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Reference: 15th century Rannoch

Where Am I?

Mormaerdom of Atholl
Atholl is an earldom within the Grampian Mountains of Scotland. Part of the ancient Caledonian forest, the land is wild and largely unsettled.

Loch Rannoch
A long, thin lake running east-west for 15 kilometers, while no wider than 1.2 km. It flows east becoming the River Tummel. To the west of Loch Rannoch, sharing its waters, is Rannoch Moor, a huge expanse of bog.

The Hamlet of Kinloch Rannoch
The tiny hamlet, named Ceann Loch or "end of the loch", sits at the mouth of the loch where it flows east as river Tummel. Populated by hunters exploring the Caledonian, fishermen sailing the loch, and prospectors heading west into the Blackmount in search of gold. A road runs along the northern shore of the loch west of the hamlet.

Craiganour Estate
A farm 5km west of Kinloch Rannoch

A hunting camp 10km west of Kinloch Rannoch

Loch Eigheach
A small loch within the Rannoch Moor. It is largely uninhabitable, difficult terrain. However, the loch is favoured by perch, which makes it a tempting destination for adventurous fishermen.

Aberfeldy and Comrie Castle
15 km south-east of Kinloch Rannoch is the burgh of Aberfeldy. A burgh is a settlement that is protected by a castle and has a marketplace. 6 km west of Aberfeldy lies Comrie Castle, the seat of Clan Menzies, who were given the lands of Glen Lyon and Atholl.

A logging camp directly south of Craiganour Estate. Built to harvest the Black Wood, Carie consists of a mill and a public house. The loggers work 3 day shifts, living at the camp for the duration and returning to their homes in Kinloch for their downtime.

18 miles east is Moulin Kirk, a church granted to the Dunfermline monks by William the Lion.

Close by on an island in a loch lies the Black Castle of Moulin, built by Sir John Campbell.

The Sisters
The sisters have chosen the region of Rannoch to settle in. Minael enjoys the loch while Mariel prefers the moor. Kinloch Rannoch is where those who wish to seek or hunt the sisters make their camp.

When Am I?

The House of Stewart rules Scotland. However, Robert III is dead and his son James is a prisoner of Henry IV. So, while the crown awaits its rightful owner, Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany serves as Governor of Scotland.

Sir Robert Menzies is the current earl of Atholl.

Oberon and Titania rule the faeries, including the sisters

Queen Mab, Shakespeare called her the faeries' midwife...
 - Mab is Medb Lethderg, a sovereignty spirit associated with Tara.
 - She was Queen Maeve of Connaught
 - When the Danaans fled the world, Medb stayed on as Queen of the faeries of Ireland... or the Unseelie Queen of all faeries, the counter to Titania

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Reference: 15th century Rannoch
In reply to GM (msg # 1):

No need to go earlier or further.
7th Sea is based on the 17th century, 15th sounds just about right, and gives you room to develop 'musket' like weapons down the line, if you push your campaign further.
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Reference: 15th century Rannoch
Scottish Currency - Wikipedia

   Shilling: 1/20 lb (20.3g) of silver

   Penny - silver, equal to 1 denari, 12 pence equals 1 shilling
   Half-Groat - silver, worth 2 pence
   Groat - silver, worth 4 pence
   Lion - gold, worth 1/3 lb of sterling silver

   To add some complexity, by the 1400's, Scottish coins were valued at half that of English coins.

   GURPS Notes
   Fantasy 137
      Realistic Historical
      - 1 pound of silver = $1000
      - @ 1/20lb, 1 Shilling = $50
      - 1 penny = $4
      - 1 lion = $300
      Fantasy Historical
      - 1 ounce of silver = $1
      - 1 ounce of gold = $20

CoinMaterialValueGURPS Value
Farthing (English)   2g copper1 copper piece / 1/4 denari   $1
Penny2g sterling silver5 copper pieces / 1 denari   $4
Half-Groat4g sterling silver1 silver piece / 2 denari   $10
Groat8g sterling silver   2 silver pieces / 4 denari   $20
Shilling20g (.05 lb) sterling   5 silver piece / 10 denari   $50
Lion3g gold   1 gold piece / 100 denari / 1/3 lb of sterling silver   $300

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Reference: 15th century Rannoch
The Folk of Rannoch

Social Structure

King: Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, Governor of Scotland

Earl: Walter Stewart,_Earl_of_Atholl

Lairds: Sir Robert Menzies, Lord of Comrie Castle

Kinloch Rannoch
Population: 63 plus regular daily influx of 20-30 seasonal residents and workers

Alexander MacDonald - 71 yrs, owner of the Lady's Bounty Inn
Ada MacDonald - 53 yrs, manager of Lady's Bounty Inn, daughter of Alexander and Diedre

Lennox Halgarson - 47 yrs, Norwegian sailor retired as Scottish shepherd, owns a farm northeast of Kinloch but uses it only for harsh weather. He prefers being out in the elements under the stars.

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