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Wed 17 Jun 2020
at 15:07
Character Creation
The adventure is for characters level 1 - 4.

For now, I plan on giving each player 3000 starting xp.

I'm not expecting a combat heavy game (it's an investigation), but of course combat may come up at some point - always good to be ready.

You can choose any class in the core rules, except...

there is no clerics in this adventure, for roleplaying purposes.  However, you may choose to play a cleric for mechanical reasons.  In that case please play a lawful good character - the roleplaying reason for the healing powers is up to you.

Any questions?  Please ask.  Otherwise please post your characters below! (Roll up according to the core rules).

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Mon 22 Jun 2020
at 00:52
Character Creation

I am Joffree, a Dwarf fighter. After my clan was killed by Goblins, I joined the local militia and spent the next two decades making them pay for their crimes. Now that the Goblin filth has (mostly) been driven from these lands, I embark on a new path, seeking treasure & glory wherever I may find it.

Name: Joffree
Dwarf Fighter
Level: 2 (3000  xp)

STR  12
DEX  9
CON  9
INT  8
WIS  10
CHA  10

Attack Bonus  +2
Melee Bonus  +2
AC Bonus  0
Hit Dice  2d8
Hit Points  10
Armor Class  16  (chain mail + shield)

Saving Throws
Death/Poison  7
Wands  8
Paralysis/Stone  10
Dragon Breath  12
Spells  13

battleaxe (1d8+2), shield, chainmail, rations (1 week), waterskin, hemp rope (50ft), grappling hook

Special Abilities
* Darkvision 60'
* Detect slanting passages, traps, shifting walls and new construction on a roll of 1-2 on 1d6

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Mon 29 Jun 2020
at 20:02
Character Creation
In reply to Chuck (msg # 2):

I will be playing Gralmor Lemnu, level 3 Human Thief (XP 3000/5000). Gralmor is an ugly son of a gun, but trustworthy to his friends.

Str- 10 (0)
Dex- 13 (+1)
Con- 14 (+1)
Int- 12 (0)
Wis- 14 (+1)
Cha- 7  (-1)

Attack Bonus  +2
Melee Bonus   +2
Missile Bonus +3 (+4 short range)
AC Bonus      +1
Hit Dice      3d4
Hit Points    8
Armor Class   14 (Leather Armor + dex bonus)

Leather Armor
Hand Axe (1d6)
Sling (1d6)
  Sling bullets (20)
Belt Pouch
50 ft of Silk Rope
Grappling Hook
Thieves' picks and tools
Tinderbox, flint and steel
One weeks' dry rations
6 gold pieces

Saving throws:

  Death Ray/Poison: 12

  Magic Wands: 14

  Paralysis/Petrify: 12

  Dragon Breath: 15

  Spells: 14

Thief skills:

  Open locks: 35

  Remove Traps: 30

  Pick Pockets: 40

  Move Silently: 35

  Climb Walls: 82

  Hide: 20

  Listen: 38

Special Ability:
Humans gain 10% more experience.