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RTJ is now closed as I make final selections

Thank you for your interest!
To RTJ to this game
Please submit one or more pitches, which should consist of:

A High-Concept - this is the elevator pitch, boil down the concept to a couple of words....  Think of how your character would be described in the following statement:
"Who, Her?  Oh, She's..."

the last son of a dead planet  (Superman)
a billionaire orphan vigilante  (Batman)
the wielder of a cosmic ring of power (Green Lantern)
the mythological daughter of power (Wonder Woman)

A couple of lines to outline who this character was and is
Give me a little bit more detail if you want but still, only a couple of lines.    What kind of personality does this character have?

No extraterrestrial aliens or mutants allowed. No one has been born with their meta powers. I am encouraging at least one mystic hero and one tech based hero. I also have a soft spot for Legacy heroes and will happily work with fitting in background/mentors with players.

All characters will be fresh recruits for the new Gulf Coast Guardians out of Vibora Bay, Florida. It is up to you if you have gone through the Guardian training program (GTP) and were assigned to the Gulf Coast by operations or if Whirlwind approached you herself to join.

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Sun 19 Jul 2020
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The RTJ is only an expression of interest.  The real audition happens during character creation.  This is where we get a feel for whether we'll play well together.

Character Creation is Player-Visible
Character creation is a dialog between you and the GM.  But it's done in player-visible threads so that--if other players were so inclined--they can offer commentary.  This does mean iterations of your developed character sheet will be visible to others.

You are also welcome to look in on other character-development threads.  Your insights and ideas might even to inspire the other player.

OOC & Meta-Game Discussions
I believe that characters have secrets but players shouldn't. Once a character-build has been approved, these threads will be made private.

In-Game, it is entirely okay for a player to direct the character in specific ways based on metagame discussion.  In fact, I encourage this type of interplay.  Just make sure the narrative story justifies the character's actions.

The GM is Fallible
I occasionally find myself missing some minor elements of the game or specific powers.    I am more than happy to discuss and I am not too proud to admit if I am wrong.  But you may still need to convince me.

This may or may not change a in game decision, however. Even if I get something wrong I may not retcon it if it damages the story.

Generally I try to update Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I expect to have a fairly relaxed pace (one or two posts a week).  I want players who are willing to interact with each other--not feeling like you have to wait for the GM. There will be stop-n-go play. It is the nature of the RPOL beast.

I will not abandon a game. I will always issue a closing statement if it comes to that.  I do not believe in leaving good players hanging.

Ghosting & Dropout Notice
If you need to go offline for a bit, tell me.

If you go dark and we are waiting on you, I will NPC your character. If it ends up being a long time (or I see that you're logging in and not posting for a long time), then I will probably just remove you.  I will not ask questions. I am not a babysitter; you are not a child.

This is not at all the same thing as how I will treat someone who posts "Life sucks, going offline.".  At least then, I know to bench your character. And really, if things have gone to hell, it's probably better to deal with it all and talk to me when you've cleared it up.   The superhero genre is full of characters who "didn't actually die!"

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Everyday Knowledge
Public Knowledge

Neither the heroes or the villains will talk about the six months they were gone. The Flash flooded the world with metas. Some went on rampages. Some turned to crime. A few joined the new Guardian Program.

The vigilante Black Phantom is an urban legend of a spirit of vengeance that has been around in Vibora Bay since the 1920's. It supposedly deals with low level street crime.

The Gulf Coaster Guardians were a popular group of heroes, mainly due to their help during disaster relief in the Gulf of Mexico. The team is being restructured due to a manpower shortage. The heroes Coast Guard and Intrepid have taken time off to raise their family, but have vowed their continued support with hurricane prevention efforts and relief. One member, Soundwave betrayed the team to turn villain. An older power armored hero by the name of Cavalier retired shortly there after as he was deeply hurt by Soundwave's betrayal. This was topped off by a devastating ambush by a group of villains that killed three heroes and crippled another four. Two, Deacon and Strike Force, have returned to limited support duty at the Vibora Bay compound.

The current interim leader is Whirlwind, an African American woman who used to lead a group of popular teenage heroes called the Justice Force. Her real name is  public knowledge. Callie Voight, daughter of U.S. Senator and civil rights icon Warren Voight. This is her first leadership position since. She was a member of the West Coast Guardians prior.

Unofficial Knowledge of GTP recruits
Rumor going around the Guardian training program is the Gulf Coast team is cursed. Most of the former members were has beens or second stringers. Vibora Bay is known as a supernatural hot spot and the city is just weird because of this. The areas focus on hurricanes prevention and disaster relief efforts will take up a lot of the heroes time. Which means less chance to move up to the better teams or gain lucrative sponsorships. Because of this new recruits would greatly prefer to be sent to the West Coast or Mid West teams. Whirlwind is considered a Daddy's girl and that she got her position by her father pulling strings.

The Black Phantom is real and is an immortal loner vigilante. He is a top priority for apprehension.

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