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Sun 7 Jun 2020
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Name: Ambriel
Race: Angel
Bio: known to some as brie, others as el, and most humans as amber, is an ever bubbly angel. she does her best to be an optimist, looking at the bright side of things whenever possible. she can be a bit silly and sometimes forgetful — but above all else, el does her best to be kind.

she likes video games, fairs / carnivals, the beach, and sunsets. her favorite animals are cats and dogs. she hates dancing because she always feels too clumsy. she’s a bit claustrophobic and despises caves.

she has the biggest sweet tooth and despises bitter things. (the one exception to this rule being dark chocolate!) ice cream is her favored treat, follower by cotton candy / candyfloss.

her human form is a bit pudgy, with curly blond hair in a half down-half up style. sometimes she incorporates a third eye. she prefers feminine pronouns.

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Sun 7 Jun 2020
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name: noah
race: demon
bio: noah is a demon, an immortal, and an eternal teenager. she likes knives and chewing gum and her strengths include shape shifting, pissing off old people, and quoting breakfast club word for word.

mischief is her middle name but she isn't a rebel without a cause: if mischief is her name then social justice is her game. she'll throw anybody under a bus, but you can bet that the straight white cis men are going first.

noah's father is lucifer, her mother a whore long since banished to the depths of eternal flame. she's looked out for herself since the beginning of her existence - which hasn't been that long. noah was born 4,300 years ago, at the time of noah's ark, making her a virtual baby amongst immortals.

although noah was destined to serve in her father's army, she ran away during her first decade of service and has been causing trouble on earth, and falling in love with angels, ever since.

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