

"...'n help 'em work through some'a them journals."

She took a step closer to the picture, off to its left side, away from the linguists. Crouching toward the bottom corner bracket, her fingers fiddled with the decorative shape.

"Looks like we got erselves a lil' game o'odd one out."