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Eastern Seaboard, United States, 1950s

A booming economy and newly rekindled hope fuel the American public. Though, with a sort of mass exodus to the suburbs, civil rights tensions on the rise, and the unfortunate advent of color television...the circus life isn't what it used to be. Once a popular spot to marvel and gawk at amazing things, the Lucky Clover Circus has been struggling to stay afloat for the past decade. At the start of the decade, Neil O'Hare, the ringleader of the its motley crew, literally picked up roots and the gang went mobile.

"Of course, all is not as it seems," Neil would tell their guests, drawing them to the edges of their folding seats, "for magic is among us..." And indeed, it was. For the Lucky Clover was no ordinary circus, but the beloved freehold of several talented fae.

An unfortunate accident with one of the tigers recently left the crew without a ringleader, throwing the crew into a time of mourning. Gear is in disarray, and it seems Neil took the "R" off their main trailer, leaving them as the keepers of the newly minted Lucky Clove. As they struggle to fall back into a new normal, unsavory whispers have been reaching their tender ears lately. Whispers of foul play, rumors of greed and deception, and the threat of destruction and theft nipping at their heels...

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