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House Rules
- See Character Creation for rules specific to that.
- The Luck score is mechanically a seventh ability score that affects a option to reroll a d20 roll. You may take 2 points of a Luck damage (that can be healed, but not by conventional means) to either add +2 or your Luck ability score modifier (which ever is higher) to a d20 roll you just made or to reroll it completely with the same bonus. Rolling at natural 1 on the reroll inflicts an additional 2 Luck damage.
- If you ever have a negative luck modifier it is additionally added to any damage you take from critical hits or mishaps. If your Luck penalty is -5 or worse, expect shenanigans to start happening as well.
- On that note, the weapon damage portion of a Critical Hit cannot do anything less than the maximum damage of the weapon's damage die (ie a Longsword crit can't do less than 8 damage on the weapon damage die roll). You already need to roll a high number, then confirm the hit, it's just not fun to then also have a chance to roll poor damage and that crit be the least damage you do that battle. That's just dumb.