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Tue 23 Jun 2020
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Group Character Development
The in-game start date will be December 10th, 2016 which was a Saturday.

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This thread is to be used for pregame and during game character development and should be out of character in terms of content. Use this to establish ties and talk about your characters, further development them, set group goals, etc. I do not expect at any points to have a collective of both all the Mages and all the Changelings in one place (such as the Red Shadows pack in A Tale of Flesh and Shadow), which isnít to say that it canít happen and your two characters shouldnít interact, but itís not meant to be a mass of you traveling around to protect a territory. Itís Mages and Changelings this time.

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Awakened Characters

Your Mage characters have just Awakened within 2-3 weeks of game start, and someone (an NPC who I will designated based on your concept) from the Prism will have approached your character. The things you should post in this thread are:
  • Shadow Name - What name did you adopt for you new Awakened life?
  • Path - Whatever tower you have signed your true name to should be listed here.
  • Apparent Age - How old do you look to be? Early thirties? College student? However you want to describe a general range. Don't use specific numbers.
  • Ethnicity - Where are you from? Does this affect how you look? Hair, eyes, scars, piercings, etcs.
  • Alias - What name do you use for official paperwork for school or renting an apartment, mortgage, etc.
  • Physical Appearance - Only what someone passing on the street might see. If you have a tattoo on your arm but you always wear long-sleeved shirts, who would know about it unless you constantly push up your sleeves whenever you go somewhere.
  • Personality - A brief description of your character's personality. Are they a homebody or a party-goer? Do they spend a lot of time online or playing sports? Etc.
  • Four Rumors - Two must be true and two must be false. These can pertain to you as a mortal or your new life.

If feel so inclined to do more here, you can. If you want to have deeper connections beyond the Prism you're allowed, but be aware that knowing someone before you discovered the Lie can be very dangerous to keep around.

You may copy this to fill out:

<b>Shadow Name:</b>
<b>Apparent Age:</b>
<b>Physical Appearance:</b>

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Wed 24 Jun 2020
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Group Character Development
My Mage will be a Mastigos, he is a college student from another city possibly New York who came to Quebec to get away from his upright family. With that said his family is exceptionally wealthy and so he has access to quite a bit of resources, in school he studies finance but generally just lives to get crazy thanks to his money. Possibly as a result of an internship he was introduced to the world of narcotics and from there fell into the trap of designer drugs and private parties.

His awakening came about during an overdose and as a Mage he generally uses Mind and Life Magic that he has developed in the days since awakening to intensify his highs and lows.

Shadow Name: Python He took the name of the mythological creature who originally ruled over Delphi and is supposedly buried beneath the temple of Apollo.
Path: Mastigos
Apparent Age: He looks to be in his early to mid 20ís
Ethnicity: White American, Father is of Latvian descent
Alias: Artemis Snow, not his true name but he does not shear that anymore
Physical Appearance: He looks like a a young man with a medium athletic build, his eyes are dark almost grey although they are often glossy or bloodshot depending on what he is taking. His hair is black and stylishly messy. He dresses in party attire typically a fashionable shirt with dark slacks, he usually has only a few buttons on his shirt done at a time.
Personality: he is typically fairly laid back even care free except when it comes to pursuit of his vices which can make him act as one might expect. His exceptional wealth and upbringing have left him arrogant but also seldom afraid to shear in the name of a good time.
Four Rumors: He killed someone; He is a regular patient at the hospital; He is a made man; The University is considering academic suspension

My character will focus primarily in physical and social areas in attributes and skills, Resources and contacts will likely be his main merits and not likely much in the way of any supernatural merits. Arcana wise i intend to take Mind and Life.

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Fri 26 Jun 2020
at 04:54
Group Character Development
My mage will be an Acanthus. She is a high school dropout who got sucked into the world of drugs that nearly cost her life. Now she's looking to get clean and move past her old life.

Shadow Name -
Path - Acanthus
Apparent Age - Late Teens
Ethnicity - Irish and French Canadian
Alias - Cianna Moulin
Physical Appearance - Light gray sweater that looks worn around the wrists. Tan capri pants with worn and tattered cargo pockets. Well worn, off-white athletic shoes. She is fair skinned with short light brown hair with electric blue dyed tips and vibrant green eyes. She has facial scarring across the skin around her right eye and nose, which continues into her hairline on her right where itís thinned out a bit.
Personality - Generally reserved, most people see her as wound tight like a spring. She rarely seems relaxed or fully engaged in any given situation. Often awake or sleeping at unusual hours, seeming constantly tired.
Four Rumors - She survived an assassination attempt. Her father was a serial killer. She dropped out of high school because she was pregnant. Her mother was a prostitute.

Cianna is going to be focusing on Fate and Prime. Her skills and attributes will primarily revolve around physical and mental skills.

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Fri 26 Jun 2020
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Group Character Development
I will also be an Acanthus Mage, and I will be focusing on Time magic. He is an artist and work with oil paints, but he has only have sold two pieces of art. He constantly strives to find something to paint so hopefully he can make another painting worth selling. Because of his his searching for new experiences to help give him an idea of what to paint, he has turned to drugs and alcohol to fuel his creativity.

Shadow Name: Awen - This name comes from druid lore and means poetic inspiration, and sometimes can be described as being the liquid form of inspiration
Path: Acanthus
Apparent Age:Looks like early 30ís because how tired he always looks but is actually in his early 20ís
Ethnicity:Canadian and 1/4th First Nation (Cree)
Alias:Aaron Brown - Because when you say Awen it could be they might have heard Aaron wrong

Physical Appearance: On most days Awen looks like he needs a cup of coffee or something to pick him up as his eyes always appear heavy as if he had been out all-night partying. But despite looking tried most of the time, Awen still has the energy to try and stay fairly fit in case he ever gets a chance to show his artwork at a gallery.  He has a habit of running his hands through his somewhat long brown wavy hair or tugging at his short unkempt facial hair while he thinks or contemplates what to paint next. Most of the time he tends to wear a lot of plaid button-down shirts and jeans that that might have the slight bit of paint on them that wonít wash out.

Personality: Awen is kind of adventurous and is always interested in trying new things. Unless Awen is working on something or something really has his focus, Awenís attention is ever drifting  looking for something to spark his inspiration for him to create another work of art that he can be happy with. Because of this hunt for inspiration, he tends to take a lot of pictures with his phone. However, when he feels like he has run out of ideas and nothing else can give him the inspiration he needs, he tends to turn to drugs.

He fell out of his apartment window into a dumpster and spent the better part of a week in the hospital.
Spent 6 months in prison for possession of drugs.
Is quite a lot of debt to debt to the Mafia
Came second place a few years ago at the Quebec City Marathon
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Sat 27 Jun 2020
at 21:50
Group Character Development
So it looks like drugs are a connection between our three characters, my character is into the high end designer drug market not so much in making deals in the streets. Itís possible we could have meet at a party or some kind of event.

Awen might have wanted someone he knew had safe connections to a dealer.
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Sat 27 Jun 2020
at 23:54
Group Character Development
Yeah, a safer connection would be a good idea and he would also be tempted by these high end designer drugs (if he can afford them), as Awen is always looking for something new to get the creativity flowing for his art.
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Sun 28 Jun 2020
at 00:23
Group Character Development
My character could have run drugs for both of yours. A common face with a great reputation.