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Tue 30 Jun 2020
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Ranged Contradictions
Firing a gun(pistol/rifle) is not a ranged contradiction as the contradiction happens in the fireer's hand. Once the projectile is moving, even the tech 7 of the Living Land supports things-that-are-propelled* continue-to-move.

Firing a bazooka or throwing a grenade would be a ranged contradiction, if you want the explosion to happen.

Magic and Miracles are more case by case, the R&E tried to simplify it, but I don't like the R&E rules(sorry). If the Caster is touching the effect, it is not Ranged for Contradiction, so AoE spells1 centered on the caster are safe(from this danger), but conjured fireball could have a problem.

* Thrown, flung, slung, launched ...
1 includes Miracles and Psionics
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Sun 5 Jul 2020
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In most games, the amount of punishment an individual target can take varies from target to Target. HP in So Many Games Wounds in Eternity....
This is not true in TORG [well, not entirely true] and is another reason it will always be my favorite RPG of all time.

Everything, from a gnat to a person to an elephant to a building to a mountain to a planet, Ev er ry th hing, had 4 wounds. You may have noticed the four check boxes next to "Wound" on your Character Sheet. These boxes are for {Wound, Heavy Wound, Mortal Wound} and {Bones is telling Jim about you}. 4 wounds and you are dead, no matter who you are1.

Now, damage that deals 4 wounds to a gnat may not even phase a human; damage that does 4 wounds to a human might not even be noticed by a building; damage that kills a building could be ignored by a mountain/ and if any of you try to come up with, let alone deploy, a weapon that can wound a planet, you are playing the wrong game [DBZ RPG already exists].

There are 2 other damage indicators. So now I will explain K/O. These are also boxes on your sheets. If you have neither and you get an "O", nothing happens; if you get a "K" it gets recorded. Therefore,obviously, you cannot have an "O" by itself but you can have a "K". If you have a K and get another, it hurts2 but usually not as bad as getting an O at that point. If you have a K and get an O, or get both at the same time, you are KO'd. Again, the K/I conditions apply the same to everyone (most things are immune; what does an unconscious building look like?)

Then there's Shock. How much Shock you can take before you cease to function for a while is your Toughness stat.

Three ways to impress your enemies with.

1 Certain Miracles can change this and some undead need to be obliterated (requiring 7 wounds typically)

2 +3 Shock.

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Thu 9 Jul 2020
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Approved Actions
I think all current players get these in general. For future players;

The "Act:" line on the initiative card lists 1, 2, or "Any" actions. On any of your turns, you may attempt any action you choose, and as long as you do something, you may place a card from your hand into your pool. If you Succeed at one of the actions listed on the "Act:" line, you draw a new card into your hand, and may choose it or one you allready had to Pool.

After re-reading old rules and influence from Eternity...I am going to require an Active Defense action to get the card, but I will not require actuall targeting...if you Defend and don't get hit, you get a card; even if no one attacks you.  This is MYcurrent interpretation of Old TORG rules for Defend approved action.
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Mon 20 Jul 2020
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In the Rulebook this is called "Negating Damage" and that is a much better description than "Soaking".

When you take damage, you can spend a Possibility to negate some of it, all of it if it is small enough. When you do this, you get to remove three "packets" from the incoming damage. Each packet can be one of the following:

3 Shock points
A Knockdown
A "K" or an "O"1
1 Wound

Note: this is not healing, and it is not resisting. This represents changing Reality so the damage never happened in the first place.

It is almost certain that sooner or later you will need this.

1: This was modified in R&E. The old book had an example of removing the K portion of a KO result and letting the O fade away.