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Character Creation
Allowed Kiths

All core kiths are allowed, with the exception being Arcadian Sidhe.

A note on Autumn Sidhe: though they may occasionally hang around, choosing to play as an Autumn Sidhe may spark any number of negative reactions from NPCs and PCs alike in the 1950s.

If you have a non-core concept in mind, we can work together case-by-case to see if it works.

Attributes & Abilities

Please be sure to include a blurb in your backstory if any of your starting attributes or abilities are at 5 dots.

Attributes gain a specialty at 3 dots and again at 5 dots. Abilities gain a specialty at 4 dots.

Freebies & XP

Starting characters will have 30 freebie points instead of the typical 15 freebie points.

Request to Join

To request to join the game, please send a brief overview of your concept and a short explanation of how they came to join the Lucky Clover Circus. Thanks!

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