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Please help flesh this out and add anything you like! :D (except gnomes)

Main Races (have variants)

-Human Kingdoms (Camelot (arthurian fantasy stuff), Scandia (norse mythology theme) Feudal Japan (samurai are cool)) these could each be a seperate battleworld. Feel free to add more cultures to rip off.

-Elves (Wood Elves(druids and archers), High Elves(mages),Snow Elves (the more metal wood elves), Dark Elves (or drow) should each one get a different battleworld?

-Dwarves (Dont have any variants in mind)

-Orcs (WAAAGH) these are the 'War Race'

-Giants (low in numbers, but BIG AND MIGHTY) They could be based on elements: Frost Giant, Fire Giant, Storm Giant, Forest Giant, Mountain Giant, anything else?

-Goblins? maybe a slave race to another race? Playable Y/N?

-There should be a battleworld that is just hordes of undead with no master. (i imagined each race gets their own undead name Humans = Zombie/Skeleton/Wight/Others, Dwarves = Draugr, Merfolk = Gillghouls, Any other ideas?)

Other humanoid (playable) races
Vampires and their Thrull (how thrulls are 'born' is TBD) armies, Merfolk, Naga, Wolfolk, Leonin, Bearfolk, Boarfolk, Elephantfolk (needs good name) Minotaurs (maybe a monster race), Centaurs, Avians/Aven (personal fave), Dragonborn (breath weapon variants), Djinn are elementals each variant gets a unique name i was hoping (Efreet, (fire) Zephyr (storm) can you help me fill in the blanks here?) Reptillians (very ancient and mysterious race, possible ties to the illuminati)

Monster races (probably enemies unless you really want to play one.)

Trolls (cave troll)(hill troll)(forest troll)(ice troll)(swamp troll)(blood troll) In order of how fast they regenerate (troll ability).

Dragons (each dragon is named and gets their own battleworld)

Forgotten Beasts (ancient monsters that lurk in the shadows and deep underground, they are basically hybrid abominations of scary animals. Each gets a name. My little nod to Dwarf Fortress.)

No ents because they are a peaceful race AND PEACE IS NEVER AN OPTION ON BATTLEWORLD!
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