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Fri 10 Jul 2020
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RTJ - Read Second
Currently Looking For:
I'm mainly interested in character concepts and backgrounds initially. Once you have been accepted we can finalise the character sheet itself.

As this is a clone wars era game the books Collapse of the Republic and Rise of the Separatists are recommended. However we will be taking thing's from more than one book so I'm happy to try and work with you. Most talent tree's are available online or through Ogg Dudes creation tool.

Ideally I'd like to start off with the following group:

1 Jedi Padawan
1 Clone Officer
3-4 other Clone Troopers.

Most of the clones will be interchangeable but if you ask to join as a Jedi please do not be offended if I have to turn you down.

As the game progresses we may add additional players and this thread will be updated accordingly.

Character Creation:

Will use Morality. Can also use duty if agreed upon.
Must start with the Jedi Padawan talent tree from Rise of the Separatists but otherwise may create their character as normal.
An additional 30xp is also available post creation to take one non career tree to represent their chosen lightsaber form from the Force and Destiny core book.

Will use Duty
Must start with some sort of clone talent tree. Either trooper, officer or pilot most likely. With the possibility of branching into Arc Trooper or something more advanced later on.
An additional 30xp is also available post creation to take one non career tree to represent other squad specialities such as medic.

Happy to discuss the rate at which characters gain xp and maybe even additional starting xp if it's desired by the group. Starting Jedi characters in particular can be a bit weak in this system in my experience.

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