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Act I: Pandora's Box
   Black.  A strange sun in the far distance casts faint orange rays.  A metal object
emerges from the deep, invading the dark indifference of deep space.  It is a

           commercial cargo vehicle USCSS "Montero"

           Lockmart CM-88G Bison-Class freighter

               crew: five
              cargo: 200,000 tons of tritium gas
            course: "Sutter's World" frontier colony

  The ship floats silent and vacant.  Against the hostile forces of deep cold,
searing radiation and battering gravity, it drifts alone.  Asleep.

  A signal!

  An electronic conversation.  Credentials are exchanged.  A challenge given and
response accepted.  A frenzy of analog activity.  Lines of code cast onto an
empty helmet.  The ship stirs.  The engines come to life and drone imperceptively
throughout the ship.  Lights flicker on and darkness retreats from the hallways.
Life support comes on and starts to circulate.  The ship awakes.

  Cryo tubes slowly open.  The crew begin to emerge from their beds, drifting in
and out as they surface from a long dream.

  You are space truckers on the starfreighter USCSS Montero, running the
"Gauntlet"--the trade route between Anchorpoint Station and the frontier.  Your
ship's cargo hold is packed with dozens of tanks of dangerous Tritium gas that is
in the process of decaying into extremely profitable Helium-3.  Usually, cargoes
such as these are towed in massive tanker modules that transport much higher
concentrations of the gas a safe distance from a freight hauler.  The Montero isn't
rated as a commercial towing vehicle, however, and this small run is a special order
for a Weyland-Yutani corporate account on Sutter's World--a newly established
frontier colony.  While the trip so far has been fairly routine, the Montero's
sensors developed a glitch before you left Anchorpoint and sporadically pinged
contact with a sensor reflection before you activated the displacement drive and
went FTL.  Your cargo run so far has been without incident.  Now, you are just
awakening from hypersleep, ready to deliver your goods to the colony of Sutter's

  Standard operating procedure when awakening from hypersleep is to grab some
breakfast and get some coffee into your system.  The coffee is free but your meals,
water, and air are all deducted from your compensation.

  Use this opportunity for a brief amount of banter around the breakfast table
before you get to it.

** The Montero is of the same series of starfreighter as the Nostromo (Alien),
except that is is a newer model with some minor upgrades.  The main difference is
that the Nostromo has upgraded engines and is rated for towing whereas the Montero
is not.  As such, she is fitted to haul cargo internally like a standard
freighter and has a large bay with ventral access.

The Montero's bay is currently full of 72 high-pressure tanks carrying
200,000 tons of aging, yet still highly flammable Tritium.  The volatile nature of
Tritium means that it's a bitch to transport but by the time the shipment reaches
port it will have completed radioactive decay into Helium-3, a safe and clean
energy source.  Each tank is half the size of a tanker trailer.  At this time,
roughly half of the gas is still flammable.  Extreme caution is advised.

To ferry cargo to and from low orbit, the Montero is equipped with an aging and
ailing WY-37B flatbed cargo lifter named Daisy.  It is the same model and type as
seen on the Covenant (Alien: Covenant).  The Montero also has a single P-5000 Power
Loader to load and unload cargo.**

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Tue 14 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
The contented smile disappears from Rye's face as soon as she opens her eyes: the silk sheets were but a dream.
Time to wake up to the cold foor, the company overalls, and the tedious job.
Rye stretches and scratches, muttering to now one in particular that "at least the Tritium didn't blow us all up".
Yawning as she finishes dressing, Rye glances around to see if Cham is up too:
"Yo! Ready to offload the Helium and collect our pay?"

She retrieves the few belongings from her locker, glancing at a photo... before pocketing it.
Then, some quick cleansing gel on the face, and it is off to the galley.

Rye prepares two coffees, first half-filling the mugs with sugar and cream.
Both beverages are for her.
She scans the rest of the breakfast items: you can just see her brain computing how to get the cheapest nourishment.
In the end, as usual, she sighs and goes for a third mug of sugar and cream with some coffee over the top.

Sitting down, she looks around:
"I hope we get a free lunch on Sutter's World."

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Thu 16 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
    Juliet stirred, the dream fading. She felt somewhat disappointed, it had been a good dream too.  She yawned and opened her eyes. Big mistake, BIG mistake! She winced and hurriedly closed them again. Shit, she had forgotten about the lights, why the hell did they always make them so bright RIGHT out of hypersleep. She opened them again, this time more slowly, timidly till she got used to the glare. Finally being able to see,  Juliet  stretched, rose, and gingerly pulled her middle-aged body out of the 'coffin' it had been 'entombed' in.  She stepped onto the floor, Shit! Cold, cold, cold! forgot about THAT too. With the temperature shocking her more awake, Ms. Wilson hurriedly made her way to the shower to warm up, as well as cleanse the residue of hyperseelep from her body.

  Some time later washed and dressed in her Company ship's outfit, Ms. Wilson made her way to the mess hall to get something to quell her grumbling stomach as well as get an update from Miller about their status.  Hopefully everything was on schedule and this would be an easy and efficient unloading. Who knows, maybe she would even put nice things to say about the crew in her report. So far they haven't pissed her off...much. The trip had yet to be over though.....

  She made her greetings as she entered. The crew looked...well, as expected; hypersleep was rough on almost everyone and personalities tended to suffer because of it. Coffee seemed to be the drink of the hour and Juliet followed suit, filling a mug and adding her usual to improve the taste. She picked something light from the menu, just enough to satisfy the grumbling; she would eat something more substantial later. Both food and mug in hand, Ms. Wilson took a seat, sipped her coffee, and took a bite of her food as Rye, one of the ship's workers, spoke.

    "Well Ms. Rye," she replied; "if the crew does a good job getting our cargo to Sutter's, maybe I can make that happen. Oh," she added; "do we have a status from MUTHUR on the ship and current location? "
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Thu 16 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
"Oh, hello ma'am."

Rye looks at Wilson, wondering if she is okay:
"Did you sleep well?"

She shrugs:
"I mean, what status do we need? We've arrived, since she woke us up."
It was hard to refrain from adding "-duh!".
Strange how the smart ones could not even figure out simple logic.

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Thu 16 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
   Wilson modded, "yes, it was fine though I don't think I'll ever get used to like like some people."

She stopped, not elaborating who the 'some people' might be.

 At Rye's comment of her question, she frowned. "Ms. Rye, as long as you have been doing this, has every emergence from hyperspace been 'perfect' where you wanted to end up?  Mistakes can be made, coordinates wrong; I just want well...piece of mind that we really are where we are supposed to be. If you have read the protocols, you would know there are reasons other than destination arrival that would cause MUTHUR to wake us up. "
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Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
Suddenly, for the first time since waking up from cryo, Rye... smiles!

"We're not where were supposed to be? We're on emergency status... and pay bonus?!"

She glances at the food-- eyeing it, wondering if she should get something, since she might make extra, and no free lunch is coming after off-loading the goods.

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Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box

  "Whoa, now" Ms. Wilson says  taking he hand off her mug and holding them both up, "I didn't say that Ms. Rye, just that something other then we are at our destination may be the reason." Juliet lowered her hands, picked up her mug and took another sip of coffee. "For the sake of efficiency and cost, I hope the reason is as mundane as we have arrived."

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Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Act I: Pandora's Box
"Oh, boy. If we're not getting a bonus, I sure hope we've arrived. Otherwise I have to pay for two breakfasts."