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Fri 12 Jun 2020
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Rules And Such!
Dice Rolls:
We will use the built-in rpol dice roller. I am usually a rules light GM, meaning that if I think your character can do something easily I will not ask you to roll. If the outcome is uncertain or if it is an opposed roll versus another Pc (or Npc) I will ask for a roll.

Now this is a game, not your life, so as long as you post three to four times a week that is fine by me. If you find the game entertaining (which I hope you do!) & wish to post more often please feel free. If you are to be away for an extended period of time and/ or without Internet access please drop me a PM.

If real life rears its ugly head or you lose interest in the game that is fine by me as well, however, if you could please let me know so I may find a replacement player I would appreciate it greatly.

Now as far as posting itself:

I would like you to post in third person past tense if you would. Some people like to use a colored type to represent their speech/ dialogue. That is fine but not necessary. All thoughts should be in Italics though.

I want everyone to have fun & do not expect long posts every time, but please try to refrain from the over use of one line posts where appropriate. Also, everyone should have access to a spell checker or at least a dictionary. Try to avoid spelling errors when possible.

OOC: This thread should be used to discuss Out of character & out of game material. Please use it in this manner. If you have an Out of Character question pertaining to the current thread & your character or to record combat info please do so at the end of the thread like the example below:

Copy and Paste from Die Roller like:

09:52, Sun 09 Oct: Ovo Goldenshield rolled 6 using 1d20+3.  Ovo's Axe Attack.

Please use th Orange Text to denote OOC text.

Rules To Be Used

D&D 5th Ed along with Adventures In Middle Earth by Cubicle 7.