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Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Gameplay Overview
This is going to be a classic dungeon crawl with fun monsters and traps around every (not every) corner. Each floor will get more difficult with you leveling up after each floor.

Each floor will have a boss blocking the way to the next floor. There will be an opportunity to buy some supplies or enchant weapons and armor between floors using gold collected along the way, though stock may be limited.

90% of the role-playing will be within the party, though you may find the occasional person or thing in the dungeon that wants to talk.

There will be a map to reference to help with exploration. It will get a battleship-style grid overlaid on it during combat to be able to say where your character moves.

When posting, use 3rd person present tense, bolding speech. Put rolls on a separate line.

Ex. John walks over to the chest and kneels down. "This lock looks fairly simple. I should have it opened in no time:" He pulls out a roll of tools and begins tinkering with the lock.

Disable Device: 1d20+9 -> 2+9=11

Skill Checks: Make them when you think you should and I'll take them into account if I decide it's necessary. I'll also rollover high skill checks to help keep things moving, especially Perception or Stealth.

Detect Magic/Evil/etc.: If you have that ability, I'm going to assume you're always running it unless specified otherwise.

In combat, separate out what your Standard, Move, Move Equivalent, Swift, Immediate, and Free actions are. That way it helps clear up any confusion. Type out attack and damage at the same time. I'll roll initiative for all the PCs and monsters at the same time so we don't have to wait.

I'll keep updating this as more things get worked out!

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