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RTJ:  Read First
Thank you for your interest in Alien: Chariot of the Gods!

This will be a running of the official Cinematic Scenario from FREE LEAGUE, publishers
of the recently released ALIEN RPG.  It contains pre-generated characters, hidden
agendas, and survival is hoped for but not guaranteed.  It is meant to emulate the
dramatic arc of an ALIEN film.

First things first:  If you have read, watched, or otherwise are familiar with this
scenario, then this adventure isn't for you.  If you have any other experience with
the ALIEN RPG or have played the Hadley's Last Hope scenario, then you are welcome.
If you have no other experience with the RPG or the ALIEN films in general, then you
are welcome as well.

There are five pre-generated characters:

  MILLER, OFFICER..                  Captain
  DAVIS, PILOT..                         Pilot
  RYE, ROUGHNECK..                 Technician
  CHAM, ROUGHNECK..              Cargo Handler
  WILSON, COMPANY AGENT..    Corporate Liason

These five characters will be provided with secret agendas.  These may or may not
oppose each other.  The goal is to survive first and formost, not screw the other
characters at the first chance available.


Choose a character.  Feel free to gender-swap if you are so inclined.

Provide a small (no more than two paragraphs) sample of your writing style.

Provide a list of any other games on RPol that you are CURRENTLY active in.

Provide a realistic estimate of your posting rate.  3-5x per week is ideal.
Dialogue between other PCS is naturally at a higher frequency.  I realize some
people may have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, but I do not.  I'm
not going to be able to keep up with 5x a day.

Lurkers may or may not be admitted.  Good luck!


I will aim for posting or answering questions 3-5x per week.

I will provide as much background info as I can because I like that sort of thing.

I will aim to keep the scenario moving toward the conclusion.

I have provided some rules-based information at the start but it's not necessary to
absorb everything right away.  I will provide more rules and explanations as we come
to them or as they are needed.

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