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The Thunderplains
A field known for it's vast storms, many Electrum mines, and the location of several military locations for The Empire of Thunder. Was previously under control by Scandia, and they still claim it to be a heritage site that was stolen from them. Conflicts have been taking place here for a couple decades, but the aggression has spiked in recent years, with each nation sending out larger troops as well as their own champions to fight one another.
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The Thunderplains
Sir Gawain was sent out on a scouting mission alongside three horse-riding rangers of Camelot.

Tensions had risen in Camelot and neighboring villages when their king, Uther Pendragon was struck by a fey mood. He began to fear an impending attack. He had sent knights and rangers in every direction.

He was incredibly suspicious of his neighbors. He had dismissed his advisors on the issue. This was very unlike the king. He would usually consider his choices thoughtfully. Something he had tried for a long time to teach his only son Arthur.

Gawain was unhappy with being sent on such a duty. He did not foresee anything exciting happening. He was mostly frustrated because he was having a good time at the tavern. Feeling indignant, he set off with four men he had never met before. He did not bother to learn their names, though he could tell they were respected individuals in their home villages. Most of the rangers belonging to Camelot were from one of the nearby farming townships. They would be trained there and offer their service to the kingdom.

They had set off two days ago, and now they had arrived in The Thunderplains. This was a region of land belonging to the Empire of Thunder. Though it was not always theirs. It was captured from Scandia years ago after a fierce battle. The Empire of Thunder had sought to harvest the abundance of electrum present in the area. Uther at the time did not understand the power of Electrum and dismissed it as a mundane and flimsy metal. You could say the land was ceded, though no agreement was ever formally signed. It is well known to travellers that this is the region that seperates the two kingdoms.

'I have no interest or business being here,' Gawain though, 'but I suppose this ordeal shall continue until the king comes to his senses.'

It was nearing dusk in the plains, and an orange light came over the land. It was a remarkable sunset, though there was little time to appreciate such things in this war-torn world.

It would be time to rest soon, and Gawain would not be keeping night watch.

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The Thunderplains
Galerian, a Champion from of the Empire had been sent on horseback to the Thunderplains, by direct command of their current leader, Emperor Julian Augustus Primus V... this was displeasing to him.

Galerian would have much rather been back in his city, training, or perhaps enjoying some leisure time. Though, he knew and had reluctantly given in to the fact that his opinions wouldn't get him far on this matter like they usually did...

Being a Champion always came with great influence and additional benefits, but lately those extra privileges had been set on the way side in favor of having more capable fighters in the Thunderplains. The minor skirmishes of the last couple decades had lead this region to become contested land between the Empire of Thunder and Scandia, but recently, things had gotten worse, with the empire's champions being sent out on what was a pretty close contender to the front lines.

Although the Champions of the Empire were significant threats against even well-trained troops, they were scarcely used in warfare, but rather were used for a vary of tasks, from public heroes to international spectacles to special forces.

Today, Galerian had been chosen to go wander these storm-wracked lands for two days and two nights before returning home. It seemed like a waste of his time, but his time wasn't really his, in the first place. Everyone existed for the good of everyone else, and that meant following the orders of your superiors, whomever they come from.

Galerian, as well as a few other Champions he could stomach talking to (it was hard for a man as arrogant and self-satisfied as himself to see such similar behaviors reflected by individuals who were not himself) was beginning to think that the emperor and his advisors had just been drawing names from hats, for at least the last two weeks.

Most individuals had been sent out at least once, so far, but Galerian was holding out that he might manage to get a conversation, and likely a Session of Silence with the current High Bishop of Apollo. Needless to say, unless the Emperor directly intervened, there was nothing short of a natural disaster that could force him to leave the temple during a Session of Silence. They were held in such high regard, specifically the states of mind received within, that anyone caught stepping an eyelash into the hallway near the room would be quickly and silently decapitated by the guards, regardless of their ranking.

Alas, he was here now, and wasn't expecting to see anyone, though he was prepared to have a sleepless standoff against any Scandians that showed themselves to him.

What he wasn't prepared for, however, was what he saw in the distance as he strode through the land on his horse (even though it was nearing dusk), was to see a stormforsaken Knight of Camelot in the region! This was very suspicious, but Galerian was too stubborn to return without gathering some more information first. He hated being caught without words, it was even more irksome to him as being forced to speak to start with.

Thus, he unmounted himself from his horse, and quickly and deftly set the steed to an idle state. He had been offered a messenger to travel with him, but had instead opted to go alone. It wasn't necessary, though Galerian was only the second champion thus far to opt to go without a messenger. Galerian honestly just would rather being alone during his honorary exile, as he was calling it in his head but aloud to no one.

After the horse was settled, Galerian pondered how he would approach the knight... he had a few horsemen with him, it seemed, but that was not likely to be a threat... the main issue would be doing anything in this blasted darkness that was encroaching... Sure, it would be harder for his enemy to see, but he was a Champion of Apollo, for zeussake!
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
Gawain was preparing to bunker down for the night when he heard rustling nearby. He glanced sideways and saw one of the rangers. His green cloak was flowing in the wind.

"I beg your pardon sir Gawain, but we have spotted a visitor in the distance."

Gawain was surprised. "Go on."

"He seems to hail from The Empire of Thunder," explained the ranger "seeing he is without company, he could be a dangerous foe."

"Has he seen us?" asked Gawain.

"Unlikely." replied the ranger.

"I see no reason to instigate a confrontation. He may come to us if he wishes. Let us keep an eye on him, I shall join you in your watch."

The ranger bowed his head in agreement. "Very well. Let us find higher ground."

Gawain mounted his horse, and followed the ranger uphill. Cloaked and silent, they joined the others. As they looked down on the man from the hilltop, the sun was sinking below the horizon. The wind was cold.

Night fell over the land as they awaited their adversary's next move.
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
Although their procession was as stealthy as one surrounding a man in knight's armor could reasonably be expected to be, it's purpose was defeated by the fact that Galerian had already seen them, before they started moving.

Now, Galerian had not heard their conversation, on account of their distance. The fact that they had started moving after he had disembarked his horse had lead him to believe they had seen him. The fact that they were moving uphill reinforced this opinion, and was causing him to shift with anticipation. Only a fool would seek higher ground during a thunderstorm... unless they were preparing for battle...

A knight of Camelot was no meager foe, but he doubted it would be too much of a challenge for him... though, the last hints of daylight were rapidly fading, and would certainly be absent by the time he reached his potential quarry.

As he slowly but steadily approached with his broad gait from 500 ft to within 200 ft of his adversaries, the moon had risen in the east of the sky, and that meant, as he traveled west, it was staring him down, as if with a smug challenge. He grit his teeth at the thought, as much out of spite as well as worry.

He was now close enough to see with his own god-blessed eyes, the color of the garments worn by those surrounding the Knight. This was possible despite both the smothering darkness, on top of the chilling, bitter wind harassing his other senses. He grinned in smug satisfaction, though it only came out as a grimace. He was definitely feeling less confident now, though he didn't feel like he needed to retreat. He hated fleeing from anything.

The green color of the cloaks worn by the other few horsemen confirmed his suspicion they were rangers. They were certainly trained in the art of bowmanship, and from the way they had moved, he was sure they also had been chosen to accompany this misplaced knight on account of their perceptive capabilities. They were likely the ones to spot him and move to the top of the hill... Now, he just wondered if they could still see him...

When he had started marching, he had hoped that this would be close enough for him to instigate a shouting match with his adversaries, but since then, the wind had started to howl... the near-Hadesian weather here was highly unpredictable. Even the most specialized seers could only have a 50% certainty for their guesses.

Besides the Oracle at Delphi, named Pythia, whom was part of his own order, Galerian was certain nobody could get a good reading on the weather patterns of this region.

The wind was starting to be flecked with bits of hail now, so visibility was decreased. He could hardly see 30 ft in front of his face, and just a shadow of the hill he approached was visible. He was pretty sure that even with their vantage point, the rangers tracking him had lost sight. He sighed, but it came out as a shudder, causing him to flinch at that... surely he hadn't gotten cold so fast? He knew he could warm himself up if he needed to, but doing that before a battle would drain him, and he didn't feel like that was a smart choice. On the bright side, the knight was wearing heavier armor than he was, and so was probably starting to stiffen up a little as well, if he hadn't removed the entire set yet, though he doubted that.

A thought flashed through Galerian's mind, "What if I just stalk them for the rest of the night? I can survive the cold, and they'll either have to find a way to keep warm, or they'll freeze to death"... He held back a growl at the thought. Sure, it was a practical option, but he was no emperor, he had honor, gods damn it.

Still, maybe circling them once would be wise, though if he were at the base of their hill, then they'd be within shouting range, despite the winds. Well, at least he was sure he and the knight would be, the rangers might not have the lung capacity for sustaining that.
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
It was dark now. The winds grew violent and frigid. Perhaps an omen of things to come...

The change in weather was unexpected, even by the rangers.

After a brief standstill, a ranger spoke.

"The enemy is approaching, albeit slowly."

Gawain pondered the situation for a moment. The cold was growing, the night would be long and unforgiving. At last he spoke, "It is deathly cold. The weather has not been kind to us. I fear the enemy will use this against us."

One of the rangers responded, "A storm is coming. We will need to find shelter."

"That will mean losing our ground, and squatting in a mineshaft." added another.

Gawain let out a shivering grunt. "We have nothing to win by staying here."

"I say we retreat to a safer encampment," proposed the ranger. "our horses our getting frightened."

The sound of thunder could be heard.

"I see many shafts in the fields," spoke one of the rangers "the closest is fifty feet to the south."

"We have no choice." decided Gawain "We must get there before the storm takes us."

Thunder struck again

"He will see us coming."

The four stood and mounted their horses.

"Draw your bows and nock an arrow." said the ranger in the front.

They readied their weapons as thunder struck once more.

"Tonight will end in death," spoke the ranger in the back "pray it won't be ours."

The four men rode down the hill towards the mineshaft entrance.

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Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
The thunder had picked up... that was not a good sign, neither for the superstitious mind or the tactical one... Although it could mean the Gods were angry, it also meant that the individuals closer to the Heavens would be at a disadvantage...

Galerian was a full six inches taller than the average empire male, and he was the second tallest champion currently living in the nation... that didn't bode well for him. However, the knight, who seemed to be inches shorter than himself, was mounted aboard a horse... as were the rangers with him, whom were all shorter than he was. This would certainly place the sky's ire on them...

Well, it would if not for the unaccounted-for... Galerian's armor... It was made from Thundrum! He had no idea how it would react if he were struck by lightning... A man such as himself would survive it, though he would be forced to flee from his injuries, which would mean days of treatment and rest... if he would even be let back in before his two nights of patrol were over... the Emperor wasn't a compassionate man, nor did he enjoy rescinding on his own demands, regardless of how impossible they had become to fulfill... Galerian had seen to many soldiers be reprimanded for failure to perform impossible tasks. It was unjust, but that hardly made the emperor's position invalid, in the eyes of most.

Galerian wasn't a smith, but he did know raw electrum boiled and melted when charged... he had also heard rumors of an extremely powerful, magical and expensive material called Thorium that was used by the Northeastern people of Scandia.... It was supposedly made from mythril and electrum, though it had not been managed by any smiths from the other Human kingdoms, even though it's secrets were not guarded nearly as closely as Thundrum...

Truth be told, nobody knew how thundrum would react to lightning, because nobody had volunteered a set of armor to be set out on a pole... it was a waste of coin, and would most likely be stolen by a thief anyway... Of course, that wouldn't matter if the emperor had demanded a field test be done, but he hadn't yet... and hadn't any public plans to set anything of the like up, either...

This was what went through Galerian's head as the men rode down the hill. They had surely started feeling the cold... and so was he!

His usual method of divine healing wouldn't work now... Well, it could work, if he was willing to risk Apollo's ire by calling on him while the sun was down! The previous champion had died from doing just that, and he wasn't one for following in another's footsteps, especially if those footsteps lead to his death.

So, if he sought to be warm, he had two options. Use his fire magic to warm himself up... or his second option: RUN!

He preferred the second option, these men were on horses, so they were faster than he... but not by an unfair amount... he would reach them within less than a minute of them reaching their destination, presuming his stamina did not run out... And after all, after the nervous prowling he had been doing, his body craved some cardio and exertion, just to get the tingling out of his gut.

And so, as the men left the base of the hill, he watched them head south... He turned away from the moon, meaning it was now by his side. The best place for it to be. And he began to chase.

Galerian broke into a sprint after the horsemen.
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Tue 7 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
The rangers were swift to react. They halted their horses and aimed their bows.

The man was getting closer at an outstanding speed.

They quickly entered a wide formation. The three stood abreast atop their horses.

"Aim true!" shouted one of the rangers through the blaring winds and crash of thunder.

They stood as a wall, four steps behind them stood Gawain atop his horse.

'There is no time for threats, he comes too fast!' thought Gawain wildly.

He braved the storm, and drew his blade, Glint.

'Uther you mad fool! What have you gotten us into?'

The rangers gave him no chance to halt. With impeccable precision, they loosed three arrows. They were accompanied by a flash of lightning.
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
Galerian frowned and his eyes flashed with anger... As soon as they had spurred their horses into motion, they had stopped them again. They could easily have made it to the mineshaft, but the archers would rather fire at him, huh?

He could have pulled out his sword to deflect their shots. He could tell from here this current volley was mundane, and had no chance in hell of piercing his armor... Even with the legendary aim of Camelot's archers, there was no part of him exposed save the cracks between his armor... which, even during movement, were hardly wide enough for an arrow to fit, let alone retain enough momentum to significantly wound him...

Two of the three arrows went for his legs, where the top of his greaves met the bottom of his plate... they didn't find an opening, and connected harmlessly against his armor, barely pockmarking it... not even impeding his movement a foot.

The third arrow went straight for the tiny gap between his neck and plate, and it struck true, as arrows fired by Camelot archers were known for doing... It was going straight for his throat, but with a twist of his head, that gave his backbone a harmless but satisfying crack, he twisted his head to the side, at a speed that would give a lesser fighter immediate whiplash. And the arrow sideswiped the edge of his neck, rather than going directly to his throat. The arrowhead didn't pierce him, because the entire projectile was caught between his two pieces of armor. That was lucky, and Galerian hoped he hadn't just wasted his luck on showing off.

He doubled up his pace, now that they had stopped early, he wouldn't have to go through the questioning by the advisors of what he had seen being stolen. Though, they'd likely try to convince him to lie, so they could sue against Camelot and get some extra coin from their bank, which of course, they would promptly pocket, since there were no damages to repair. Greedy bastards.

Galerian had almost reached the hill by now, and both parties could clearly see one another, for their own reasons... Still, they would not be able to communicate over this howling wind and interrupting thunder-strikes...

Still, Galerian had not drawn his sword. Though he had been shot at, he had enough honor to attempt negotiation... unless of course he actually bled, then he'd kill them all!
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
Upon seeing their foe withstand three shots, the rangers knew they were against someone far mightier than them.

There was a brutal crack and a blinding flash, the storm was reaching its zenith. They had to reposition.

"To cover!" ordered Gawain.

With great haste, the riders rushed to the mineshaft.

It was naught but a crude tunnel made in the ground, having only minimal supports to prevent cave-ins at the bottom. It was made in a time when the countries Electrum supply was running low. This was dangerous as the empire used Electrum Pieces as currency. It was dug in under a week, and was an example of one of the 'Electrum Rushes' the empire had over the years. The tunnel began with a gentle slope but quickly became very steep. This was because more electrum had been found lower down than higher up, and the emperor wanted it fast. Potential safety hazards aside, this meant that platforms had to be installed. Around 30 feet down the dimly lit tunnel, there was a wide pit extending down multiple rock layers. There were jagged platforms sticking out of the curved walls with ropes tethered onto them for climbing. Men had to haul the ore by hand. Not the empire's best mining job. There were many large dents in the wall where electrum had been struck. These were big enough for a man to sit in comfortably. Not that you should, as the leftover scraps of native electrum would likely give you a nasty shock.

They were able to make it into the mineshaft with 20 feet between them and the enterance when they halted for a moment to reload their bows. Behind them was a steep incline leading to the the pit. Gawain stood in front this time. Knowing that the winner of a battle would be uncertain, he prepared to talk his way out of conflict. He was very good at that. Shouting would not be necessary, the mineshaft had a great echo.

The ranger farthest back saw the drop with his keen eyes.

"There is a great fall behind us. Be careful in your movements!" he informed the others.

"Noted." He responded, "The battle plan will be to plunge him to his death."

He stowed his blade but kept his hand near his sheathe.

"Only if conversation fails, that is."

"Are you going to attempt to talk him down?" questioned one of the weary rangers.

"It would be preferable to battle." answered Gawain, drawing his breath.

"Indeed." agreed the ranger. His horse gave a huff, seemingly out of agreement.

"He will be here any moment. Do not threaten. Hold your fire unless I am struck." ordered Gawain.

The rangers lowered their bows, keeping an arrow drawn.

"Alas, I am in no position to command," Gawain explained "he will be standing above us."
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
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The Thunderplains
As his sudden and unexpected opponents vanished from sight and into a nearby mineshaft, Galerian slowed his sprint down to a more manageable pace. He was still walking quickly, but his arms did not move... That didn't mean that he wasn't easily covering as much ground as most fit men could thrice the energy expenditure, but he didn't see a reason to sprint... His speed before wasn't breakneck, so it wasn't really tiring... but going at this speed would allow him some time to think, as well as give his body some rest before he arrived, as impossible as that might sound.

He was annoyed with the other party's choices, especially since he had just finished being glad they weren't entering the mines. He was also disappointed, ironically, that they hadn't shot at him again. They clearly weren't looking for a fight, and probably never had been, even before he approached them at an inopportune time... He had no idea why else they would be here... if it were just the rangers, he'd have assumed they were a scouting party and either killed them if necessary or taken them in for questioning (and almost certainly execution more brutal than he would deliver, but an emperor can't spare his honor to outsiders, it had been proven)...

But that wasn't the case. The circumstances meant that he was the attacking party... Sure, he had a reason... but it wasn't really his own will that was guiding him. He couldn't risk word getting out that he had just let invaders from Camelot frolic around in this disputed lands, especially with how close the four kingdoms were to war right now... And now that they had entered the mines, he was going to be frowned at many times regardless of what happened. His least punishable course of action would be to kill the rangers, hand their skulls on posts and capture the errant knight... It was more brutal than he'd have liked, so he was hoping to sort things out with words... though, he had no idea if there was any possible conversation that would end favorably for both parties, so he had to keep his interests in mind and heart.

Finally, after all this thought, he had strolled to the point of just a dozen feet from the cavernous entrance... This would be too far for them to pelt him with arrows, and would leave a safe distance between him and the other close-range combatant... he only knew legends of a handful of fighters who could leap over 20 feet before a knight could draw his sword or a normal man could take a breath. He was pretty sure none of them lived, and was certain none of them would be used in such a petty way as this knight was.

With a heavy heart, he walked forward just a few more feet until he could hear the sounds of the horses panting within. He did not raise his sword, but shouted into the mineshaft without being seen,

"I need not tell you that you are armed and roaming the Thunderplains, territory of the Empire of Thunder! State your purpose here, and prepare to fight if it falls upon suspicious ears!"
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 01:58
The Thunderplains
The knight and the rangers heard the voice through the raging storm. Some of their tension was relieved. It was fortunate their foe was willing to talk.

Gawain stirred for a moment, unsure if he should leave his hovel to talk face to face. He hated how he would sound like a coward hiding in a hole. Still, he would try to find his way out of this.

After carefully constructing his response, he answered the proud and imposing voice.

"I am Gawain, knight of Camelot. With me three rangers, a horse to each of us." He announced. "We have been sent here by King Uther Pendragon to survey the lands. He had come to think there were armies positioned all around him. I had my doubts, if I may say." He paused for a moment. "I know enough about history to admit we have no business here." He continued "Scandia perhaps, but not Camelot." He looked to the rangers, then back to the entrance to their hiding place, the sky was dark and the heavens were raging. "I shall get to the point. We have seen no forces mobilized in this area, our mission was successful. We would be glad to leave the moment this dreadful weather comes to an end. That is my proposition." he finished.

They held their breath and awaited a response.
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 15:01
The Thunderplains
Galerian waited irritably while Gawain constructed his response, all the while he was considering how it was rather rude to leave him waiting on a response.

As soon as Gawain had finished speaking, the champion of the sun spoke up immediately, "Scandia has no business here either, they lost reign over this land after we defeated them in honest warfare, yet they still persist with arguments of their ownership over it. Disgraceful!"

He paused for a moment before continuing, "Your mad king has sent you to run a fool's errand, I'm afraid. If you had come across another of my kin, we'd be doing battle already.", he finished with "This is far too suspicious to allow... The cautious course of action is to take you all as prisoners back to the Empire..." he paused, waiting to be interrupted, then continued, "Of course, I doubt that would end well with any of you, so the most generous I can settle for is a full search of your inventory, to ensure not even a grain of mulch has been lifted from these lands"
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 16:57
The Thunderplains
"That sounds very reasonable," replied Gawain, "I doubt you will find much."

This was what he had hoped for, had he gotten off easy?
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 17:12
The Thunderplains
Galerian harrumphed, "Do I look like an investigator to you?" the fighter asked rhetorically, before adding quickly "Don't bother, I can tell you I'm not".

As the fighter moved towards the mineshaft entrance, the thunder strikes were getting louder and more rapid, and the hail was continuing to pelt, but now it was mixed with rain... The weather in this area was weird... Without any trepidation in his voice, he continued speaking, "Hence, you should know that doubting I'll find anything does not inspire confidence in your honor... There's a Hades-sized difference between possibly hiding something and not having anything to hide!" the armored man said, picking apart the knight's previous words.

He had strolled to the tunnel's entrance now, and began to step in before he saw the nocked arrows, he paused and rolled his eyes, though the gesture was totally obscured by his helm. "Puh-leeaase," he began, with an almost tired tone of voice, "I promise you, you're arrows don't have a chance in hell of piercing my armor, even at a point blank range" he said, staring at the knights through slits between two inches of magical alloy.

Then, confident his point had been made, he entered the tunnel and began his inspection without any introductions. He seemed almost dismissive of the four individuals around him, and moved quickly and deftly, though that was less due to skill in the field of investigation, but rather because he always moved with trained grace and efficiency.

He was gentle with the horses, but didn't waste time calming them before he prodded around their saddlebags. Once he was finished, he shrugged and looked at the four individuals around him, "I'd ask you to empty your pockets, but one of you don't have any, and you three have tunics so thin, I could spot a firefly through them" it seemed the magically-armored knight thought lowly of the ranger's garb.

Then, suddenly, he took off his helmet, revealing golden-blond hair and dark green eyes... His skin was lusciously tanned, and even his face had muscles. He sat down cross-legged and placed his armor in his lap, and spoke, "The storm's picking up, so I will remain here. I'll be able to keep an eye on you, too. I advise you three not to try anything while I rest, even with your deft footing, I've trained myself to wake at the drop of a hat" then, he looked at the knight before him, "I'd say the same for you, but though you work for a foolish king and your ignorance of the Gods is aggravating, I know you have some honor to you..."

The horrible tension seemed to have settled down a tad, but the storm was just getting worse outside their hovel.
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 17:52
The Thunderplains
'What a strange predicament.' thought Gawain. He was sitting in a hole with four strangers in the middle of a thunderstorm. It would be an amusing story when he returned home.

Though he had little rest, the storm had cleared by the time dawn came. The rangers had not shut their eyes the entire night, as they were known to do. The horses had rested standing.

When morning broke, Gawain roused Galerian from his sleep. He was very cautious as not to make him jump.

"We are heading home now," he explained "I shall do my best to ensure that we do not return here any time soon."
Galerian Aurelius Domini
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Wed 8 Jul 2020
at 18:01
The Thunderplains
Galerian shook the stiffness from his bones and grunted with irritated acknowledgement. The champion of Apollo had slept in his armor overnight more than a few times, but mixed with the other awful sleeping conditions he had met this night, he was a lot more uncomfortable and pained than he regularly would be.

He did rouse himself after a minute or so, though and re-affixed his helm, before nodding to the group. "Then, be on your way" he said.

As the five of them left the mineshaft, Galerian bid the other four a blunt farewell, as they saddled their horses and began to ride off he stopped Gawain for a moment more, and said to him in a whisper, "Until we meet again to do battle amidst legions of soldiers, farewell, knight of Camelot"

Before the other man could respond, Galerian broke into a sprint and quickly vanished over the horizon to return to his second day of patrol duty, which was sure to be less interesting.

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