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Fri 10 Jul 2020
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Game Info/Rules - Read First
The Clone Wars rage throughout the galaxy, with neither side able to get the upper hand in the conflict. As more and more worlds are drawn into the conflict a Jedi Padawan and a small squad of Clones travels to Kashyyyk to rescue a force sensitive before he falls into the hands of the Separatists.

Should we get far enough I do anticipate going through Order 66 at some point so you should be prepared for it. Hint's will be dropped throughout the game to lead to the possibility of the clones removing their chips but should this not occur then it may end in player vs player action. I'm just dropping this in here so people don't get upset should it come to that.

There is also a war going on so death is a real possibility for characters. Should this occur we can work on getting you back into the game through another character if possible.


Have Fun

GM has final say. Always willing to discuss interpretations of rules but once a decision is made it stands.

Daily posting preferred.

During combat players and adversaries initiative will be calculated. If players win the roll then they all go first, order irrelevant. Then the npc's act and vice versa. If this causes problems we can look for another solution.

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