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Reference: Organization Breakdowns
The Sects of St. Patrick and St. Kythryn

   In Andul, the fantasy world, Kythryn was a God king who lost his balance and twisted the world into a mundane monotheism. The story of Kythryn was based on the real world so Andul as an alternate Earth already has a domineering godking we all know and love. I'm re-envisioning him as a mage hunter. Kythryn was sanctified after dying in battle against an incarnate prince.

   Two sects of warrior priests with a shared purpose.

   In Ireland, Patrick sought to end the widespread suffering by bringing Christian values to Ireland. His efforts brought predictable resistance from the druids. Over time, Patrick became more assertive, eventually militant, openly damning the druids for failing the moral health of their people.

   Patrick's followers continue his opposition to druidic pantheism, quickly igniting to open combat. The Sect of St. Patrick becomes focused on its core objective to eliminate all forms of druidism, paganism, and pantheism from Ireland.

   In Britain, Kythryn was a noble warrior who spent many years protecting the innocent and defending the rightful rulers of the land. But even he could not oppose the Unseelie Court. When immortals of ill intent crossed his path, Kythryn turned to a higher power. He converted to Christianity and swore an oath to eliminate all of Satan's spawn from the island. Indeed, his final act was to slay a great and evil incarnate, and had his name stricken from history.

   Kythryn's followers continue his purpose but over time, expand their purview. While Kythryn sought creatures of malice, his followers include all beings of magic as spawn of Satan. Even their own theurgic practices become neglected and forgotten over the centuries.

Archetype: Mage Hunter

Paradigm: Divine Order and Earthly Chaos (Using M20 p568)

   Primary - Faith
     The Knights attribute all of their success to the blessing of Saints Patrick and Kythryn, who are themselves vessels for God and Jesus. The Sects are acknowledged as extensions of the Catholic Church. As such, the knights are representatives of the Church and function within its complex hierarchy, subject to its authority.

     Many magical creatures are far stronger and tougher than mortal men. Fortunately, they often have irrational weaknesses, such as silver or iron. Kythric Knights make a great study of these weaknesses and forge weapons appropriate to the foe.
     Craftwork also provides defensive solutions. The Catholic Church has extensive resources on demonology and black magic. Knights of the Sect use this forbidden knowledge to craft amulets and talismans to defend against those evils.

   High Ritual Magick
     Ritual is a very large part of Christian tradition and practice. Sect theurgy is highly ritualistic.


     - Scripture, forbidden texts, Goetia, etc

     - Gaelic and Cymraeg are Celtic languages, the speech of "the enemy"
     - Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic are languages of Mediterranean academia
     - Books, scriptures, etc. come in a variety of languages so multilingualism is encouraged

     - European theurgy frequently involves a fervent prayer to God, Jesus, or a saint or angel appropriate to the need.
     - Knights prefer to speak a popular prayer in its original language

   Sacred Iconography
     - The Cross, 'nuff said

     - As defenders of the Faith, weapons are of critical importance to Kythric Knights. Even ones who do not engage in theurgy will learn artificing to keep their primary tool at peak effectiveness.

GURPS4 Build

   75 points
   This template covers the amount of training an applicant can receive during his acceptance between ages 13-15 and his ordaining 6-7 years later.

   ST +1 [10], DX +1 [20], HT +1 [10]

   Clerical Investment [5], Fit [5], Patron (The Order of St. Kythryn and St. Patrick, Powerful, appears on a 6 or less, supplies equipment +50%) [15], Status 1 [5]

   Duty (The Order and their brothers-in-arms, 12 or less, hazardous) [-15]

   Primary Skills
   Axe/Mace or Broadsword (A) DX+1 [4], Hidden Lore (A) IQ+1 [4], Crossbow (E) DX+2 [4]

   Secondary Skills
   Exorcism (H) Will-1 [2], Shield (E) DX+1 [2]

   Background Skills
   Religious Ritual (H) IQ-2 [1], Riding: Horses (A) DX-1 [1], Theology (H) IQ-1 [2]

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Reference: Organization Breakdowns
The Order of the Azure Flame

   Eons ago, when the Adoshai went to their final war, they summoned a great alien being who pierced the dimensional fabric with its thousands of tentacles. Many of these places never recovered, remaining as scars in the spacetime continuum.

   Many are guarded by supernatural beings and hidden from mortals. One such location exists in Britain where the scar was contained and harnessed by the Tuatha de Danaan. It wasn't hidden and a community grew. Men seeking the wisdom of the immortals. Other men seeking coin by serving the needs of the seekers, and so forth.

   However, power attracts evil and so, the community was betrayed and nearly fell to dark forces. Those who survived locked down the site and banned all weapons. Only those who would swear an oath to protect the land and its people would be allowed access.

The Azure Flame
   At the heart of the site is a vicious twisted knot in reality that assaults everything in its proximity on every level, physical, emotional, mental, and existential. Energies of a wide variety, such as gamma rays, x-rays, UV, erupt from the scar, as do psychic disruptions. The masters of the site have constructed a system of containment around the scar, harnessing it into a furnace with an eternal azure flame.

   Under proper supervision, adherents are exposed to the Flame, shielded from all but the existential assault. The ordeal strips away the illusions of ego and individuality, and opens the psyche to the oneness of existence.

The Order
   The membership of the order consists of a core group whose primary purpose is to hide the scar from mortal men. Their secondary purpose is to explore magic in an environment where reality has already been softened and twisted. Finally, to defend their haven through building their own inner power.

Archetype: Gish

   (Using M20 p568)
  • All is consciousness
  • Elements in balance (the Titans)
  • Reality is malleable and magic is the art of shaping it.
  • Elemental imbalance is as natural as shifting tides
  • Monsters can manifest from great spiritual imbalance just as oceanic imbalance can cause tidal waves, etc
  • Suffering is natural but unnatural evils should be eliminated

   To the azure sorcerer, all of existence is consciousness; the Godhead is asleep and dreaming that it is each one of us. The titans are the great forces of the universe, servants of the Godhead, makers of the universe. Beings are made in the image of the Godhead and so, the titanic forces can be found within and harnessed for power and balance.

   Most magi use complex processes to slip past their own struggles with doubt and faith. For adepts of the Azure Flame, a more immediate process is used - exposure to the Flame itself. Witnessing the horrific miracle of a puckered scar in reality triggers an existential crisis, which the masters exploit to undermine any and all doubt in the aspirant’s mind as to the forces of magic and the titans. Further still, the sight cements in the aspirant’s mind the resolve to oppose unnatural evils.

   Primary - Yoga
   The incarnata of the Prettanic Isles are renowned for their mastery of magic. Over the centuries, the Azure masters have developed a complex metaphysical system that bridges the gap between mortal and immortal understanding. Through exposure to the Azure Flame, sorcerers have many of their illusions of physical existence revealed. From that moment, they dedicate themselves to the transcendence of physical and mental limitations.

   Students of the Azure Flame believe that all beings are microcosms of the Godhead. By practicing stillness and focused intention, the power of the titans can be found within and harnessed. Yogic practice involves achieving balance in their relationship to and understanding of the cosmic forces.

   Crazy Wisdom
   Given that the Tuatha de Danaan moved to the Otherworld, they are largely inaccessible to mortal beings. Sorcerers of the Azure Flame use lucid dreaming and vision quests to journey into the lands of the fae. Many take lucid dreaming as a daily regimen.

   Deep within the Otherworld, in the lands of dream, lies the Sanctum of Champions. Bound to the Flame, it functions as an astral temple for the order. It also acts as a stadium, where sorcerers can duel their brethren pushing their imaginations to the limit. Acceptance of a malleable reality in dream trains the mind to expect it in reality, which reinforces the magical will.

   Because they use lucid dreaming as a training practice, Azure sorcerers often seek ways to remain asleep for longer periods, which may include exhausting themselves through brawling, exercise, or sex. Some may use entheogens but it is not common since lucid dreaming is a delicate practice.

   Martial Arts
   The Azure Flame is a ley line intersection. A place where an alien aberration slashed at the fabric of spacetime so it could reach through and consume the world. A scar that the sensitive can feel at the edge of their senses. It is living proof that reality can bent, twisted, and torn. It is also evidence of incalculable evil.

   The need for a powerful defence has always lain at the core of the order. Over the millenia, the site has had numerous defences from mercenary forces to magical creatures. Finally, the masters chose to take on the duty themselves and developed a martial art that harnesses the power of their sorcery.

   Azure Sorcery has a martial bias. Gestures resolve into fists and stances while invocations are quick and breathy to synchronize with the exertions of combat.

   Remember that instruments are tools used with spellcasting as foci for Will. Thus, they go hand in hand with which Flaws are allowed or are commonly used in spell design.

   Bodywork and Energy
   - following incarnate philosophy, the titans are associated with 6 internal energies
   - Azure Sorcery has an exercise regimen designed to increase and balance internal energies

   Gestures and Postures
   - As a martial path, there are a number of routines for training muscle memory, similar to kata
   - spells are frequently cast using gestures. These are short, quick movements that end or resolve in a combat gesture (fist, knife hand, etc)

   Meditation and Ordeals
   - Azure Sorcery favours balance by using both stillness and intensity as methods for quieting the self.
   - intense physical training, alongside martial training, pushes adherents to their limits
   - meditative training opens the way to slipping into the Otherworld

   Vocalizations and Knotwork
   - Many sorcerers have alternate casting methods
   - For some, trigger words are used as a shortform of spellcasting. Words used are short and fit the exertions of combat
   - Knotwork is deeply meaningful to Celtic culture. Some sorcerers use knotwork as a visual trigger for spellcasting. They might tap or trace a tattoo of a knot, or an actual knot worn on the body.

GURPS4 Build

   Martial Art Style 6 points
  • Defensive
  • Adaptable
  • Strikes
  • Outer Power (Hard Style) - inner power (magic) expressed as external power
  • Mystical philosophy - Danaan Metaphysics

   Skills: Meditation (Will/H), Parry Missile Weapons (DX/H), Judo (DX/H), Karate (DX/H), Savoir Faire (Dojo; IQ/E), Thaumatology (IQ/VH)

   Techniques: Acrobatic Stand (A), Aggressive Parry (H), Back Kick (H), Breakfall (A), Counterattack (H), Elbow Strike (A), Evade (A), Jam (H), Judo Throw (H), Uppercut (A)

   Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow (IQ/H), Flying Leap (IQ/H), Immovable Stance (DX/H), Light Walk (DX/H), Mental Strength (Will/E), Power Blow (Will/H), Push (DX/H), Throwing Art (DX/H)

   Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Attack (H), Flying Jump Kick (H), Roll with Blow (H), Whirlwind Attack (H)

   Perks: Rapid Retraction (Punches), Shtick (azure flame from hands),

   Optional Traits

   Advantages: Ambidexterity [5], Fit [5 or 15], Higher Purpose (Defend the Azure Flame) [5], Sorcerous Empowerment [20], Sorcery Talent (1) [10]

   Skills: Acrobatics (DX/H), Autohypnosis (Will/H), Dreaming (Will/H), Hidden Lore (Faerie; IQ/A), Jumping (DX/E), Meditation (Will/H), Parry Missile Weapons (DX/H), Stealth (DX/A)

   Common Spells

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Reference: Organization Breakdowns
Knights of the Twisting Path

- antipaladins
- knights who learn Satanic theurgy
- prerequisites: Benefit (knighthood) or Wealth 3+ (make it an elite thing), villainous Motivation
- Complication: Responsibility (Lord of Hell - Asmoday, Mammon, Ball, etc.)
- maybe subtypes based on the Lord. Knights of Mammon gain Motivation (Greed) assuming they didn't already have it, and may have a Wealth bonus, or maybe can create illusions of wealth to lure the greedy
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Reference: Organization Breakdowns
Magi of the Seven Spheres

- Christian magi who transcend the Magery 1 soft cap by summoning an angelic ally to teach them Eloscian in exchange for serving heaven
- not aligned with the church
- similar to John Dee

- New idea - magical equivalent of Language Talent.
- Mages who strive to master the seven esoteric languages

- though it could be argued why 7?
   - three astral : Eloscian/Heaven, Q'Zhaeraq/Hell, Xyzoruj/The Abyss
   - four ethereal: Khaa’rahkaung/Fire, Aauaska/Air, Ska’shaaul/Water, Mrog/Earth

- yes, many other upperworlds (Tir n'an Og, Olympus, Asgard, etc.)
- 7 is based on DnD cosmology

- real-world Western Greco-Christian cosmology

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Reference: Organization Breakdowns
Bladesong - 8 points

Bladesong is an elven art practiced in northwest Europe. Incarnata, generally speaking, are not a tool-using species, but a magic-using one so weapon use is uncommon. Those who study bladesong appreciate armed combat.

   Prerequisites: Eldritch Power or Sorcery Talent

   Skills: Acrobatics (DX/H), Dancing (DX/A), Jumping (DX/E), Karate (DX/H), at least one Melee Weapon skill (varies) and its associated Combat Art (varies), Savoir Faire (dojo; IQ/E)

   Techniques: Acrobatic Stand (A), Breakfall (A), Counterattack (H), Disarming (H), Evade (A), Feint (melee weapon; H), Ground Fighting (H), Kicking (H), Retain Weapon (H), Spinning (melee weapon; H), Sweep (melee weapon; H)

   Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting (Per/VH), Flying Leap (IQ/H), Power Blow (Will/H), Precognitive Parry (IQ/H), Sensitivity (Per/VH)

   Cinematic Techniques: Dual-Weapon Defense (H), Fighting While Seated (H), Grand Disarm (melee weapon; H), Lethal Kick (H), Roll With Blow (H), Springing Attack (melee weapon; H), Whirlwind Attack (melee weapon; H)

   Perks: Armour Familiarity, Form Mastery, Grip Mastery, Off-Hand Weapon Training, Quick-Swap, Skill Adaptation (Acrobatic feints and kicks), Special Exercises (magical training)

   Optional Traits

   Advantages: Cultural Adaptability, Daredevil, Enhanced Defense (dodge), Enhanced Defense (parry with one weapon), Fit or Very Fit, High Pain Threshold, Higher Purpose (advance elven culture), Perfect Balance, Weapon Bond, Weapon Master (weapon specialization)

   Skills: Autohypnosis (Will/H), Cloak (DX/A), Diplomacy (IQ/H), Fast-Draw (DX/E), Innate Attack (DX/E), Mental Strength (Will/E), Parry Missile Weapons (DX/H), Singing (HT/E)

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