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Tue 28 Jul 2020
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Posting Format
- You may post in any form of perspective that you like (though 3rd person tends to be the standard on this site).
- Games in this format are writing exercises as much as they are for just playing the game, so I expect at least a passing attempt at taking advantage of the room for a deeper narrative that the format allows.
- Naturally don't control other characters in your posts, but you can feel free to spawn random irrelevant NPCs like some local villager you know in passing. So long as it isn't used to advance anything mechanically. It's for flavor, not for getting advantages. People that provide services (like a barkeep or shopkeep) are of course not something you can create without working with me (like via the downtime rules).
- Your in-character dialogue should be a color you pick. You can't pick Orange or an already picked color. There will be a list of already picked colors in this thread.
- When you need to make rolls, include the total in parenthesis in (Orange) next to the action in the narrative and then include the action it takes and the roll in orange at the bottom of the post. If it's an attack, roll damage and include it unless you most assuredly don't hit. If you spent something consumable, list your ammo count. Like so...

Move Action: Move to A7 by going around the southern table.
Standard: Longbow Attack on Orc in G6, To Hit 27, Damage 6000.
Arrows Left: 4,080,666,890.

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Sun 9 Aug 2020
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Posting Format
Though it is not a problem if you have already done it and I am not mad about it or anything, from here on PM me only through the PM thread that your original access request is in.

Given GMs see everyone's Private Messages done within the game I would prefer to reduce clutter in my PM section for this game.

I will be deleting extra PM threads that have been sent to me in one month, so I won't be able to see them anymore. If they is something vital that I be able to see (such as your sheet or your cohort's sheet), please put it either in your character sheet area or the PM thread for your access request.

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