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Character Creation
- Starting Level is 7.
- Max HP for the first three levels of normal classes and your first level of prestige class.
- Prestige Classes are encouraged, but not required. In fact, the game is starting at 7 since many prestige classes can't be taken until that level. If you do go with a prestige class I would prefer you only have 1 level of one. This is to have the feel of having attained it, but just starting that phase of your life.
- To make multiclassing less detrimental to Middle BAB classes we are going to be using Fractional Base Bonuses. While it smooths out the save bonuses to be more normal it also has the benefit of not making you miss much if any BAB from multiclassing. Don't make no sense for a rogue to get less accurate from training as an assassin.
- For generating ability scores you roll two sets using the following rules and pick one of the two sets: Roll 4D6 and total the three highest results, do this 7 times to generate ability scores. The 7th is your Luck stat (see House Rules). (Note that when you submit your character I would like to see your second set that you didn't pick)
- Instead of a +1 to a single ability score at 4th and every 4 levels after, you get +1 to two different ability scores.
- Most official races are available, unless they are particularly strong. In which case I may buff the rest of the party to balance it out.
- All official classes are available except the chained version of the Summoner.
- If you play a paladin you can serve any God and either match its alignment or be Lawful Good amusing it makes sense. IMO nearly every God would logically have divine knights.
- You may select a single Combat Sphere from Spheres of Might (excluding the Tech Sphere) regardless of your class:
- Also you get the standard two Traits and may opt into a Flaw to get another.
- Nothing else from the Spheres rules is allowed as of right now (you might unlock more stuff throughout the course of the game).
- Starting Wealth is the standard 23,500gp. However, you may not spend more than half your starting gold on a single item. A slight modification to the standard though...
- You gain bonus gold based on your class' starting gold (use the maximum) that may only be spent on gear you would have bought as a level one character and excludes any magic items you might be able to afford with that. If you have a little left over and could use some starting wealth to afford another item with that you may do so only if it falls within those limits. This "starting gold" may be increased via certain traits, but doing so does not increase the limitation on what you can spend it on.
- Early Firearms exist.
- Downtime Rules will be in effect and you may spend some of your starting wealth (not the bonus gold) on owning Capital, a business, or organization. The above rule on single item cap applies to this entire category (meaning if you buy and staff a tavern the total costs can't exceed 11,750 gold).
- You may opt to combine efforts with other players at character generation to start a business or group. This allows for larger things, as the expenditure cap for this is on the player not the business (ie each 'investor' can spend up to half their starting wealth on it).

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