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General Knowledge
After the events of 2017 the United States passed the Moore Doctrines. The already weakened major superteams unwillingness to publicly discuss their whereabouts during the six month period only cemented the government's desire for controls. These laws made it illegal for meta humans to carry out vigilante activities and required all metas to register their powers and secret identities with S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division).

Many heroes balked at the idea. However to assure the superheros cooperation the government started the Guardian Project. Existing superhero teams would be offered federal funding, lucrative endorsement deals, training, access to government facilities, and federal police powers. Also S.H.I.E.L.D. would turn over the newer Flash metas they had recruited for integration into the new Guardian teams.

Some heroes have decided to flaunt the Moore doctrines and continue to operate outside the law. These vigilantes are hunted by law enforcement and their local Guardian teams while still trying to fight criminals. Most heroes have capitulated or retired.

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The Guardian Teams
The Sentinels of Liberty and Justice (The SLJ)
Officially the East Coast Guardians. The oldest, largest, and most respected superhero team. Membership in the SLJ is considered the "big leagues."
Active roster: 23 members (At it's height the SLJ had 48 active members)
Leader: Quantum (Formerly Samaritan)

The West Coast Guardians
Made up primarily of former Watchguard (12 members, 8 remain) and Protectors (8 members, 6 remain) plus 3 new recruits.
Active roster: 17 members
Leader: Apex

The Midwest Guardians
Made up of three former superteams plus 2 new recruits. The Champions (10 members, 3 remain), Freedom Force (7 members, 2 remain), and the Cyber Knights (7 members, all remain)
Active roster: 14
Leader: Velocity

The Gulf Coast Guardians
Team under restructuring after being ambushed by the Ultimates.
Active roster: TBD
Interim Leader: Whirlwind

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Known Vigilantes

Apprehension is high priority.

Shadowhawk (Formerly of the SLJ, Former co-leader)

Blindside (Formerly of the Watchguard)

Iron Lotus (Formerly of the Protectors)

Techno Whiz (Formerly of the Watchguard)

Leviathan (Formerly of the SLJ)

Lethal (Active in San Angelo)

Strike (Active in Hudson City)

Black Phantom (Active in Vibora Bay)

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Justice Force
Whirlwind's former team
Prior to D-Day Justice Force was the home of young heroes, sidekicks, and legacies. Sponsored by several members of the SLJ, the group operated out of San Angelo, California. The group was immensely popular with children and teenagers through out the 2000 teens. Gossip and fan blogs, merchandise, and documentaries were made for the team. Several members have had lucrative solo careers as well. For two seasons they even had a Saturday morning cartoon show.

Sometimes derisively referred to as the Junior SLJ. The disappearance of some members, and not others, on D-Day however lead to the groups disbanding.

Roster on forming (circa 2008):

Whirlwind (Leader)
 Rocky (Stone boy, retired)
 Surge (Electricity user, deceased)
 Sparrow (Shadowhawk's sidekick, deceased)
 Atlas (Giant, retired)

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The Masters of Speed
The Masters of Speed are a ruthless gang of super-powered villains with uncanny speed abilities. Their similar powers and the idea of safety in numbers seemed like a perfect match. They are not motivated by anything so melodramatic as wanting to rule the world. Their common goal is to get rich. Money and wealth are the only things worth fighting for. The members all realize that their "income" is far greater with the team than it would be working solo. Each is believed to be a millionaire many times over and all could easily retire, but their insatiable greed and desire for danger eliminates any thought of that.

The Masters of Speed are a unique team in that its members all seem to like each other and rarely squabble. They are suspicious of any outsiders, especially other speedsters (could be a government agent), and do not take strangers into their confidence.

The Masters of Speed came into being about Six years ago. It was Hellbent's insight, patience, and leadership, juggling their temperamental egos, that finally built them into a team. He showed them that by working together they were nearly unbeatable and, together, they could amass a fortune. Hellbent, a master tactician, has trained his companions in crime to be prepared for any contingency and to watch each other's backs. Inthe past year, they have defeated or avoided the authorities across the U.S. and Canada, totally annihilated two S.H.I.E.L.D. teams, and fought the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice to a standoff. The Masters of Speed are considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Current Roster:
  •   Hellbent, the team leader.
  •   Cheetah, Hellbent's lover.
  •   Fullbore, the invulnerable speedster and second in command.
  •   The psychotic Whiplash who kills for thrills.
  •   Whirligig, the high-speed spinner.
  •   The Blur, the speedster with vibratory powers.
  •   Slo-Mo, who can make others move in slow motion and the only team member without super speed.