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Mon 30 Nov 2020
at 20:54
The Tests

You wake up in the stables of the inn. Alexander was always wary of you but Ada lets you sleep in the stables whenever you need to. Your cloak is wrapped tightly around you providing a nice bubble of warmth, which is sharply contrasted with the crisp cool early morning autumn air.

The hamlet is still very quiet. Many of the folks who stayed the night were up late taking leisure with the caravan. You know that even now the hunters and fishermen are starting their day but the only sounds you hear are of your roommates, the horses.
Wysk Oran
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
at 01:33
The Tests
I look over the horses to determine if any of them are in need of oats or apples.
I will clean up a bit of the stable as payment.
My mothers would have taught me how precious hospitality was, both giving it and receiving it.
Once this is complete, I will make my way to the testing grounds.
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Sun 6 Dec 2020
at 21:33
The Tests
[OOC: Alright, sir, roll Animal Handling [equines], plz n thx k byeee!
Wysk Oran
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Thu 10 Dec 2020
at 23:47
The Tests
OOC: Woho...barely made it... 18:46, Today: Wysk Oran rolled 11 using 3d6.  Animal Handling - Equines, must roll under 12.
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Sat 12 Dec 2020
at 20:23
The Tests
   Your morning goes a little slowly. The weight of truly being alone bears down upon you. Having Mina and Mary taken from you has left a wound, although you know, that they'll be back. The people couldn't long go without their fairy protector and her sister, the midwife. It was only a matter of time before someone becomes desperate enough to call upon Black Mary. Worse yet, Queen Titania forbid, should someone perform a ritual to summon her.

   The horses are mildly annoyed by your lack of focus but you're able to soothe them. They're happily chomping on apples and oats when you notice the noises from the caravan. People are up, active, and starting their day.
Wysk Oran
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Mon 18 Jan 2021
at 13:23
The Tests
As best he could, Wysk would try to make himself presentable, at the very least make sure he does not have any horse manure on his person.
Looks over his equipment and weapons in order to make sure they are in good order.
He sighs remembering his mothers. He misses them greatly, more so than most. He had broken bread with them. He had cried in their arms at night when he had nightmares.
Chin up, he was going to face this new chapter of his journey with a smile, even if this smile was often perceived as mischievous or sinister.
Off to the tests he goes, spring in his step.
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Tue 9 Feb 2021
at 03:17
The Tests

Delicious aromas and a deep murmur filled the air as you approach the caravan. You see several stands where people are lining up. What strikes you immediately is that the fairgrounds have been divided into three sections.

One section has a roped circle large enough for a horse to move around in. But then you see people bringing out racks of wooden weapons. These are fighting circles for prospective guards. Behind the circle, you can see two firing ranges have been set up as well with a selection of shortbows, crossbows, bolts, and arrows.

There is a large penned area with a few horses and sheep. A supply of harnesses, brushes, and other tools are laid out on some tables. Clearly, this section is for people who wish to apply to tend the animals.

Finally, the closest section, and the one putting out tantalizing scents, contains two cooking stations. Each one has a firepit, pans, and a selection of food that you're finding very distracting. Of course, an army travels on its stomach so the caravan will need an ample supply of cooks. Behind the stations is a small stage with a few logs for seating. It would seem the caravan is open to hiring an entertainer should anyone wish to try out.

[OOC: Okay, so, you have five tests:
 1. Melee combat
 2. Ranged combat
 3. Animal Handling (horses and/or sheep)
 4. Cooking
 5. Entertaining (music or comedy)

  You should do at least two and can do all five if you wish. Of course, depending on how well you do, the caravan will be willing to hire and pay you accordingly]